InfosecTrain: Securing Tomorrow with Excellence

Deepti Kalra - Co-Founder and CEO of InfosecTrain

Deepti Kalra - Co-Founder and CEO of InfosecTrain

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In our contemporary, technologically-driven world, where every aspect of life is conducted through digital means, possessing a thorough understanding of information security, data privacy, and related concepts has become important for both individuals and organisations alike. Recognising this necessity, there arises a need for comprehensive IT security training and consulting services tailored to meet the needs of enterprises worldwide. One such standout organisation meeting this demand is InfosecTrain, co-founded by Ms. Deepti Kalra.

InfosecTrain: Fostering Cybersecurity Excellence

Established in 2018, InfosecTrain is a prominent cybersecurity training organisation committed to equipping individuals and businesses worldwide with essential skills and knowledge in information security, data privacy, cloud computing, governance, and risk management. Operating with a transactional revenue model, InfosecTrain engages with clients globally. With offices in India and Dubai, their strategic locations allow them to serve customers across continents efficiently.

Their comprehensive course offerings range from fundamental cybersecurity awareness to advanced certifications such as CISSP, CEH, and CompTIA Security+, ensuring participants are well-prepared to navigate the complexities of today’s digital environment. With certified experts boasting over 17 years of industry experience, InfosecTrain emphasises practical learning and ongoing support, guiding learners through hands-on practice and providing access to extensive learning resources. As a customer-centric organisation, they prioritise flexibility and customisation, offering role-specific certification training tailored to the needs of individuals and enterprises alike. Serving as authorised training partners for leading technology giants like Microsoft, CompTIA, and EC-Council, InfosecTrain has established itself as a trusted provider of information security solutions.

Beyond training, they also conduct free cybersecurity awareness sessions and webinars, demonstrating their dedication to educating professionals and students on best practices. InfosecTrain’s success story reflects its foresight in identifying the growing demand for cybersecurity skills, as evidenced by its 100% revenue growth and expansion despite challenges like the global pandemic. With a dedicated team of full-time employees and freelance consultants, they continue to lead the charge in preparing individuals and organisations to safeguard against evolving cyber threats.

Deepti Kalra: Co-Founder and CEO of InfosecTrain

Deepti Kalra, the driving force behind the venture, serves as the Co-Founder and CEO of InfosecTrain, using her extensive expertise in the IT training industry cultivated over 13 years. A graduate of ICFAI University with a background in management, Deepti’s multifaceted role encompasses sales management, training operations, strategic alliances, key account management, relationship management, and process enhancement.

Commencing her journey as an Operations Executive in 2008, she has worked her way up to different leadership roles, honing her skills at managing services, helping customers, building channels, and sales. Her strategic vision fosters sustainable growth, exemplified by her adeptness in steering new territory expansions and optimising operational efficiency. Deepti’s objective revolves around empowering customers to boost their careers and maximise technological opportunities. Deepti Kalra’s unwavering dedication epitomises InfosecTain’s commitment to excellence and customer-centricity, making her a driving force behind its success.

InfosecTrain’s Unmatched Services

In the swiftly changing landscape of the modern world, success relies on meeting the needs of customers and adapting to their evolving demands. InfosecTrain stands out as a beacon of inspiration, offering unmatched services in the industry. Their mission is clear: to provide outstanding training that transforms the IT learning landscape, empowering individuals and organisations to excel. With a vision to lead globally in cybersecurity education, they prioritise values like respect, accuracy, service, distinction, stewardship, and innovation.

With branches catering to both individual learners and corporate teams, they offer role-specific certification training, ensuring clients are equipped with the latest tech skills. Their commitment to quality, affordability, and practicality has earned them a loyal customer base worldwide. By investing in each delegate and providing ongoing support, they maintain an excellent passing percentage and numerous success stories.

Their unique offerings include lifelong customer support, free training needs analysis, career guidance programs, and a hassle-free money-back guarantee. Moreover, their expansion into security consultancy and risk advisory showcases their unmatched expertise and commitment to staying ahead of industry trends. With a relentless pursuit of excellence ingrained in its values, InfosecTrain stands out as a trusted partner in the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity education.

“We are so niche into our forte - security of all kinds - cybersecurity, information security, cloud security, network security, data privacy and much more - that’s our true strength. Although we are diversifying into other IT domains - security is our bread and butter - it’s our core, our backbone”

-Deepti Kalra

Navigating Challenges

It is often said that true strength lies in conquering oneself, making one the mightiest warrior. In the pursuit of success, challenges serve as guiding principles along the journey. Those who overcome these obstacles emerge as leaders. The journey of InfosecTrain is no exception; they encountered their fair share of challenges and emerged victorious.

One significant challenge they faced was identifying the right talent and devising effective sales and marketing strategies. They meticulously sought individuals who not only aligned with their core values but also brought valuable expertise to the team. With a well-rounded team in place, they fostered an environment of openness and transparency, facilitating clear communication and recognising both strengths and areas for improvement. With limited resources, a common challenge for startups, they had to seek out cost-effective or even free marketing strategies to reach their target audience. As their financial situation improved, they carefully managed their marketing budget, prioritising strategies that provided measurable returns on investment.

At first, due to time constraints and skill gaps, outsourcing their marketing efforts to specialists seemed like a feasible option. However, they successfully managed these challenges with judicious planning and cohesive team dynamics.

Riding High: Journey of Success

At InfosecTrain, success hinges on the happiness of both customers and the team. They believe delighted customers and a satisfied team are the true indicators of success. By empowering their employees to make decisions based on expertise and celebrating successes through regular appreciations and team retreats, InfosecTrain fosters a culture of collaboration and innovation. Even during challenging times like the COVID-19 pandemic, they remained resilient, focusing on hiring and providing essential training and consultancy services to meet evolving security needs.

Their dedication and excellence have not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by their numerous accolades and achievements. Notable milestones include multiple EC-Council Circle of Excellence awards, recognition as one of the top 10 Most Promising Cyber Security Training Institutes by Silicon India in 2023 and CEO Deepti Kalra’s recognition as one of the Best CEOs to Esteem 2023 by Business Connect magazine. With over 70,000 professionals trained and more than 100 organisations assisted across 43 countries, InfosecTrain continues to expand its impact as a trusted leader in the industry, offering expertise in areas ranging from security and data privacy to cloud and risk compliance.

Future Plans

InfosecTrain is on a mission to train 1 million cybersecurity professionals by 2025, offering free monthly awareness sessions and expert-led training. Moreover, InfosecTrain aims to educate educators, ensuring a ripple effect of cybersecurity knowledge throughout educational institutions.

Looking ahead, trends like hands-on training, personalised learning, a focus on emerging technologies and soft skills emphasis will shape the industry. To stay ahead in this evolving landscape, InfosecTrain plans to invest in technology, build partnerships, offer customisable learning, foster community, and continuously improve its offerings based on feedback. Their goal is not just to keep up but to lead in preparing future cybersecurity experts.

Words of Wisdom

Advising future entrepreneurs, Deepti Kalra asserts, “Beginning a career or launching a business is exciting yet challenging. Here’s some advice: Stay adaptable through lifelong learning, build a strong network for opportunities, understand your market thoroughly, articulate a clear value proposition, and embrace resilience in setbacks. These principles pave the way for success in any professional journey.”

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