Hardik G Dawar

Revolutionising the Packaging Industry through Innovative Solutions at Dev Ventures
Hardik G Dawar - CEO - Dev Ventures India Pvt. Ltd.

Hardik G Dawar - CEO - Dev Ventures India Pvt. Ltd.

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In the commerce landscape, the focus always centres on the products, and the role of packaging often remains underestimated. What businesses fail to understand is that quality packaging serves as a protective barrier, safeguarding products against environmental hazards and ensuring their safe delivery to consumers. Moreover, well-designed packaging enhances user experience by offering convenience and functionality, which resonates with customers, fostering customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

Dev Ventures India Pvt. Ltd., led by CEO Hardik G Dawar, is a leader in the packaging sector, dedicated to providing innovative packaging solutions that optimise bulk storage needs across industries. The company specialises in manufacturing FIBCs, WPP bags, and a range of packaging solutions for diverse applications catering to industries worldwide.

Dev Ventures India Pvt. Ltd.

Founded in 2015, Dev Ventures has quickly emerged as a trusted partner for businesses across various sectors. Their commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability is evident throughout their operations, from sourcing materials to delivering the final products. Leveraging advanced technology, Dev Ventures has established itself as the preferred partner for premium packaging solutions.

With a monthly production capacity exceeding 600 metric tons, Dev Ventures caters to a diverse clientele spanning industries such as agriculture, chemicals, construction, and food processing, reflecting the company's dedication to meeting a broad spectrum of industry needs. Boasting a workforce of 600 employees, Dev Ventures is well-equipped to provide exceptional service to clients globally. Their strategically located offices in Indore, M.P., and a Sister Trading Office in Dubai ensure seamless operations and efficient service delivery, reaffirming their commitment to excellence in serving their global clientele.

Committed to prioritising customers, delivering exceptional quality, and nurturing long-term business relationships, Dev Ventures aims to redefine the standards of packaging excellence.

The Man at the Helm

A fanatical pursuit of excellence and a passion for innovation ushered Hardik G Dawar into the packaging industry. Recognising the growing demand for efficient packaging solutions in the global market, Hardik founded Dev Ventures to stand as a symbol of quality and reliability. His entrepreneurial drive, combined with his hold on global trade dynamics and market trends, laid the foundation for the company's success.

However, the path was not without its challenges. Hardik faced numerous obstacles, including market volatility, supply chain disruptions, and heightened competition. In response, he proactively implemented strategic initiatives such as diversifying the product range, optimising operational processes, and forging stronger relationships with suppliers and clients.

Through agility and responsiveness to market shifts, Hardik effectively navigated risks and sustained growth amidst adversity. With a focus on customer satisfaction and sustainable practices, he is determined to continue driving Dev Ventures towards even greater achievements, setting new benchmarks of excellence within the industry.

A Leader who Inspires, Empowers and Supports

“One of my proudest achievements has been building a culture of innovation and excellence at Dev Ventures, which has kept our employees and partners committed for the long haul. We’ve also expanded into the African Subcontinent, establishing a sister manufacturing company in Zambia in 2018 to serve the African market, which has been an exciting expansion for us,” shares Hardik.

He adds, “I believe that empowering individuals to unleash their full potential drives collective success. By creating an environment where everyone feels free to share ideas and collaborate, we’ve tapped into the creative energy of our team, leading to breakthrough solutions and happier customers.”

Diverse Solutions for Your Packaging Needs

Dev Ventures offers a range of products and services tailored to meet the diverse needs of their target clientele:

  • Customised Packaging Solutions: Dev Ventures provides tailored solutions designed to optimise performance and efficiency, catering to unique packaging requirements.

  • High-Quality FIBCs & WPP Bags: Their premium-grade packaging materials are engineered for durability, strength, and reliability, ideal for transporting various bulk materials.

  • Sustainable Packaging Options: Dev Ventures offers eco-friendly solutions that minimise environmental impact, supporting a greener future.

  • Quality Assurance: With strict quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process, they ensure consistent, reliable products.

  • Global Distribution Network: They offer efficient logistic solutions, ensuring timely delivery worldwide and enhancing customer satisfaction and convenience.

Leading through Customer-Centricity

“Customer-Oriented & Solution-Driven” are the guiding principles of Dev Ventures as they set out to transform the packaging industry with solutions that boost efficiency and sustainability for businesses. Their vision is to emerge as the go-to partner for clients in search of reliable and high-quality packaging products. By prioritising customer needs and delivering tailored solutions, the company aims to establish fresh benchmarks of excellence within the industry.

“We stand out in the industry through our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and customer-centricity, not to mention our employees who have been with us since the inception of Dev Ventures.”


Their distinctive approach involves investing in research and development to introduce new packaging solutions, using advanced technologies to refine production processes, and prioritising customer satisfaction through tailored service and timely delivery. By continuously innovating and keeping up with market trends, Dev Ventures maintains its competitive edge and remains the go-to choice for businesses seeking cutting-edge packaging solutions.

Values Driving Dev Ventures’ Success

Success is not just about achieving results but also about the way you achieve them. For Dev Ventures, success is rooted in its core values of integrity, quality, innovation, sustainability, and customer focus. These values serve as the company’s guiding principles, influencing every facet of its operations and decision-making. By steadfastly adhering to these values, Dev Ventures has garnered the trust and loyalty of its stakeholders, cultivated long-lasting relationships, and distinguished itself as a company committed to ethical business practices and delivering exceptional value to customers.

With its exceptional product quality, customer service, and sustainability efforts, Dev Ventures has reached notable milestones and received numerous recognitions. Hardik proudly shares, “We are a 2-star Export House, recognised by the Government of India. Yet, I believe perhaps one of our most significant achievements has been maintaining a strong and enduring partnership with our partners since our inception in 2015.”

These partnerships not only reflect Dev Ventures’ dedication to nurturing long-term connections founded on principles of trust, mutual respect, and aligned objectives but also signify their ability to consistently deliver value, exceed expectations, and adapt to evolving demands, solidifying its standing as a reliable and trusted partner within the industry.

Nurturing Talent

The true strength of any company lies in the invaluable contributions of its employees. At Dev Ventures, talent acquisition and retention transcend mere procedures; they form essential components of the company’s culture. Hardik emphasises, “We consider Dev Ventures to be an employee-owned company.” To realise this vision, they’ve developed a tailored approach that aligns with the evolving dynamics of the modern workforce.

When it comes to attracting top talent, Dev Ventures goes beyond traditional methods of job posting and resumes. Instead, they promote their distinctive employer brand, showcasing their commitment to pushing boundaries and making a positive impact on the world. Their recruitment strategy focuses not only on skills and expertise but also on finding candidates who embody the company’s core values and cultural ethos.

Navigating Industry Transformation

With technological advancements, shifting consumer behaviours, globalisation, regulatory changes, and societal shifts, every industry is undergoing a transformation, and the packaging industry is no different. Within this rapidly transforming industry, Hardik G Dawar stands out as a trailblazer. He emphasises, “Staying informed about emerging trends is paramount to our success.”

They adopt a proactive stance in keeping a pulse on industry developments through a variety of channels, including industry publications, market research, participation in conferences and seminars, and networking with industry peers and experts. This approach enables them to anticipate shifts in consumer preferences, technological advancements, and regulatory changes, allowing them to swiftly adapt and capitalise on new opportunities.

What Lies Ahead for Dev Ventures

The packaging industry will continue to grow with the rising demand for sustainable packaging solutions, technological advancements, and evolving consumer preferences. Hardik predicts a heightened emphasis on circular economy principles, with a focus on waste reduction and enhanced recyclability. Digitalisation is also poised to revolutionise operations, supply chain optimisation, and customer interaction.

Despite uncertainties, Dev Ventures maintains optimism about forthcoming opportunities and pledges to remain adaptable and innovative in meeting the evolving demands of its customers and the market. Aligning themselves with the changing industry trends, Dev Ventures is spearheading several initiatives to solidify its position at the forefront of industry advancements. These initiatives include investments in research and development to pioneer new products and packaging solutions, enhancement of sustainability practices to align with evolving environmental regulations and consumer expectations, and expansion of digital capabilities to improve operational efficiency and customer experience. “We are also actively exploring partnerships and collaborations with other industry leaders to leverage complementary strengths and accelerate innovation,” adds Hardik.

Reflecting upon their future plans, Hardik highlights, “We are further investing in sustainability initiatives to reduce our environmental footprint, expanding our product offerings to meet emerging market needs, fortifying digital infrastructure to boost efficiency and customer interaction, and cultivating a robust talent pipeline to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving industry.” With a proactive, adaptable, and customer-centric approach, Dev Ventures’ team is confident in its capacity to not only weather future challenges but to thrive in the evolving marketplace.

Leadership Insights

When asked to share advice for young and aspiring entrepreneurs, Hardik says,

“Indian youth today holds boundless potential. My advice to individuals entering the packaging industry or considering starting their own business would be to prioritise innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

Embrace change, stay informed about industry trends, and be willing to adapt and evolve your business model to meet the evolving needs of the market. Build strong relationships with suppliers, partners, and customers, and never underestimate the value of investing in your employees’ growth and development. Above all, maintain a relentless focus on delivering value and exceeding expectations, and success will follow.”

“Dev Ventures remains committed to driving innovation, sustainability, and excellence in the packaging industry. We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and are confident in our ability to continue delivering value to our customers, partners, and stakeholders. Thank you for the opportunity to share our insights, and we look forward to continuing our journey of growth and success together,” concludes Hardik.

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