Gaurav Munjal

The Visionary Mind Behind India's Educational Revolution
Gaurav Munjal

Gaurav Munjal

The Visionary Mind Behind India's Educational Revolution

In a world driven by technology, where knowledge is no longer confined to the pages of textbooks, Gaurav Munjal stands as a pioneer of the digital education landscape.

As the co-founder and CEO of Unacademy, India's largest online learning platform, he has transformed the way millions of students access education. Gaurav's journey from a computer engineering student to a successful entrepreneur and educator is nothing short of inspiring.

A Passion for Tech and Education

Gaurav's love for technology was evident from a young age. He began coding during his 12th grade, a skill that would eventually shape his career. After graduating from NMIMS University with a degree in computer engineering, Gaurav's thirst for knowledge led him to explore the realm of digital education.

While in college, he started a YouTube channel to share his expertise in Java programming and other technical concepts. The channel, initially named Uncademy, was a hit among students and tech enthusiasts. This was just the beginning of his journey in the education sector.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Gaurav Munjal is not just an educator; he's a seasoned entrepreneur. Before Unacademy, he founded two companies in the education space, demonstrating his relentless pursuit of innovation in this field.

His first venture, Flatchat, aimed to assist people in finding suitable flatmates. Simultaneously, Gaurav worked as a software developer at Directi, all while diligently managing his YouTube channel.

In a significant milestone, he sold Flatchat to CommonFloor, a prominent real estate portal, in 2015. Gaurav's entrepreneurial spirit was soaring, but his true game-changer was yet to come.

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The Birth of Unacademy

The idea of Unacademy was conceived when Gaurav shared his vision with close friends, including Roman Saini, a brilliant academic achiever.

Roman, who had cracked the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) entrance exams at the age of 16 and later excelled in the UPSC exam to become an IAS officer, was the perfect partner to bring Gaurav's dream to life.

Hemesh Singh, a business partner and former CTO at Flatchat, completed the core team.

In 2015, Unacademy was officially launched as an online educational platform with a primary focus on helping students prepare for competitive exams such as GATE, NEET, and GEE.

Beyond YouTube: The Unacademy Phenomenon

Unacademy quickly gained traction, not just on YouTube but as an independent platform. It provided an array of learning resources and comprehensive exam preparation.

Within a year, Unacademy expanded beyond expectations, offering free educational content and drawing in an extensive community of learners and educators.

Unacademy Plus: A Game-Changing Innovation

As Unacademy continued its rapid growth, Gaurav Munjal identified a critical friction point: learners enjoyed live classes but were discouraged by the need to purchase multiple courses. The solution? Unacademy Plus.

Unacademy Plus, a subscription-based offering, eliminated the cumbersome process of entering credit card details each time a student wanted to access a new subject.

In 2019, Unacademy Plus integrated 12 exam categories. Gaurav reflected on this game-changing moment, saying, "Product-market fit sparks a strong feeling and may be better than falling in love."

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From Startup to Unicorn

Unacademy's journey from a startup to a unicorn was swift and remarkable. The company secured $150 million in funding from Softbank, solidifying its position as a transformative force in education.

Additional investments from notable entities like Tiger Global and General Atlantic further fueled its growth. In 2021, Unacademy achieved a valuation of $3.4 billion, making it one of India's most valuable edtech platforms.

Planting Seeds of Investment

Gaurav Munjal's entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond Unacademy. He continues to seek investment opportunities outside his own company, having invested over INR 370 million in startups like One Code, Pepper Content, Avalon Meta, and Airmeet.

Gaurav Munjal's journey from a tech-savvy student to a visionary entrepreneur and educator has reshaped India's education landscape. Unacademy's rise from a digital channel to a multi-billion-dollar platform showcases the power of innovation, technology, and a relentless pursuit of knowledge. Gaurav Munjal is not just a CEO; he's a trailblazer, and his story is an inspiration to all.

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