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Rashika Srivastava - Founder & CEO of Elite Digitals

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In recent years, the digital landscape has witnessed an unprecedented surge, redefining the way businesses engage with their audience. As online platforms continue to evolve, so does the significance of effective digital marketing strategies.

Amidst this transformation, Elite Digitals emerges as a beacon of expertise, guiding businesses through the dynamic currents of the digital marketing industry with their proven track record of delivering quality solutions.


The team of adept professionals at Elite Digitals is dedicated to the application of a diverse range of SEO and other advanced Digital Marketing methodologies aimed at enhancing online visibility.

The company’s primary objective revolves around facilitating connections between businesses and their potential clientele, thereby catalysing a significant surge in business prospects.

For those grappling with the challenge of attaining favourable search engine rankings despite having exceptional content, Elite Digitals emerges as the solution.

Renowned for its contemporary and outstanding SEO services, the Digital Marketing company, formerly recognised as “The Era of Digi”, boasts a long-standing history of providing top-notch SEO assistance to its clientele.

By synergizing their extensive experience with innovative concepts, Elite Digitals crafts compelling content and strategies that serve to amplify business ventures. 

Rashika Srivastava - Founder & CEO of Elite Digitals

A visionary entrepreneur renowned for her exceptional journey from an HR professional to a trailblazer in the realm of digital marketing, Rashika Srivastava boasts a comprehensive educational background that complements her indomitable spirit, making her a force to reckon with.

Armed with a diverse array of qualifications, including an MBA, a Digital Marketing Diploma from NIDM earned in 2019, and a recently completed Post-Graduate Program in Digital Marketing from Purdue University in 2023, Rashika has not only carved her niche in the business world as the Founder & CEO of Elite Digitals but has also enriched her journey with a wealth of academic accomplishments.

Post-completion of her MBA, Rashika embarked on her professional journey in the field of Human Resources, where she swiftly garnered insights into the dynamics of workforce management, organisational development, and strategic planning.

After several successful years, she chose to take a deliberate hiatus, a period she utilised to introspect, learn, and recalibrate her career trajectory.Upon resuming her professional pursuits, Rashika’s profound passion for content creation and the burgeoning digital landscape led her to pivot towards the realm of digital marketing.

Her enthusiasm for crafting compelling narratives, coupled with her keen understanding of human psychology, allowed her to master the art of content creation and digital engagement.

This transition not only showcased her adaptability but also showcased her innate ability to decipher market trends and consumer behaviour. 

Her Foray into the Realm of Entrepreneurship

Harnessing her acquired expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, in November 2021, Rashika Srivastava established Elite Digitals. With a strategic vision and a deep-seated commitment to delivering unparalleled digital marketing solutions, she led her company to the forefront of the industry.

Under her leadership, Elite Digitals has flourished, offering a comprehensive suite of services, including social media management, content strategy, SEO optimisation, and digital advertising.

Rashika’s success as a leader can be attributed to her unwavering dedication, innovative thinking, and ability to build and nurture relationships.

Her visionary approach has guided Elite Digitals to forge alliances with industry giants, while her hands-on involvement ensures that each client engagement receives a personalised touch backed by data-driven strategies. 

An Extensive Suite of Digital Marketing Solutions

Elite Digitals, a comprehensive hub for all digital marketing solutions, endeavours to provide optimal services tailored to diverse needs. Covering a wide spectrum from SEO strategies to Social Media Marketing, the company’s offerings are abundant and diverse.

With Elite Digitals, clients gain access to an array of tools that facilitate meticulous website performance analysis and strategic planning for future endeavours.

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The Power Of Digital Marketing: Reaching Your Target Audience Online

Solving tangible challenges is at the core of Elite Digitals’ mission. The company specialises in elevating clients’ search engine rankings, propelling businesses to unprecedented heights.

While crafting content is an intricate task, connecting with the intended audience presents an even greater challenge.

This is precisely where Elite Digitals, armed with a proficient team of seasoned SEO experts, plays a pivotal role. The team excels in devising effective SEO strategies, honed over 17 years of experience. Their expertise spans various domains:

Social Media: Elite Digitals bridges brand-audience gaps, fostering meaningful connections between brands and their audiences while bolstering brand recognition.

SEO: Leveraging vast experience, the company wields both basic and advanced SEO for higher rankings via on-page optimisation.

PPC: For businesses seeking increased web traffic and precision targeting, Elite Digitals lends its expertise to driving optimal traffic volume through meticulously orchestrated PPC campaigns.

Email Marketing: With a strategic approach, Elite Digitals crafts personalised and impactful email campaigns for clients to keep their customer base informed and engaged, with a variety of template options to choose from.

Content Marketing: Professionals at Elite Digitals wield diverse formats, delivering creative, tailored content solutions, including videos and posts.

Google AdWords: Mastering the art of effective advertising on one of the world’s largest search engines, Elite Digitals’ expertise in Google AdWords drives targeted traffic and maximises ROI.

Web Design: Their innovative web design solutions not only enhance aesthetics but also ensure seamless functionality, catering to a user-centric experience.

Graphic Designing: Creativity finds its home in Elite Digitals’ graphic designing services, translating ideas into captivating visuals that leave a lasting impact.

Media Publications: Elite Digitals simplifies media feature quests through its proficient PR team, facilitating clients’ appearances in reputable media publications. 

What Sets Them Apart?

Exhibiting a profound commitment to comprehending their clients and their distinct needs is what sets Elite Digitals apart from other digital marketing agencies.

Prioritising a thorough grasp of client requirements before embarking on any project is a hallmark that differentiates them in the field. Several factors contribute to their distinctiveness:

Thorough Research: Elite Digitals places paramount importance on research, recognising its pivotal role in determining business success. Their practice involves exhaustive research efforts that underpin the delivery of final outputs. 

Innovative Approach: Departing from conventional methodologies, the team at Elite Digitals takes an innovative route to craft content that captivates and intrigues. This creative approach ensures their offerings stand out. 

Adapting to Change: In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, Elite Digitals stands out by embracing and harnessing change. Their dedication to keeping client websites current and aligned with technological shifts sets them apart. 

Words of Wisdom

Advising young entrepreneurs, Rashika says, “Embrace change and let your passion light the way. Keep learning, nurture relationships, and let resilience be your armour. Build a stellar team and ground yourself in humility. Trust your journey, for the path you’re embarking on is uniquely yours, defined by your grit and the mark you’ll make.”

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