Mritunjay Kumar Yadav

Redefining India’s Gaming Landscape through Fabzen Technologies
Mritunjay Kumar Yadav - Founder & MD - Fabzen Technologies Pvt Ltd

Mritunjay Kumar Yadav - Founder & MD - Fabzen Technologies Pvt Ltd

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The gaming scene in India is experiencing a remarkable surge. With a staggering number of downloads for gaming apps, India has solidified its position as the global leader in mobile gaming. Having a 180 million user base in fantasy sports also positions India as the largest fantasy sports market.

In a market this massive, standing out is no easy feat. Only by delivering top-notch games that not just meet but exceed the ever-changing tastes and demands of gamers can a game-developing studio thrive in this competitive landscape. Fabzen Technologies Private Limited, an ISO-certified game development powerhouse, has been reshaping India’s gaming scene.

Mr Mritunjay Kumar Yadav founded Fabzen with the vision to deliver groundbreaking games and establish the company as a leader in the industry. In 2023, Mritunjay passed over the CEO title to Ashwini Kumar, who now leads the company in its journey.

Focused on customer satisfaction, Fabzen creates and markets captivating online games. The organisation strives to spread joy, excitement, and happiness worldwide through creative, innovative, and proactive gaming experiences. Having established itself as a key player in the Indian gaming industry, Fabzen Technologies now aims for global expansion, offering accessible games to audiences across the globe.

At the heart of the organisation lies its dynamic team of gamers, developers, marketers, creative minds, publishers, programmers, and consultants, all committed to pushing gaming boundaries. They envision creating a world free from discrimination, where individuals can thrive and collaborate towards a brighter future. With playful, creative and out-of-the-box thinking, Fabzen Technologies wishes to contribute to the growth of the gaming industry, offering innovative games that enrich lives and bring joy to people of all backgrounds.

Diversified Offerings in Gaming and Global Services

At present, Fabzen Technologies has three proprietary gaming applications in the Indian market: Ludo Empire, Skill Patti Empire, and Callbreak Empire. These are all skill-based real-money games. With a user base exceeding 1 Crore players, Ludo Empire stands out as the company’s Most Valued Product. Fabzen also has several other exciting projects in the pipeline.

Fabzen Technologies also has two other entities: CloudZenia and Apper Studios, both global service-based companies. CloudZenia is a cloud service provider that offers computing services and solutions to businesses transitioning to cloud technologies. On the other hand, Apper Studios is an IT services and solutions company that specialises in app development, cloud services, and marketing strategies.

Mritunjay Kumar Yadav, Founder & MD, Fabzen Technologies Private Limited

Hailing from a small town in Bihar, Mritunjay, although had limited exposure to the world, he always dreamt of reaching out and building something big of his own. While studying engineering in Pune, he stumbled upon the gaming market in India and its potential. In 2017, Mritunjay founded Fabzen Technologies and single-handedly developed their debut game, Ludo Empire, and launched it in 2019.

As time passed, Mritunjay met some like-minded people who shared his vision and also believed in the potential of the Indian gaming industry. Together, they’ve propelled the company and its games to their current success.

Like it is with every new idea or invention, building Fabzen brought its set of challenges for Mritunjay. Some of the major challenges included public scepticism towards online gaming and handling any down periods during the journey. Mritunjay recalls, “What helped me deal with these challenges and overcome them was believing in my vision and remaining determined and hopeful of my success. My team and I worked on maintaining an inspirational and motivational work atmosphere so we could all grow and know that with the down periods come the up ones too.”

He adds, “Dealing with scepticism was particularly difficult. For cultivating customers’ trust in us we needed to find a delicate balance between responsibility and transparency.” They were determined to build products that instilled confidence, prioritising safety and security measures. The team ensured product stability, transparency, and user safety to build a platform users could trust without hesitation.

The Essence of Leadership

Reflecting upon his journey, Mritunjay shares, “There was this one project with a lot of challenges and a tight deadline that really tested our adaptability, resilience and coping mechanisms as a team. It turned out to be a major learning experience for all of us.

During that time, we had to stick together as a team. Open communication and supporting each other every step of the way helped a lot. It made me realise that leadership isn’t just about one person—it’s about all of us learning and growing together. And in the end, we not only met our goals but also pushed ourselves to aim even higher.”

As an afterthought, he adds, “Leading that project taught me the importance of having a clear vision and clear communication. Most importantly, it taught me that true leadership is about growing together as a team while working towards a common goal.”

The Pillars of Fabzen’s Culture

As they journey towards building a successful company, the team at Fabzen Technologies places a strong emphasis on integrating success with honesty, principles, and ethics. Certain core values form the bedrock of their operations, laying a sturdy foundation over the years. Integrity defines their work dynamics, guiding their actions with honesty, transparency, and morality. Innovation drives their pursuit of creativity, fueling excellence and forward-thinking to stay ahead in the industry. Customer centricity is at the heart of everything Fabzen does. They ensure that they meet every major and minor customer expectation while delivering quality gameplay experiences. Effective collaboration is another cornerstone of their growth, as they utilise the power of teamwork to achieve common goals.

Sustainability, being their primary element, drives them to adopt responsible practices. By integrating these values – integrity, innovation, customer centricity, collaboration, and sustainability – Fabzen Technologies ensures long-term success, continuous improvement and growth.

Nurturing Talent

Upon asking about their approach to talent acquisition and retention, Mritunjay shares,

“The workforce dynamics are evolving at a rapid pace. At Fabzen, our priority is to ensure the empowerment and adaptability of our team. While hiring, we look for a diverse mix of talents and skills, as different perspectives will eventually drive innovation. Once someone joins us, we practise a culture of continuous learning and growth by offering training programs – we want everyone to keep improving and developing their skills.” “Work-life balance and flexibility are very important for us. We listen to our team’s needs and concerns and acknowledge their contributions. By investing in our people and valuing their work, we create a supportive environment and keep ourselves motivated,” concludes Mritunjay.

Driving Success Through Innovation

With competition increasing in every field, the only way to remain relevant is to be innovative. For Fabzen, this means continually developing new products and staying ahead of market trends with a multifaceted approach, which includes conducting industry research, attending conferences, and networking to advance its ideas.

Their customer-centric approach helps them build strong relationships and brand loyalty, giving them a competitive advantage. Mritunjay says, “We’re committed to embracing new technologies, staying current with gaming trends, and providing tailored solutions for our customers. By actively seeking feedback and evolving with changing consumer demands, we as a team are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and long-term success.”

Fabzen Technologies has achieved significant milestones over the years, including,

  • Fabzen Technologies successfully launched three online gaming applications: Ludo Empire in 2019, Callbreak Empire in 2021, and Skill Patti Empire in 2023, all attracting thousands of daily users.

  • In 2022, Fabzen celebrated its fifth anniversary and was recognised among the top 10 most promising fantasy gaming companies by “Siliconindia,” a leading technological and business magazine.

  • Ludo Empire surpassed over 1 crore players in 2022, establishing itself as one of the top real-money Ludo games in India.

  • Since 2023, Fabzen Technologies has held the title of the No. 1 Non-Funded Gaming Company in India.

“These incredible milestones we’ve achieved highlight the growth of our company and validate the vision I’ve had for the future. It feels like we’re steadily moving closer to our goal of leading our organisation and making it the number-one gaming company in the world,” shares Mritunjay.

What Lies Ahead for Fabzen Technologies

With evolving trends, technological advancements, and shifting user interests, 2024 is going to be the year of exponential growth for the online gaming industry. While classic games and current online platforms seem to maintain their relevance, chances are certain challenges may emerge.

However, Mritunjay believes that introducing new ideas and maintaining ongoing growth, as well as platforms that match the preferences of the target audience, would retain relevancy. He explains, “Staying updated with the changes is a necessity to avoid falling behind. I view the evolution of the gaming industry as an affirmation that the industry will remain an important aspect of the modern world, maintaining its dynamic and continual expansion.”

He further adds, “Our plan is simple: to approach each day with passion and perseverance. We believe that every bit of preparation can lead to something amazing. This mindset gives us the confidence to tackle and overcome any challenge that comes our way.”

To maintain its leadership position, Fabzen is currently investing in research and development to drive innovation in its products and services. With innovation, creativity, and a constant urge to learn, they aim to keep up with the industry trends and work towards building new ones while challenging all odds with sheer diligence. The team at Fabzen Technologies is also working on building strategic partnerships and collaborations.

“Apart from this, we also make sure to constantly monitor the growth of the company and our products in the market space through data studies, market analysis, and reading the terrain of the industry, and accordingly, we work towards the betterment,”

says Mritunjay.

Leadership Mantra

Reflecting upon his own journey as an entrepreneur, Mritunjay shares, “The advice that I would like to give to the young and talented entrepreneurs out there who are looking to embark on their journey in the gaming industry is that— embrace curiosity and have the zeal to learn new things. Keep yourself updated with the latest industry trends, but also be willing to challenge, change, and innovate. Be open to suggestions and work towards networking with your peers, as this will give way to a broader perspective. Lastly, the most important thing to keep in mind is to always prioritise your passion and believe in hard work and perseverance. Success often comes to those who are willing to put in the effort and persist through obstacles.”

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