Madhusudan E

Transforming FinTech and Consumer Empowerment in India
Madhusudan E

Madhusudan E

Transforming FinTech and Consumer Empowerment in India

In the fast-evolving world of FinTech, Madhusudan E, better known as Madhu, has carved a niche for himself as an innovative entrepreneur and angel investor.

Serving as the CEO and Co-Founder of KreditBee, a leading online platform for personal loans in India, Madhu's remarkable journey and dedication to the fintech sector are inspiring a new wave of financial empowerment for millions.

Additionally, he's the Co-Founder of the FinTech Association for Consumer Empowerment (FACE), a not-for-profit organisation aimed at fostering a consumer-centric approach in the Indian digital lending space.

A Man of Vision

Madhu's journey into the world of finance and technology started with a deep-rooted passion for innovation and a knack for identifying opportunities.

After completing his Bachelor's in Information Technology from the National Institute of Technology Karnataka, he embarked on a remarkable career path that would later see him at the forefront of the FinTech revolution.

A Versatile Career

His journey began as a software developer at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) after his graduation, where he quickly rose through the ranks. Over the course of 12 years, Madhu transitioned from a software developer to a role in product portfolio management, managing products across various geographies.

His impressive career trajectory allowed him to lead a highly motivated Product Management team, playing a pivotal role in launching e-commerce in over 10 countries, including significant markets like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Russia, UAE, the US, Mexico, and India. His expertise included navigating the complex regulatory landscapes of these countries.

One of his most notable innovations during this time was the introduction of the data card (dongle) landing page concept, which now attracts an astounding 50 million page views per month.

Additionally, he developed the Soft PC WiFi solution, enabling users to convert their laptops into Wi-Fi hotspots, ultimately reaching over 2 million end customers in India.

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Venturing into FinTech

Madhu's unwavering commitment to innovation was further highlighted as he moved into the FinTech sector. He played a pivotal role as the Business Head, leading the E-commerce practice across various countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Russia, and Mexico.

This experience set the stage for what would become one of the most remarkable chapters in his career.

KreditBee: Bridging Financial Gaps

In May 2018, Madhu took the helm as the CEO of KreditBee, India's largest FinTech platform for personal loans for professionals.

KreditBee aimed to address a significant gap in the market by offering instant personal loans starting from 3,000 up to 1 lakh, making credit easily accessible to young professionals.

The platform hosts multiple non-banking financial companies, including KrazyBee Services Private Limited, a systemically important NBFC registered with the Reserve Bank of India.

With a strong focus on tech-based credit evaluation, KreditBee has not only catered to the financial needs of this demographic but also encouraged responsible spending behaviour, thereby contributing to the growth of the Indian economy.

Advocating for Consumer Empowerment: FACE

Recognising the need to promote consumer-centric practices in the Indian FinTech digital lending space, Madhu and other founding members of leading digital lending platforms came together to establish the Fin-Tech Association for Consumer Empowerment (FACE) in October 2020.

FACE is a not-for-profit industry body that collaborates with stakeholders, including consumers, regulators, and policymakers, to proactively enhance consumer-centric practices in the industry.

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Awards and Recognition

Madhu's exceptional contributions haven't gone unnoticed. He has been honoured with the "Rashtrpathi Puraskar" by K.R. Narayanan, the former President of India, and the "Rajya Puraskar" by Khurshid Alam Khan, the Governor of Karnataka state. These accolades were awarded in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the Scout Movement.


Madhusudan E's journey in the world of FinTech and his commitment to creating a consumer-centric digital lending space is nothing short of inspiring.

With his innovative solutions, unwavering dedication, and astute business acumen, Madhu is setting the stage for a new era of financial empowerment in India.

His vision for a more accessible and responsible financial landscape is sure to leave a lasting impact on the nation and continue to make a difference in the lives of millions.

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The Rise of Financial Technology (Fintech) Sector: Transforming the Financial Landscape

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