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A Legacy of Excellence and Innovation in Shaping Timeless Spaces Spanning Four Decades
Ssanjay Prakash Rawte - Managing Partner - Shilpi InterDesigns Solutionz

Ssanjay Prakash Rawte - Managing Partner - Shilpi InterDesigns Solutionz

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A space remains just that—a blank canvas—until an interior designer fills it with purpose and personality. In the interplay between form and function, interior designers emerge as the architects of experience, creating spaces that breathe life into our daily interactions.

Mumbai-based Shilpi Inter Designs Solutionz is a name synonymous with interior design. Beyond mere designers, they are creators of experiences. Be it a cosy home or a vibrant office space, Shilpi Inter Designs Solutionz brings spaces to life with the perfect symphony of colour, texture, lighting and layout.

Shilpi’s expertise lies in creating dynamic and functional workspaces that authentically reflect their client’s brand identity, culture and values. Their speciality extends to the design of corporate offices, conference rooms, collaborative workplaces, reception areas and executive suites – all aimed at inspiring creativity, boosting productivity and collaboration among employees.

Tailoring Dreams into Reality

Shilpi was founded by Late Prakash M Rawte in 1982. In 1992, Mr Ssanjay Prakash Rawte took the reins and established Shilpi Inter Designs Solutionz as part of the Shilpi Group. Under his guidance, Shilpi has experienced rapid growth, evolving from a boutique design studio to a leading interior design firm with a diverse project portfolio across various sectors. Shilpi’s journey in the interior design industry has been characterised by passion, perseverance and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Driven by the mission of providing exceptional interior design services and turnkey solutions, Shilpi Inter Designs Solutionz aims to enhance the quality of life, productivity and well-being of its clients. With a commitment to sustainability, innovation and excellence, the company strives to exceed expectations in each of its projects.

Supported by a talented team of designers, architects, and project managers, Shilpi Inter Designs Solutionz tackles projects of all scales and complexities efficiently and with expertise. Since its inception, the company has stood firm on its core values of integrity, creativity, and customer satisfaction, ensuring that each space it designs, reflects the unique vision and needs of its clients.

Mr Ssanjay Prakash Rawte, Managing Partner, Shilpi InterDesigns Solutionz

An interior design enthusiast, Ssanjay has dedicated his career to creating beautiful and functional spaces that enhance the lives of others. His journey in this field began after the unfortunate demise of his father in 1989, which was a turning point in his life. From a young age, Ssanjay was drawn to art, architecture and design, finding joy in transforming spaces, rearranging furniture and experimenting with colours and textures.

During a period of reflection and soul-searching, Ssanjay found solace in creative expression, realising that interior design was not just his passion but his true calling. Today, as the driving force behind Shilpi Inter Designs Solutionz, Ssanjay continues to shape environments that go beyond mere aesthetics and leave a lasting impact on those who inhabit them.

Shilpi’s USP: A Blend of Creativity, Sustainability, and Client-Centricity

The interior design industry has become highly competitive over the last few years due to an increasing number of players entering the field. Shilpi Inter Designs, however, distinguishes itself amidst this competition through a combination of factors. Their team’s creativity and client-centricity ensure exceptional results, while attention to detail, versatility, and flexibility guarantee both functionality and beauty in their designs.

Their commitment to sustainability and transparent communication also contribute to their reputation for success and client satisfaction. Shilpi Inter Designs’ industry leadership is evident by the multitude of awards they have received, including the India Achievement Award 2020-21 as (Outstanding Professional Achievement & Contribution in Nation Building), Blink-wink India Design Award 2021 as (Best Turnkey Interior Designers of Maharashtra), India 5000 Best MSME Award 2021, India 500 Best CEO Award 2022 and India’s Most Prominent Architect & Design Awards 2022 as (Most Trusted Interior Designers of Maharashtra).

Another factor helping them differentiate is their creative process, which ensures each project is uniquely tailored to their clients’ needs and preferences. Ssanjay says,

“Our creative process begins with thorough consultation and research, followed by concept development, design refinement, and approval, visualisation, and presentation. We then proceed to execution and project management for smooth implementation. Finally, we conduct a final inspection before handing over the completed project to our clients.” He adds, “Even after project completion, we continue to provide post-completion support, including maintenance guidelines, warranties, and ongoing assistance. We value long-term relationships and remain committed to our client’s satisfaction.”

Most Notable Project

Among the hundreds of projects they have undertaken, one holds a special place in Ssanjay’s heart: the renovation of Tata Motors Finance’s office in a heritage building. The challenge was to balance the preservation of the building’s heritage with the creation of modern and functional office spaces. Ssanjay recalls, “We had to find innovative solutions to integrate modern facilities, technology and infrastructure while protecting the integrity of the heritage structure.”

Extensive research was conducted into the history and architectural significance of the building to understand its heritage value. They worked with heritage conservation experts and engineers to design a renovation plan that respected the building’s heritage and met the client’s needs.

“We have carefully restored and preserved the original features like ornate ceilings, decorative mouldings and historic facades while seamlessly integrating modern elements into the design,”

- Explains Ssanjay

The main challenge was the poor condition of the building, which required extensive restoration and structural reinforcement. Additionally, there were zoning restrictions and regulatory hurdles to navigate due to the building’s historical significance. Leveraging expertise in heritage conservation, adaptive reuse and contemporary design principles enabled the team to successfully renovate the heritage building for Tata Motors Finance.

Shaping Tomorrow’s Spaces with Sustainable Innovation

Shilpi Inter Designs is driven by a set of core aspirations: innovation, sustainability, client satisfaction, growth, technology integration, education, social impact, and continuous improvement. They aim to create enduring spaces that inspire and enrich future generations.

Their commitment to sustainability is evident in their use of eco-friendly materials like reclaimed wood and recycled glass, along with energy-efficient solutions and biophilic design principles. “By selecting materials with minimal environmental impact, we reduce resource depletion and minimise harmful emissions,” shares Ssanjay.

He adds, “Through strategies like R&D, cross-disciplinary collaboration, user-centred design, and technology integration, we are confident that we can continue to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation in our upcoming projects.”

Their dedication to education and training ensures they stay at the forefront of their field, delivering transformative and impactful designs in their upcoming projects.

Leadership Mantra

For aspiring young designers to embark on a successful career, Ssanjay shares a piece of advice for them — “Develop Your Skills, Gain Experience, Build a Strong Portfolio, Network and Collaborate, Stay Inspired, Develop Your Personal Brand, Communicate Effectively, Embrace Challenges, Stay Committed and be Ethical and Professional.

By following these and remaining focused, dedicated, and passionate about your craft, you can build a successful and fulfilling career in the dynamic and rewarding field of interior design.”

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