ALWACHSEND, Providing High Quality, Reliable, Prompt, Cost-Effective And Client-Centric Outsourcing Services

ALWACHSEND, Providing High Quality, Reliable, Prompt, Cost-Effective And Client-Centric Outsourcing Services

ALWACHSEND, Providing High Quality, Reliable, Prompt, Cost-Effective And Client-Centric Outsourcing Services

In today's connected world, a successful business is often an efficient one, and the difference can come down to smart and innovative processes with suitably skilful management. Modern process management techniques can take your business from good to great. The outgrowth of BPM, business process outsourcing (BPO), can enable such a change to be enacted carefully and reliably with a quality vendor.

Human resource management is a key functionary in every corporate industry.  It plays a pivotal role in getting adequate manpower to providing fruitful utilization of job seekers to their maximum potential and service to the company's goals and objectives.  However, the HR department has many important projects going parallel at hand and hiring is one of them.  However, hiring is not as easy as we think. The selection process involves moving from application scrutiny and sorting to some more crucial steps like selection and training, but during this procedure, time is a major constraint as it can get involve strenuous screening of suitable candidates and selecting them.  It is deemed to be practical in a stressed up scenario for an easy option and that is using the help of a training and placement agency like ALWACHSEND.

The company offers a wide range of BPO (back-office operation, accounts & finance, HR, data processing, vertical support and others), call centre (telemarketing/collections/follow-up/lead generation/survey/research/technical support), and IT/ITES services that help clients to achieve new levels of profitability while reducing their operating costs. The technology-driven offshore outsourcing solutions, which ALWACHSEND provides to global companies (since 2018) has created major value for its US & UK customers.

"Our in-depth knowledge in BPO, call centre and IT/ITES services enable us to provide a total solution for international projects including inbound & outbound" –  MK Noorani Taj, CEO & MD

ALWACHSEND, creating an environment of continuous improvement

ALWACHSEND is a pioneer in innovative workforce solution based in Bangalore India. It provides end to end Human Resource Management to organizations and helps them address their critical talent needs by providing comprehensive Workforce Management from Recruitment Process Outsourcing to Staffing Solutions, Permanent Recruitment and Leadership Training and Development. ALWACHSEND are committed to their client, as part of talent acquisitions team and they take challenges to fulfil their complex hiring needs thus giving cost-effective solutions. ALWACHSEND endeavour to help our clients and candidates win in the changing world of work.  Their professionals have vast knowledge in the recruitment process, hiring strategy, screening the right candidates for the right job. ALWACHSEND have a strong background in the recruitment area and staffing service industry.

To meet international quality standards, ALWACHSEND has deployed rigorous quality monitoring systems and acquired ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certification and they have established believable goals created a growth environment. Apart from implementing various security measures such as data encryption, anti-malware protection, and firewall, the company exploits information leakage, unauthorized access and website disfigurement prevention to maintain data confidentiality. These distinct processes have facilitated ALWACHSEND to acquire clients like Apple, Yahoo, and Google, along with telecom/government entities, and establish trust-based relationships with them. The company that started with only five employees today stands at 300+ technical staff with our partners and having 2500 plus customer service agents. ALWACHSEND aim to introduce UPI merchant app countrywide and Asian Kitchen, around 70 Fast food chains countrywide Simultaneously, ALWACHSEND envisions entering Rs.51crore club by FY 2020-21.

ALWACHSEND's distinct outsourcing features

Operating from India's software hub Bangalore, the venture grants value-added workflow solutions by utilizing global resource skill sets and technical facilities. It has not only invested in top-line technologies but also trained its resources to execute every process with absolute client satisfaction. Committed to meeting consumer's expectations, ALWACHSEND upholds a separate non-voice team who handles projects with online queries and provides 24×7 assistance through phone, email or live. Going the extra mile, it associates with several firms globally to bring the best of technologies, prices and people. These distinct outsourcing features give clients a competitive edge over other players in the market.

"By providing service out of India, clients are not only benefiting by the cost advantage but also by the quality of service provided by the highly skilled labour force" MK Noorani Taj – CEO & MD

Having a versatile knowledge base and drive to deliver

With their knowledge and strong will to deliver, ALWACHSEND brings the same level of commitment to every project that they take on, enabling their clients to focus on their core business while ALWACHSEND handle all the backend work that goes into its successful operation. ALWACHSEND develops IT solutions that deliver results for the business. Its qualified software engineers and developers are adept in the latest technologies for on-premise, cloud, mobile and web solutions. It follows best practices, so the process of design, development, deployment and maintenance is hassle-free for clients. ALWACHSEND is proficient in developing high-quality software solutions on the latest, popular platforms within stipulated time frames.

With the help of their inbound call centre services, ALWACHSEND ensures that the client company are high performing and that its customer service efforts are inextricably linked. This helps to ensure that they can respond efficiently and appropriately, to customer queries/sales calls, feedback, surveys, and other activities. As an expert global IT-BPO, ALWACHSEND has the experience, the trained staff, resources, and the technology to ensure that the inbound call centre service of clients surpasses expectations and yields desired results in the form of increased sales leads and enhanced customer relationships.

Another of their services is outbound call centre services. ALWACHSEND has highly skilled agents with years of experience selling products and telemarketing over the phone. It creates programs that fit clients' needs and offer the best in scriptwriting, quality control, and outbound call training. It has provided various lead generation services to multiple companies and provides its clients with fresh sales opportunities daily. Its comprehensive support ensures high sales ratio, customer service and the best return on investment. With no long-term commitments, ALWACHSEND's month-to-month agreements give clients the flexibility to add agents to projects fast.

The success of any organization is hugely depends on its back office management. Large volumes of data accrue daily, from various transactional processes such as order fulfilment, applications processing, transaction processing, billing, and collections that require effective back-office solutions. ALWACHSEND is one of the reputed leaders in empowering numerous global businesses and organizations through high quality back office BPO services that promote enhanced business efficiency and improved bottom-line.

Specialized Service offered by ALWACHSEND through following branches

  • ALWACHSEND Training And Placement Services Pvt. Ltd., Jayanagar, Bengaluru.
  • ALWACHSEND Training And Placement Services Pvt. Ltd., Doha, Qatar.
  • Wachsend Bpo Pvt. Ltd., Jayanagar, Bengaluru.
  • Asian Kitchen, Muneshwaranagar, Bengaluru. (Fast Food Chain)

"We bring the same level of commitment to every project that we take on, enabling clients to focus on their core business." MK Noorani Taj – CEO & MD

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