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Leveraging Experience For Delivering Unique Tax Solutions While Promoting A Positive Work Culture
Santosh Maurya - Managing Partner - Adventes Tax Advisors LLP

Santosh Maurya - Managing Partner - Adventes Tax Advisors LLP

Founded in 2015 by two experienced Tax Professionals, Santosh and Bharath, Adventes Tax Advisors LLP is a Boutique firm that specialises in Indirect Taxes in India and Value Added taxes in UAE.

Their areas of expertise include the Goods and Services Tax (GST), the Foreign Trade Policy, the Customs Act of 1962, and erstwhile Indirect Taxes such as Central Excise, Service Tax, and State Value Added.

The Firm offers a wide range of services, including Advisory, Compliance, Refunds, Due Diligence Reviews, Litigation, Representation, and Tax Benefits under Foreign Trade and State Industrial Policies.

They lead a team of experienced professionals with a proven track record in Indirect Taxes, which helps in bringing about a strategic transformation to their client’s businesses. The team has extensive experience working with prestigious companies such as KPMG, PwC, Economic Laws Practice and BMR.

Mission, Vision And Values

Achieving Strategic Transformation has been the mission statement of Adventes since its inception. Being client-centric, the aim of the Firm is to implement strategies and ideas which transform clients’ processes and operations to achieve tax efficiency as well as strategically execute solutions to achieve desired results which would positively impact the bottom line of the client while complying with relevant regulations.

The Firm believes in creating value for its clients and working collaboratively as an extension of the client’s team.

Adventes is committed to providing quality services while adhering to the strictest work ethics. The Firm’s focused approach, strategic planning and execution have already added value to various MNCs, Indian Companies, and Law Firms (domestic and foreign).

The Men Behind Adventes

Santosh Maurya, Managing Partner

Santosh, a Chartered Accountant with 18 years of experience in Indirect Taxes, has worked with renowned firms like KPMG, PwC, and RSM & Co for over 12 years.

He specialises in Consultancy, Litigation, and Compliance Management for various Industries such as Manufacturing, Real Estate, Trading, IT/ITes, Oil & Gas, Aviation, and Renewable Energy.

He has played a vital role in successfully implementing GST across all states and aiding companies in migrating from the Sales Tax regime to the Value Added Tax regime.

Santosh is a faculty member of ICAI on Indian GST, a regular Speaker at various commercial/non-commercial forums, and a Member of the Sales Tax Practitioners Association of Maharashtra. At Adventes, Santosh heads the Indian Operations.

Bharath Madakari, Managing Partner-

Bharath has over 18 years of experience in Indirect Taxes and has worked with ELP, BMR, and LKS. He has expertise in various Industries, viz., Oil & Gas, Pharma, Engineering, Diagnostic Equipment, Real Estate, and IT/ ITeS. Additionally, he manages Adventes Dubai operations, focusing on Crypto Companies, Traders, Travel & Tourism and Business Centers.

Creating A Positive Work Culture: The Idea Behind Adventes

The idea to start their practice was born out of Santosh and Bharath’s zest to do for themselves and society at large. They aimed to create a flexible work environment, free of corporate politics and fostered a family culture with support and respect for each member.

Their goal was to recognise and develop their team’s talent by providing them with a level playing field, training, and support to excel in their respective roles.

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Navigating The Complexities Of Indirect Taxes For Businesses

Adventes provides comprehensive solutions to address the challenging aspects of Tax Regulations faced by businesses in India. Leveraging professional experience and subject matter expertise, the Firm offers customised solutions to tax issues in a cost-effective manner to the Clients, thanks to their extensive experience in working with tax officials along with a deep knowledge of tax administration.

Adventes Unique Service Offerings

Adventes offers a broad range of services, including assistance in DRI and ED investigations, SVB matters, Customs/FTP matters, and GST/Customs/Service Tax Refund Management.

The Firm also provides Litigation Management and Outsourcing Compliance Services for GST, such as preparation and filing returns, preparing e-invoices, e-waybills, and statutory records, personnel secondment.

Adventes has been a trusted Partner for businesses looking to navigate the complex world of Indirect Taxes while remaining compliant with applicable laws.

Adventes Esteemed Clientele

The Firm has been delivering quality services to various Manufacturing, Trading and Service sectors. With over 100+ clients, including well-known brands such as Weatherford, Abbott India, Sun-Pharma India, Infiniti Retail Limited (CROMA), Victorinox India, Gigabyte India, Tata Projects Limited, Larsen & Toubro, Essar India, as well as renowned Law Firms and CA Firms, Adventes has established a growing practice in India.

Moreover, the Firm caters directly to multiple International Companies in UK, USA, Singapore, Japan, and Taiwan, requiring assistance to navigate the complex Tax Regulations in India while remaining compliant.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Santosh Maurya - Managing Partner -&nbsp;Adventes Tax Advisors LLP</p></div>
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Leveraging Experience And Collaborative Relationships For Unique Tax Solutions

Adventes’ competitive edge lies in its team’s vast experience, problem-solving approach, and effective communication with tax authorities. The team of skilled Chartered Accountants and Lawyers use strategic planning and analytical and legal research to identify unique solutions to complex tax issues.

Since its establishment, Adventes has grown to over 35 team members across three locations in India and an International location. The Firm prioritises work-life balance and provides a flexible and supportive environment for its team members.

Adventes has been recognised by clients as a dependable and innovative “Solution Partner” with an “Out of the Box” thinking approach to tax issues.

Adventes’ Journey To Success: Building A Culture Of Trust And Innovation

Adventes has consistently upheld core values that include trust, loyalty, and transparency in all its transactions. Adventes success has been built on the foundation of teamwork, a free environment that fosters innovation and creativity and respect for every team member.

Consistency and experience are also fundamental values that have been ingrained in the Firm’s culture.

Like every business story, the Firm overcomes traditional challenges like cash flow, lack of work, and infrastructure. Believing in themselves, thriving under pressure, staying humble, and providing quality services, have helped the Firm conquer all obstacles and win potential clients.

Overcoming Pandemic Challenges And Maintaining Resilience In The Legal Support Industry

Globally in the legal industry, the pandemic posed new obstacles in coordinating with Clients, Tax Courts and Tax Administration. Despite challenges, Adventes remained steadfast, accountable, and resilient in its partnering approach by maintaining a team and providing financial leniency to its Clients.

Their dedicated approach to work garnered praise from clients, resulting in long-standing financial and liquidation issues which were stuck with the Tax Authorities.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Santosh Maurya - Managing Partner -&nbsp;Adventes Tax Advisors LLP</p></div>
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Industry Trends And Expansion

Adventes is pursuing industry trends such as being technologically updated and building a virtual environment for Client interactions and processes/ operations.

The Firm seeks to expand its global presence by pursuing partnerships with foreign law firms by delivering high-quality services, other legal support services and a strong value proposition.

The Firm has also been focusing on Legal Support Services required by many foreign entities, such as Authorized signatories, Title Searches, support to Forensic Investigation and other support services.

Future Plans: Pursuing Expansion And Innovation In Legal Support Services

The Firm’s future plan is to become a top-tier tax firm in India, with a team of over 100 professionals with exceptional quality and maintaining a high level of integrity and professionalism.

Adventes aims to hire more experienced team members and acquire the best talent in the industry, as well as explore options for the acquisition of other firms.

Adventes is centred on cultivating industry leaders through investment in team members, infrastructure, technology, effective policies, and an environment of growth and empowerment.

This approach enables the achievement of long-term strategic goals while contributing positively to society through excellence, innovation, and impact.

Words Of Wisdom

Sharing a valuable piece of advice for young entrepreneurs, Santosh says,

“Never turn down any work, regardless of its size or potential compensation. Every opportunity, even if initially non-remunerative or minuscule, has the potential to consummate success and prosperity. It’s also imperative to prioritise building strong relationships with clients, as these connections can be instrumental in achieving long-term accomplishment. Staying focused and working hard is critical though to the entrepreneurial journey. Lastly, maintaining transparency & commitment is vital in building trust and credibility with clients and stakeholders.”

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Santosh Maurya - Managing Partner -&nbsp;Adventes Tax Advisors LLP</p></div>
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