“Wherrelz creates a technology backbone for non-IT startups& non-Profits empowering them to establish, scale and sustain with minimal CapEx spend”, says Sumanlata Dhareshwar – Director at Wherrelz Corporation

“Wherrelz creates a technology backbone for non-IT startups& non-Profits empowering them to establish, scale and sustain with minimal CapEx spend”, says Sumanlata Dhareshwar – Director at Wherrelz Corporation

"Wherrelz creates a technology backbone for non-IT startups& non-Profits empowering them to establish, scale and sustain with minimal CapEx spend", says Sumanlata Dhareshwar – Director at Wherrelz Corporation

Indian Software Industry has been embraced as a global leader for its robust and dynamic IT services. With the recent boom in software product development space, the country is poised to be positioned above others in the competition leaving an indelible mark in the global landscape. We are now being hailed as one of the fastest growing software products industry. Not to mention, the hyper-phase growth that the industry has been undergoing is sparked by contribution of those valuable entities that pioneered product innovation for the world and drew attention of a lot of global players to look at India as a hub.

This article narratesthe success story of Sumanlata Dhareshwar, who established Wherrelz Corporation – a web-centric enterprise multi-spectrum IT Product Development Company; the 'product builder', which today has presence across twenty six countries all over the globe. Wherrelz is a rapidly growing Multinational Corporation that distinguishes itself from others for its expertise incrafting innovative customer centric products and developing independent Software / SaaS products that add value to the world. Besides, the firm's distinctive pricing methodology aims at supporting the growth of SME landscape. "We don't concern ourselves with the marketing or up selling to get projects and hold the customer hostage. Our entire focus lies on building good, stable and solid products that genuinely bring value to our customers… and to their customers in turn. We as an organization are guided by the values of excellence, learning, growth, freedom and honesty", shares Sumanlata speaking about the values the drive the company.

Wherrelz began its journey as an IT consulting in 2005 with the founders' vision to leverage technology at its best towards driving innovation and growth across global business landscapes. Over the course of its journey, the firm has emerged as a leader in product development having built a robust portfolio that envelops thirty five discrete cutting edge products. Also, the company thrives as one of the leading providers of an entire gamut of end to end IT solutions encompassing Consulting, Software & web development, hosting and allied services, API & Platforms, SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud), Data (AI/BI), Cryptocurrency (bitcoin), Widgets, Plug-in & add-ons for 3rd party technology platforms, R&D in the latest technologies, E-Commerce/BPO/KPO/Training/Learning operations and ancillary activities.

Wherrelz has created a name for itself in the global market with its two flagship products MailMule.one and CricAPI.com.

MailMule.one is an email management, validation and verification platform. Today everyone has a list of email IDs that are the primary contacts for their customers, vendors and business partners. Most of the times while trying to reach them, email bounces and this negatively affects server and brand reputation. The product protectsyour reputation by pre-scanning and clearly identifying the risk factors for each email ID in contact list.

CricAPI.com is an aggregated cricket data source that offers quality data to majority of India's cricket-focused developers. If you're using an app that shows cricket scores, they're probably using our API.

Wherrelz' rich portfolio maintains exclusivity with the team's sans pareil approach towards serving its clients and delivering excellence to them. The team works hands-on with its clients throughout the life cycle of product development that involves Conceptualization, Prototype construction, Minimum Viable Product, Phase 1… N;Launch and digital marketing for each phase, Platform maintenance, training of back office personnel & sales team and Custom apps / workflows for increased automation and reduced human dependence. A profound experience that stretches more than ten decades translates into peerless technology consulting that empowers businesses with expert team by training, counselling and mentoring all the members towards equipping them with the excellent performance they need to drive business' growth. Wherrelz' unique bouquet of services also covers Research and Development guidance and mentorship for Ph.D. students as well as mentorship for budding startups in the arena of modern software technology. The company has invested in three such entities and has acquired some smaller competing companies as well.

Inspirational leadership

Sumanlata Dhareshwar – A successful Mumpreneur and an accomplished technocrat with an expertise spanning more than a decade in building sustainable technology platforms, Sumanlata leads Wherrelz Corporation as the Director. She looks after the company's international responsibilities besides mentoring the team. Her rich career is rooted in consulting with various organizations including Hero Motorcorp, HK Group, and several non-profits and startups.

The CEO magazine interviews Sumanlata Dhareshwar – Director at Wherrelz Corporation

TCM: What was your journey like to get where you are?

Sumanlata: It's been a tumultuous journey. I don't think it's ever been boring – in fact I've not yawned out of boredom even once since 2005. We have been working with start-ups (ever changing), consulting for technology (always a new client/product) and information process optimization (infinite scope for improvement!); and helping our clients create world class products (new clients keep coming our way). ​Our clients/partners are restaurants, diamond merchants, medical consultants, and small/medium businesses of any sort.

TCM: What do you hope to accomplish within the next year from personal as well as professional point of view?

Sumanlata: We expect to reach USD $1 million revenue in the year 2018-2019. We've been building a strong base and a strong team, forging great alliances and are looking for more partnerships to come.

Personally, I need to find more time to spend with my child and husband; so I will be delegating more work but will always strive to ensure proper work-life integration.

TCM: Does the organization have any new projects coming up?

Sumanlata:We have been doing a lot of groundwork on the development of 50 self-sustaining SaaS products. We've been working toward this one step at a time – building small products, then bigger ones, and now are at a level where we can construct and release into BETA testing, a completed product within as little as 30 days.

The thing now is identifying the correct niche and ensuring the product adds real value to the world – we don't build products just for the money; as I mentioned the main reason is to add real lasting value to the world.

TCM: What is your favorite aspect of being a CEO?

Sumanlata: You have to wear many hats and figure out which ones to keep on. Delegate the rest. It's always exciting as there's always something new and amazing to learn – new clients, new products, new markets, new services – it's always a whole new world!

TCM: Kindly spare three pieces of advice would you give to youth in the business environment?

Sumanlata: My advice would be:

  • Keep your nose to the grindstone! If you stop putting effort into your business, you stop moving forward…
  • You must ensure your work speaks for itself; just stay focused on excellence and don't run after money or business – money will come to you; more business will come too;
  • Do not give up just because you lost a client, or just because you have less money today; it is a part of the journey

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