Prerana Agarwal Saxena & Annushree Agarwal, The Founders of Theme Weavers Designs Placing India On a Global Platform

Prerana Agarwal Saxena & Annushree Agarwal, The Founders of Theme Weavers Designs
Prerana Agarwal Saxena & Annushree Agarwal, The Founders of Theme Weavers Designs

Enlighten us, as the two successful wedding planners & entrepreneurs, what inspired you to start your own wedding planning company and when did it take shape?

Prerana -Annushree and I were introduced to entertaining and planning by our parents who often entertained lavishly. Our father encouraged us to do something different each time & took interest in designing new experiences. This childhood interest is the reason which led to the start of Theme Weavers Designs, to live every day as different & design enticing themes for events. We both wanted to do something exciting each day.

My grandfather, being a self-made person, is who I draw my inspiration from. His gusto of living grand is what I have always looked up to. We believed we could change the perceived definition of themed events & the way they were being understood and executed a decade ago. The favorite part of the job is meeting a variety of people, learning from them, and then applying that knowledge for their flawless design executions. We find immense joy in creating unforgettable experiences and receiving heartfelt appreciation.

Annushree - Theme Weavers Designs was founded in 2008 and is headed by me & my business partner & sister, Prerana. Based out of Gurugram, with branches in the royal cities of Jodhpur & London, our notion is to curate freshly unique ideas to perfection in designing exclusive weddings.

Tell us about your first significant project? What made you a brand today?

Prerana - We received our first significant wedding project at Rambagh Palace, Jaipur in 2010 which provided us with a boost as we eventually went on to plan & manage more than 250 weddings together. The Palatial wedding reception for Yuvraj Shivraj Singhji, son of Maharaja Gaj Singh Ji of Marwar - Jodhpur in 2013 was the turning point of our career and the brand of Theme Weavers Designs. The elegant idea of bringing ‘Pachranga’ in the decor, thus connecting the regal family wedding with the impressive heritage of Jodhpur, set permanent roots for the team in the wedding industry. I believe that ‘Themes are all we live in’ and I work to depict the same in the events planned by us.

Annushree -Following similar instincts, as a team, we aim to translate countless concepts into the finest wedding designs for clients. The firm ensures to deliver unique concepts with each new project taken up, thus executing all events seamlessly.

Tell us about your services and the exclusive portfolio you encompass? What differentiates you and your brand from the other competitors?

Prerana - All the various activities encompassing a wedding are joyous occasions for any individual and families alike & a wedding planner can lighten or almost lower the burden that comes with it. Most couples are aware that planning a wedding can be an uphill task as there are several decisions to make which can be intimidating for both the groom and the bride. We offer a plethora of services in luxury weddings categorized into three segments catering to distinct visions & needs.

With packages to suit each need, from planning, managing & designing the event right from the first day to aiding at the last minute as per the client’s request to hash out the small details, the team ensures to create a hassle-free experience. ‘TWD Experiences’ is a complete package that includes wedding planning and designing services right from designing the vision board of the overall wedding, creating unique decor designs, and executing it in a coherent manner. The second service- ‘TWD Recommends’ is for couples who may have previously pre-planned a few aspects of the wedding but are looking for professional hands to secure that home run. Lastly, is ‘TWD Oversee’, best suited for last-minute wedding management that ensures a smooth sailing experience. It is for the couples who have designed & planned everything but require perfect on-site execution.

Annushree - It is the testimony to the team’s unwavering grit & determination to never recycle a used concept. The firm’s USP is in its endeavor to take adequate safety precautions and offer no hidden costs, last-minute hassles, or unpleasant surprises. All ceremonies planned and designed by us are centered around thoughtfully curated themes. As a team, we focus on presenting our clients with distinctive experiences.

In the journey to make India a global destination for weddings, what are the challenges you have faced and the steps taken to ensure the ongoing growth?

Prerana - Through flawless event design and execution, we aim to put India on the global map. While everyone is looking to take weddings outside India, Annushree & I are continuously thinking about how to make India a top destination for weddings & contributing to the betterment of the wedding industry.

There is an ongoing myth around unconventional spots in India for not being safe. There are prior misconceptions around unexplored locations that exist regarding their safety and connectivity, making it easy for one to look for spots that have already been researched upon or foreign locales for approachable venues. As wedding planners, we not only look after the design decor for one’s wedding but also aim to give clarity in all work processes.

There is another challenge when it comes to non-transparency in payment terms amongst vendors in India. Ensuring one never entails a bad experience when it comes to payments, all contracts are carefully drawn up by us and signed. With clear contingencies and no hidden costs, we ensure transparent guidelines on the payment policies, while keeping any last-minute costs into consideration.

While India might not have been ready 10 years ago for a lavish wedding affair and to invite guests but now it’s easy to validate the credibility of any location specifics and stay. We encourage clients to refer online to the testimonials of hired vendors while taking real-time references from previous clients.

To ensure the wedding party’s utmost safety and security pertaining to their location & transport, they are well looked after from reaching the venue to room allocation, and beyond. From the complete provision of transport to a royal entry, each detail is well taken care of & sought through by the team.

Annushree - India has a lot to offer when it comes to hospitality and its cultural appeal, both of which have not been explored enough by the Indian Wedding Industry. To give India a global platform, we began the esteemed event of Royal Rendezvous, a forum where planners from around the world are invited to experience India as a venue for one of the top destinations for weddings. It is a unique platform that is developed to showcase the best of India’s rich cultural history, royal heritage, and legendary luxury as a compelling proposition for world-class weddings.

Kindly let us know the ways the team makes socially responsible choices and steps towards the support of local art in India.

Prerana - I strongly believe that local artistry is a dying art and needs unlimited encouragement in keeping the craft alive. Our vision going forward is to keep contributing however we can to the social causes we believe in and make the world a better place.

The Team’s common goal in giving back helps strengthen us with strong values in creating an extraordinary life. The onset of the global pandemic has left quite a few local artisans unemployed. Vowing to keep supporting and promoting their work, we encourage the performances by local artists in the events hosted by us to showcase their dexterity in arts & crafts.

Annushree - In one such monumental event of Royal Rendezvous, held in 2019, I discovered a blind school where people were well gifted in performing arts. I ensured to employ and display their work through various song and dance performances entirely put up by the kids of the school. Not only was this well-received by the audience at large but they also opened their hearts to their brilliant artistry.

We also employed local artisans and put their ability on display that added the native flavor to the event too. Since the guests in attendance were notable event planners from all over the world, to be able to showcase the cultural arts at this big stage turned out to be extremely successful.

Prerana - Apart from this, we also ensure to make sustainable choices in wedding decor & design curated by us. For instance, in Rajasthan, we incorporated the use of the traditional glass-blown technique as a decor item, adding to the cultural touch by the local artisans.

We always make use of local craftsmanship to create a sought-after aura to the wedding that one finds hard to forget. For instance, we made use of sand art for a wedding in Jodhpur. This also helped promote the local work while being environmentally conscious, with minimum wastage of materials.

In your decade-long journey as a wedding planner & designer, what are the most notable awards and achievements under your belt?

Annushree - Being a renowned name in the Wedding Industry, we have been prominent speakers at various events & conferences hosted by Wedding Sutra, Wedding Vows, EEMA, the Exotic Wedding Planning Conference et al. The firm has maintained a strong & consistent media presence with features across print & digital platforms. As the founders, we have also been invited as speakers by eminent universities like Amity University, Pearl Academy & IGNOU.

Prerana - The firm has strongly cemented its stature in the wedding industry and has been awarded to be one of the top 15 Wedding Planners by Lagan Mandap in 2015 and is crowned with ‘Wedding Sutra Influencer Award 2019’. In addition to that, we have also been awarded the Luxury Lifestyle Award, WOW Awards Asia 2015, and the Great Indian Wedding Awards(GIWA). For luxury weddings, the firm has also been featured exclusively on NDTV for picturesque locations and creating unforgettable experiences.

Apart from this, I am also a Vice President of the EEMA, North Zone, an autonomous non-profit body that operates within India’s Events & Experiential marketing industry. Through this platform, I aim to work towards the betterment of our Industry.

As wedding planners, we understand that the excitement and the anticipation of wedding planning can all get encrusted by the concerns of having everything organized. It’s only natural for you to go ahead and browse through for help, but we would say it’s best with the support of wedding planners.

From using the trending hashtags to being sensitive towards wastage, there’s just too much for a bride & a groom to think about. The stress and the planning burden can only be lessened when you can hire a wedding planner that not only you trust to handle without a hassle but also bring your dream wedding vision to life. So how do you go about choosing your wedding planner- who takes care of every little thing at your wedding and makes everything fall smoothly into place while you make a memory of a lifetime?

Take a step back and give yourself a breathing window. Use the time to read the planner’s profile and assess the weddings they’ve hosted. Set up a meeting to collaborate and discuss the vision & conceptualization as well as their available dates for booking, if needed. A wedding planner like Theme Weavers Designs plays a crucial role in helping one plan their dream wedding, so take note of a few checkpoints to hone in on the right planner.

5 quick tips to finalize your perfect Indian wedding planner

Unique and personal design delivery

Ideate and conceptualize your dream wedding with the planner and look for the uniqueness in their creations. Are the designs used before? Does the ideation truly reflect you? Your wedding should depict who you are and what you want, and thus repetition of any design concept should be avoided, each holding its own identity. Theme Weavers Designs are one such wedding planners that promise to deliver wedding themes unique to each event. Look for ones who commit & achieve in presenting curated design themes that represent you specifically, making the event custom designed.

No payment hassles

With the number of doubts with the bookings and vendors to sort through, it can get difficult for you to pluck out the ones who truly are trustworthy. It does give peace of mind when there is pure transparency in contracts and money management. Make sure to discuss all charges and payments beforehand and take a guarantee of no hidden costs. When your wedding planner offers you clear margins & contingencies, it is then that they are delivering on the required professionalism.

Image of service like band
Image of service like band

Shocking surprises? No, Please.

When coming to a wedding planner, expect a smooth sailing of events with no shocking surprises during the end moments. Have a proper discourse over decor processes of vendors and partners with the planner. There needs to be harmony between you two over the concepts and ideation of wedding decor design, so ensure that prior meetings are done clearly. Expect your wedding planner, such as Theme Weavers Designs to take care of all the related logistics with no delays or inconveniences, hence the need for transparent conversation.

vintage car- Image of vendor service
vintage car- Image of vendor service

Stress management? Yes, Yes, Yes!

A wedding demands you to be prepared with everything between the stage set up and wedding guests’ favors. Analyze your wedding planner’s plan of action and talk it through for better understanding. A wedding planner is there to ease your day, not add on to the adrenaline rush of getting married. They need to provide on all fronts, from arranging to hosting a wedding. Look for varied packages to give you a plethora of options to mull over. A skilled team of planners only brings the best for you, so don’t hesitate before having a direct conversation.

Safety first. You must be a priority.

It is your day. So demand that security. Your wedding planner must provide and take care of every small detail, from the cleanliness & hygiene requirements of the venue to the food allergies of the invited guests. Have a destination wedding in mind? Ask for transportation and accommodation arrangements. With their vast experience and connectivity, they deal with a lot of vendors every day and have the best ones vetted out for you.

All that a bride wants is to be able to go through the day with seamless backstage activity & hospitality to on-time decor already taken care of. Wedding planners like Theme Weavers Designs now are also incorporating digitizing your wedding management so you can look through their progress online with just a tap on your phone. Too consumed with selecting your wedding cake? Use their online software being at any location and see if your vendor has delivered on time or not.

Images - Minute Details - creating extra oomph

Indian weddings are all about the extra oomph in the party. From creating fabulous photo-op backdrops to stage set up for the bride and groom, every small detail is looked well into. Find out the number of coordinators and stylists who will be present on the day of the wedding at the venue. From the services catered to the vision of the wedding, it becomes hassle-free if things are discussed beforehand.

Catering to the likes of the guests is a smart move, proving to be hassle-free for the couple. For instance, providing to the audience, the food can be locally inspired in case of a destination wedding or can bring home nostalgia of family cultures. You need to be aware that the decor and stage setup is also a part of the services being offered. Ensure that the planner’s role isn’t limited to handling the professionals but also the guests so things run smoothly without a hitch.

Take your time and make an informed decision before putting your wedding in someone’s hands. Remember, a wedding planner is there to help you organize, So leave the analyzing and management with the planner & go ahead making beautiful memories that are sure to stand the test of time!

Prerana Agarwal Saxena & Annushree Agarwal, The Founders of Theme Weavers Designs
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Prerana Agarwal Saxena & Annushree Agarwal, The Founders of Theme Weavers Designs
Prerana Agarwal Saxena & Annushree Agarwal, The Founders of Theme Weavers Designs

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