Sanjay Navgire: Adorning the Inner World with his Extraordinary Specialization & Shubhchintan

Sanjay Navgire: Adorning the Inner World with his Extraordinary Specialization & Shubhchintan

Sanjay Navgire: Adorning the Inner World with his Extraordinary Specialization & Shubhchintan

Interior Designing is an innovative and fascinating approach to embellish space.  Interior designing in India has positioned on the next level not just in metros but also in smaller towns. Not just residences but offices have upped their design game with plenteous exploration backing design needs. Designing the interiors of a place is no more a builder job here, and there is no longer a ready to clutch combination. It is contemplated to be an amalgamation of fashion, and functions and the complication are not only to constitute something artistic but something that integrates form and function in a unique way.

Subhchintan is a strong voice in India's architecture, interior design, decor, and home styling.  It was established, By Sanjay Navgire, a prominent and well-known interior designer from Pune, to frame all the design disciplines practiced by numerous companies, under one umbrella. His sculptures are straightforward in material use but amplified in intellection. The team is proficient in not only interior designing, but also experiential activities, renovation, 3D and 2D structure, and art direction.

Mr Sanjay is honoured for creating liveable art. He has stood by hundreds of people, sketch out and beautify their dream space as the brand. Consequently, he has developed a long lasting and trustworthy relationship with clients. His passion and dedication for the creation and thinking that elegance exists lies in equal parts "form and function" has taken him to fabricate unique spaces that reflect the personality of each client. Contrarily, the project he takes on is sometimes gigantic, sometimes small, but always contextual and appropriate. Armed with Architectural draughtsman and a diploma in interior designing and seventeen years of expertise in the industry be a foundation for him to maintain his design responsibilities and his passion for kinetic sculptures. In the last fifteen years, he has accomplished landmark projects in the residential, commercial and hospitality sector.

Subhchintan is a husband and wife duo, have a portfolio that exemplifies their artistry and commitment to present an unparalleled, wonderful and excellent environment with an affluent style of living and a combination of the aesthetic and the functional.

In an exclusive interview with The CEO Magazine, Sanjay Navgire, outline his professional story, the inception of Shubhchintan and presents useful advice for blooming creators.

Edited Excerpts from the interview: 

Through some light on your professional journey as a Designer:

The life of a designer is like a battle for existence, fight against the imperfection. Such as a doctor fights against disease, we strive to improvise the visual disease with creativity.

After graduation, I took a position as a draughtsman at V.K.Mattu & Associates firm in Ahmednagar. Within six months I was promoted as a supervisor and after a one year, emerged as the youngest designer of the firm. Ar Mattu sir always encouraged me to enhance site proficiency. I fell in love with architectural and interior design because of this job. Before that Born in Parbhani, into an artistic household, I see my genesis as an interior designer dating back to childhood when I used to do collages on my bedroom walls, fashioning spaces out of wallpaper. That time my friends and cousins like my creations and offer me renovate their rooms.

When I got engaged to a girl from Pune, I planned to find opportunities in Pune. Since Pune was going through the transition from a sleepy town to a major metro city, it had great potential in the near future. And, I planned to purchase some property for my own business. While looking out, I came across a construction site of M/s. Rameshwar Developers who were building their project 'Jai Ganesh Vishwa', in Vishrantwadi. I approached Rameshwar developers casually to inquire about the cost to acquire an office. After knowing my expertise, they, in turn, offered me to work at the site office. They signed me for the entire project and gave me a steady stream of business for the next 6 years.  The voluminous use of this single assignment to design residents for various clients created history. It catapulted me as the leading interior designers of the city.

Source of Inspiration

My design inspiration is the first fall in love with my work and family and of course, people, reading, traveling and nature's creativity.

This discovery process is following the very visual curiosity that leads me toward new insights and inspirations.  The amazing imagery and multi-colours from various lands and cultures, art, music, dance, and architecture, all store up in my creative bank. The beauty and attraction of nature are also forever etched in my memory: the tree line of a forest, a panoramic landscape, a shell's spiral, the reflection in the pool at the bottom of a waterfall. Portraying this fascinating collage is what encourages me to create exquisite, graceful, thoughtful and bold designs. It's a convergence of art, design, and the subject that I strive to combine.

Provide an Overview on Your Team. 

Approaching together is initiative, maintaining together is progress and working together is a success.

The Shubhchintan family comprises 10 versatile, driven and enthusiastic top interior designers, draftsmen, product developers, architects, and other specialists with a profound vision for art and aesthetics. The team of creators strives hard to deliver a seamless service by applying their expertise in materials, lighting, colour theory, interior design, and overall architecture. We present concepts perfectly tailored to the clients' needs.

Who are your clients?

Our clients are Residential, Commercial, Hotel, Restaurants, hospitals, and nursery schools etc.

How do you lay the foundation for strong clientele and what is your ultimate goal?

I am an energetic designer, and I feed off of people who have that same energy. I like to have clients that are passionate too. Most of our clients become friends by the end of the project that is the best compliment I could have as a designer. Interior Design can be considered as opening night for a Broadway production. Each space is individual — I design for the person: his unique needs, wishes, priorities, and with sensitivity to his own creative impulse, whether it is extraordinary or elegant.  It supports me to have a great clientele.

My goal is to have everything ready for the suit of people's needs. We plan to be early so any glitches can be worked out before the clients move in.

How do you differentiate yourself from the crowd?

I work to make everything around me beautiful and fascinating—that is my working style.

I've honed my strengths in project management, spatial designing, and drafting, as well as prescribing reliable timelines and budgets with effective and efficient organizational components. Space utility is another key factor of my unique strategy, many people don't know their exact requirements, but wish to have work like Amitabh Bachan's home. I analyze the project and sort the needs to use minimum space for maximum utility.  I prepare a list for basic, on priority and future requirements. Shorting strategy is a key to my success.   I am also constantly inspired by my clients. Each project comes up with something new – a client's particular collection of accessories, travel, pet's artwork collection and many more. It makes each project interesting and unique and gives me something new to learn. The rest comes from my creative force!

That makes me stand out from others.

What was your most challenging project?

Well, it is difficult to say because every project is challenging but, I found the hospital interior as the most challenging project in my career. Some parts of the projects were very gigantic. The main zones have to be very practical and usable for the clientele as space is not just for show. There has been quite a lot of preliminary design work completed, but everyone was really excited about the final result.

Your Favourite Projects…

Commercial, luxuries and lavish Residential Designs

Summarize your entire journey in one line.

Excellent and loveable what I want to do.

 Sketch the contemporary landscape of designing in India.

In this globalization age, clients are exposed to a variety of environment & architectural places all around the world. Now it has become a person's choice to select the style that suits their needs perfectly. After realizing client inclination towards a particular style, it became our responsibility to give an innovative twist to that style, so it became a unique and wonderful design. 

How would you describe the relationship management between the company and the client?

A winning client and designer relationship are built on mutual trust.  I believe, from the beginning there needs to be an open and honest discussion of the budget, brief and expectations so that both designer and client are on the same page. And, the most successful relationships are collaborative, with all the consultants working towards the best possible outcome, with the client. According to me, it's essential to communicate throughout the process even when things go wrong to make client partner in decisions making.

Our ambition is to go beyond the expectations of clients. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than smile and satisfaction on clients' face when they take a step in their dream house.

What materials interest you most at the moment? 

Away from the artificial items, using natural materials and showing them in their essence, brings nature more in the picture.

I like natural materials like wood, stone, metal, leather, wool or linen fabrics instead of artificial materials.  On our worktables, we have saddle leather.  Natural materials have imperfections that tell a story, and they are far more gracefully. It's like ancient buildings – see in Italy for the best proof.

What do you wish to accomplish in the future?

I would build a Glamorous and Opulent Casino or Hotel.

Word to the wise

Deal with client honestly and be prepared to strive hard.

Suggestion for home/office decoration

I suggest making a photo frame of yours as a smiley face and hung it at the entrance of the home/office.

Dynamic Leadership

Swati Navgire


Dr Swati Navgire is the Co-Founder of Shubhchintan and a Phd. holder in Vastu Shastra from Nagpur University. She has been supporting builders, businessmen, and individuals as a Vastu Consultant for a long time. She is also the foundation for the team to create a seamless design experience that flows right up to the infinity pool and redefining the norms and standards of Vastu Shastra.

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