Roman Abramovich

The Billionaire Philanthropist Behind Millhouse Capital
Roman Abramovich

Roman Abramovich

The Billionaire Philanthropist Behind Millhouse Capital

Roman Abramovich, a name synonymous with wealth and influence, is a Russian billionaire and entrepreneur whose legacy extends beyond his vast fortune.

He is best known as the owner of Chelsea Football Club and for his business acumen through Millhouse Capital, but Abramovich's contributions to philanthropy and society are equally noteworthy. His estimated net worth, according to Forbes, is 900 crores USD. 

Early Life and Rise to Wealth

Born on October 24, 1966, in Saratov, Russia, Roman Abramovich came from modest beginnings. He attended the Industrial Institute in Ukhta, Russia, and his entrepreneurial spirit was evident even at a young age when he sold imported rubber ducks to fellow students.

Abramovich's breakthrough came after the collapse of the Soviet Union. In the early 1990s, he entered the oil and gas industry, founding the company Sibneft. His success in this venture laid the foundation for his future endeavours.

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Millhouse Capital

Millhouse Capital, Abramovich's private investment firm, became the platform for his diverse business interests. The company has made significant investments in various sectors, including energy, real estate, and mining.

Notably, Millhouse Capital played a pivotal role in the acquisition of Russian aluminium giant RUSAL, demonstrating Abramovich's financial prowess.

Chelsea Football Club

In 2003, Roman Abramovich acquired Chelsea Football Club, a move that transformed the English football club into a global powerhouse. Under his ownership, Chelsea has won numerous Premier League titles and UEFA Champions League titles.

Abramovich's commitment to the club has not only brought success but has also generated significant investments in the community through the Chelsea Foundation, which supports various charitable initiatives.


Beyond his business ventures, Abramovich is recognised for his significant philanthropic contributions. His foundation, the Roman Abramovich Foundation, has been a driving force behind various charitable projects. The foundation supports causes related to healthcare, education, culture, and social welfare, both in Russia and around the world.

One notable initiative is the funding of hospitals in Russia and the development of medical facilities, providing essential medical care and support to those in need. The foundation also contributes to educational programs, helping to improve access to quality education for disadvantaged youth.

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Personal Life

Roman Abramovich's personal life is known for its privacy, but he has made headlines with his impressive collection of yachts, art, and real estate. He is a collector of contemporary and modern art, and his art collection is considered one of the most valuable in the world.

Abramovich is also known for his contributions to environmental causes. He has supported initiatives focused on climate change and the protection of endangered species. His investments in renewable energy and sustainable development demonstrate a commitment to a greener future.

Legacy and Impact

Roman Abramovich's journey from modest beginnings to billionaire status and his contributions to both business and philanthropy make him a prominent figure on the global stage.

His ownership of Chelsea Football Club and the success it has achieved under his guidance exemplify his passion for the sport and commitment to community development. His philanthropic efforts have left a lasting impact on healthcare, education, and environmental causes.

Abramovich's story serves as a testament to the potential for individuals to rise from humble origins and use their success to effect positive change in society. His business ventures and philanthropic endeavours reflect a legacy that extends far beyond his immense wealth and influence.

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