Backing a business’s lifecycle at all stages with its adroitness in legal, finance and taxation framework

Founder and CEO of Greenleafdsc

Founder and CEO of Greenleafdsc

Backing a businesses' lifecycle at all stages with its adroitness in legal, finance and taxation framework: Greenleafdsc

The business world is a hotbed of challenges. The familiar feeling of frustration, concern or fear about the state of current business growth can be associated with a diverse range of companies and business owners. When nurtured best, a business can grow forward and advance the return. Paid no mind, its chances of triumph are reduced. With every stage, this hard-nosed business world changes its focus leading to worst nightmare a business can have to become stagnant. Therefore, the call for a helping hand emerges out as a priority to handpick growth opportunities for businesses and to assist them in accomplishing their long-term goals. During his professional stint of about a decade in business planning, marketing and online trading, Rajkamal Peer observed the bottlenecks punching in while starting or running a business. Without a proper Business plan was a challenging task. Delving deep, he found that there were unexpected delays in starting a business and unwanted interruptions caused by improper directions. With a burning desire to take businesses to new levels of performance &profits and help entrepreneurs & business owners smoothly sail through business complications, he ventured out Greenleafdsc in 2015.

 "When a business engages the right professionals, it nurtures a quick flow and smooth flow of the process."- Rajkamal Peer

With its operational know how recognized by 'Startup India', Greenleafdsc has firmed its position in catering quick services in line with legal, financial & taxation related regularity frameworks for new & existing businesses. Greenleafdsc executes as a complete platform for providing business service to individuals, medium-sized entrepreneurs, organizations, Startups and Entrepreneurs by deploying high-end technology in India.  With an aim and passion to provide economical and convenient services, the specialized and seasoned team of professionals at Greenleafdsc provides expertise service to foreign enterprises and individuals, non-resident Indians (NRI) and other foreign entities that are presently running their business or intend to launch their business activities in India. Greenleafdsc, committed to help them to start, manage and grow their business in India by simplifying process related to legal, financial & taxation related regulatory frameworks of business.

Deploying dexterity: Faster, Simpler, Better 

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Deploying dexterity: Faster, Simpler, Better 

Since its beginning, Greenleafdsc has successfully positioned itself as a top pick for start-ups across India in availing legal, finance, accounting and tax services, shaping future of India's Legal Platform. With aim and passion to provide economical and convenient services in the fields of legal, finance, accounting, tax, design and web development, Greenleafdsc is committed to help customers at any point of their business journey.

Greenleafdsc ensures to provide focused, valued and quick services to meet every requirement of the customer. With proficiency in GST, Rajkamal and his team also provide expert consultation and deliverable for much need support to start and filing GST and its related compliance. An experienced team of Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Cost Accountants, Corporate Lawyers Management Graduates, IP Attorneys and Tech-minds helps budding entrepreneurs, start-ups and medium-sized enterprises to find their niche by providing all-round solutions for all their legal needs and to be established as a go-to brand in the field of corporate services.

Business lives simplified: Greenleafdsc's area of expertise

Greenleafdsc nestles these outlined professional Audit and Secretarial services in the fields of legal, finance accounting, tax, design and web development:

  • Business Formation
  • Setup Business in India
  • Tax and Business registrations
  • Intellectual property
  • Managing a Business
  • Fundraising assistance
  • Legal Documentation
  • Design & Development of Website
  • Mobile Applications
  • Public relations & Social Media

The organization has yielded tremendous growth and has built a strong valuable and credible reputation for itself in the field of Business service. It has consistently achieved its goals ensuring each client's success in the Indian business and marketplace. In 2016, the organization embarked a milepost with creating a unique expertise platform to provide Advisory guidance in incorporating GST and its components for new and existing clients. The organization has successfully covered that extra mile for meeting clients' expectation and guiding them on every turn in the process of GST to enable its clients to overcome any transactional challenges. In a way, by making every possible effort to offer foolproof solutions to clients, Greenleafdsc strives hard to mark its place not just in their mind but their heart as well. Greenleafdsc separates itself among the clutter with its belief of nurturing harmonious and fruitful relationship with its clients. Greenleafdsc enjoys a full bouquet of more than 1000 clients across all sectors and at all stages, few being D- Therapists Hospitality Private Ltd, Tamil Nadu, SR Cake Private Limited, Tamil Nadu, Raytheon Health LLP, Assam, Sharava Plates & Cups Private Ltd, Kerala and Sri Bhavani Chit Fund Private Limited, Andhra Pradesh.

The Team

Greenleafdsc has stumbled upon some gems, talented and energetic Chartered Accountants (CAs), Company Secretaries (CSs), Cost Accountants, Corporate Lawyers Management Graduates, IP Attorneys and Tech-minds forming together a headstrong team of dedicated and seasoned professionals committed to helping individuals and business of all size by helping them battle and comply with the new business challenges.

Expansion Binge & Journey Ahead

Since the beginning, Greenleafdsc's concern has been happy businesses and successful clients. Looking towards future, Greenleafdsc has some big plans in store. The organization is looking ahead for its geographical expansion across the country to enable easy business service for NRIs and foreign investors as soon as possible while carefully treading on hiring the best professionals and our monitoring performance. Some big tie-ups are also in line with International Business enablers to provide a feasible environment in starting and enhancing business in India and to enhance the customized service to each individual client for their business. Soon, the organization will step forward to work with Government agencies for propagating and implementing its periodical business reforms.

Founder's Periscope

Rajkamal Peer

Founder and CEO

Rajkamal Peer is a degree holder in business administration. Chairing as the CEO of 'Greenleafdsc', he has helped the organizations and young entrepreneurs to set up a new business in India. His guidance and easy affordable solutions have also had helped many mid-aged people to start their second innings of incorporating their own business.

Share of Advice

Every entrepreneur who intends to start business or to run a successful business should be strong in decision-making process, also seeking opinion from experts and the employees about the decision. He/She should educate himself/herself on what would work and execute the best ideas. One should accomplish the sector development and spearhead with new technologies. Beyond politeness and respect, entrepreneurs should have a serious passion for work. One should be proficient to anticipate every need of the customers with the art of selfless hospitality. Exhibiting true passion towards work can open unimaginable doors when actively seeking opportunities.

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