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Dr Rishi Narendra - Director & Co-PromoterG. Mohamed Arif - MD & CEO - Phyto Specialities Pvt. Ltd.

Dr Rishi Narendra - Director & Co-Promoter

G. Mohamed Arif - MD & CEO - Phyto Specialities Pvt. Ltd.

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In recent years, the use of herbal remedies has increased, as they are considered safer than modern drugs, often with fewer side effects. Herbal or phytomedicine uses the healing power of plants and herbs to cure various human ailments. This practice of using plants for medicinal purposes dates back even before recorded history.

Although modern medicine has replaced herbal medicines, due to the evolution of pathogens and outbreaks spreading at unprecedented speed, traditional methods of combating disease appear to be inadequate. Recognising the potential of medicinal plants, researchers are increasingly turning to nature’s pharmacy for innovative solutions. Healthcare companies are stepping up to meet this demand, carefully processing botanical ingredients to ensure consistency and quality in herbal remedies.

Established in 2000, Phyto Specialities is a leader in genuine herb-based healthcare solutions in India. They specialise in manufacturing and marketing unique herbal formulations that utilise active principles to address a variety of widespread health concerns around the world. Their product range targets diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular problems, kidney and liver disorders, arthritis and viral infections. Dedicated to providing quality healthcare solutions, they invest heavily in research to enhance plant-based treatments. By combining ancient knowledge with modern science, they are shaping a future where herbal medicine will help people thrive.



Mr G. Mohamed Arif, Managing Director & CEO, Phyto Specialities

As the founder-director, Mr Arif spearheads research and product development at Phyto Specialities. With 30 years of experience in Marketing and Product Development gained from reputable pharmaceutical companies like Glaxo Laboratories (now GSK), American Remedies, and Medley Laboratories in India, his expertise is unmatched. He has also managed multinational teams and conducted training programs during his time with a leading multinational corporation in the Middle East.

Dr Rishi Narendra, Director and Co-Promoter, Phyto Specialities

Dr Narendra, a seasoned leader in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, holds a PhD in Biotechnology. With a diverse background encompassing sales, marketing, and research, he has worked with companies like Bharat Biotech, Shantha Biotech, and Dabur. Throughout his career, Dr Narendra has demonstrated an exceptional ability to leverage his scientific expertise to drive business growth. Driven by a keen research acumen, he identifies emerging trends and contributes to evidence-based decision-making, advancing pharmaceutical products and technologies.

The Genesis of Phyto Specialities

Having honed their skills in marketing and management through experience with leading pharmaceutical companies, both Mr Arif and Dr Narendra were well aware of the limitations of modern medicine in treating certain ailments. This realisation awakened within them a growing desire to confront this issue head-on.

Venturing beyond the confines of conventional medicine, they embarked on a journey to explore alternative knowledge systems and practices. Exploring the expansive realm of healthcare opened doors to new possibilities and offered glimmers of hope. “It became clear that by integrating diverse approaches and tapping into traditional wisdom, we could uncover innovative solutions to address common ailments more affordably, effectively, and safely,” shares Mr Arif.

Phyto Specialities’ early success came with the development of Centis Cream, a topical application designed specifically for diabetic foot ulcers. This pioneering solution not only addressed diabetic wounds but also played a key role in preventing complications, potentially preventing many amputations since its introduction in 2001. This success boosted their determination, leading them on a path of continuous innovation and discovery.

Since then, there has been no looking back. They have introduced a range of impactful solutions, including products for bone health, liver, neuroprotection (especially stroke), nephroprotection and more. Their commitment to innovation and excellence has resulted in patents, including a phytoactive principle-based formulation for the treatment of Demyelinating diseases of the nervous system, particularly multiple sclerosis. Each of these formulations represents their commitment to pushing boundaries, challenging norms, and, ultimately, improving the lives of countless individuals battling chronic diseases.

The Journey So Far

Phyto Specialities’ journey began humbly, with a dedicated team of Medical Representatives operating solely in Tamil Nadu, armed with just three products addressing Diabetic foot ulcers. Mr Arif and Dr Narendra’s expertise in the pharmaceutical industry came in handy for them. Leveraging their close relationships with physicians, they strategically promoted their products to generate demand. Drawing from their extensive training in pharmaceutical marketing acquired from major industry players, they embarked on their entrepreneurial journey, albeit with a modest clientele base.

In just two years of their inception, they transitioned to a micro-entrepreneurial model with a vision to share their growth with their business partners across the country. Over a span of more than two decades, they have introduced around 36 products based on phyto active principles and served more than 8000 indirect customers and 120 direct customers. Their formulations not only reduce symptoms but also target the underlying pathology across various therapeutic areas, including joint health, vascular and heart care, fatty liver disease, common viral infections like dengue and corona, as well as neurological and nephroprotective agents. Dr Narendra shares,

“Our expansion wasn’t limited to human healthcare. In 2014, we ventured into the veterinary market. Our initial offerings were modest, but we steadily gained traction in both small and large animal segments.”

“Today, we proudly serve clients not only in domestic markets but also export to several Middle Eastern, Asian and European countries.”

Mr Arif.

Being in the healthcare sector, research and development is paramount at Phyto Specialities. They have collaborated with esteemed educational institutions such as IIT Madras, University of Madras, VIT (Vellore Institute of Technology), JSS College of Pharmacy (Ooty), and Meerut Institute of Engineering and Technology. These partnerships drive their ongoing research endeavours, particularly in Neurology and Oncology.

Phyto Specialities’ Ethos: Delivering Quality

The increasing popularity of herbal medicines brings forth the challenge of the proliferation of many companies in the herbal sector. A point of concern in these companies is the uncertain quality of the products produced, which requires significant upgrades in quality assurance measures. “Currently, there is a concept of composition patenting in herbal products, which unfortunately can be easily circumvented,” states Mr Arif.

Dedicated to providing effective, safe, unique and efficacious quality products to its customers, Phyto Specialities’ ethos is based on producing high-quality products. To maintain this commitment, they strictly follow standard pharma GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) protocols along with stringent quality control measures. A thorough certificate of analysis for every batch produced ensures that their formulations are carefully developed to target the underlying pathology and deliver optimal results for their consumers. Dr Narendra says, “We are committed to quality. Even while pursuing patents, we are focusing not only on compositions but also on usage applications.”

Their USP

In the highly fragmented healthcare industry, carving your mark is challenging. Phyto Specialities began their journey with a clear vision: to introduce products that truly make a difference. However, the founders soon realised that effective marketing is crucial for building a company’s reputation. Initially, they assembled a team of medical representatives, yet as a new company with limited resources, their progress was modest. However, they pivoted towards a strategy centred on cultivating a network of micro-entrepreneurs—experienced senior medical representatives and area managers eager to carve their own paths. Mr Arif reflects, “This approach proved immensely successful, and we now boast over 70 business partners nationwide. We provide ongoing product training to empower them as necessary.”

Quality is the foremost priority in product development at Phyto Specialities. “All our products are backed by years of extensive research,” emphasises Dr Narendra. Instead of focusing entirely on flagship products, the company remains committed to addressing diverse health challenges. In line with this, their current efforts are directed towards advancing medical research across various ailments, with a particular focus on cancer, specifically breast and cervical cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease.

“The results from the animal studies we conducted for these conditions are highly promising. These findings are not just encouraging but hold the potential to positively impact the lives of countless individuals affected by these debilitating diseases,” asserts Mr Arif.

Phyto Specialities’ Client-Centered Growth Initiatives

The entirety of healthcare revolves around clients-they are the ones who benefit the most and drive the direction of healthcare. Recognising this, Phyto Specialities focuses on building strong customer relationships through its business partners.

Their business partners play a vital role in marketing the company’s products across the country, making them indispensable to their operations. Phyto Specialities has also established a team of business development managers to support them effectively. These managers not only focus on expanding their business but also communicate the company’s vision and ethics to valued customers, primarily doctors. Mr Arif explains,

“This approach not only facilitates the dissemination of our values but also establishes a feedback system. Through this system, we gather information about the needs of our business partners and customers, enabling us to continuously improve and enhance both our business and the trust of those involved.”

Notable Innovations

Their dedication to innovation and addressing unmet medical needs has earned them numerous accolades from the medical community. Mr Arif says very proudly,

“We are the pioneers of many groundbreaking products. Thrombup is one such product, introduced in 2012-13, that effectively manages dengue virus infection.”

Another of their achievements is the development of a product aimed at healing pressure wounds and bed sores, which has received praise, from Lockheed Martin India Innovation Program under DST, Govt. Of India and FICCI, recognising it as one of the finest innovations in the field.

What Lies Ahead for Phyto Specialities

With technological innovation, policy interventions and increasing focus on patient-centric care, the future of healthcare in India is on the verge of change. Yet challenges remain, including healthcare disparities, lack of infrastructure, and workforce shortages. Tackling these will be key to realising the vision of a healthier and more equitable society.

Phyto Specialities stays up to date with the latest developments in the healthcare industry by allocating resources to ongoing research efforts and closely monitoring the scientific literature. “We actively participate in industry conferences, seminars and workshops, building meaningful connections with healthcare professionals, researchers and thought leaders,” says Dr Narendra.

Phyto Specialities also focuses on building collaborative partnerships with academic institutions, research organisations, and other healthcare institutions. Their advisory board, consisting of experts from various sectors of the healthcare industry, assists in strategic decision-making. This, combined with extensive market analysis, ensures that the company remains relevant to customer needs.

Leadership Mantra

Advising aspiring entrepreneurs, Mr Arif shares, “Healthcare has always been a lucrative industry. Starting a business in the industry can be both rewarding and challenging, but with the right mindset, strategy, and perseverance, you can navigate the journey successfully and make a meaningful impact in the lives of others.

Identify your passion and purpose, research and understand the market, build a strong network, prioritise compliance and regulation, focus on innovation and differentiation, embrace technology, cultivate a patient-centric approach, seek mentorship and guidance, and be resilient and persistent.” Adding his bit, Dr Narendra says,

“The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, with new technologies, treatments, and regulations emerging regularly. Stay committed to continuous learning and professional development to stay ahead of the curve. Invest in ongoing education, training, and skill development to keep your knowledge and skills relevant.”

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