The Mind Behind RunR Mobility: Setul Shah Discusses Innovation and Sustainability

Setul Shah, Founder of RunR Mobility
Setul Shah, Founder of RunR Mobility

Setul Shah, Founder of RunR Mobility

1) Kindly brief us about your company, and give us an overview of where RunR Mobility stands at this point.

Backed by MECPower Solutions, a renowned name in the renewable energy sector, RunR Mobility is the leading EV manufacturing brand, offering 100% indigenous products.

A well- known company in the renewable energy business. The brand is developing a high-speed smart electric scooter with swappable batteries using a highly collaborative and customer-centric approach.

Founded in 2021, is on a never-ending journey to establish itself as the mostsustainable, lucrative, and promising brand in the world of electric automobiles.

The company also has a dedicated team of 20 professionals and is constantly expanding its tech army in order to dominate the EV sector. The brand has proliferated since it was founded.

2) How does your company contribute to sustainable and environmentally-friendlytransportation?

Our company is committed to promoting sustainable and environmentally-friendly transportation solutions. Our products are designed with a focus on efficiency and eco-friendliness to minimize the environmental impact of transportation.

We have made a big impact on the EV Market by offering high-speed smart affordable electric scooters #DesignedToSpendSmart with interchangeable batteries while utilizing a highly collaborative and customer-centric strategy.

Firstly, affordability is a key aspect of our product design. By offering cost-effective transportation solutions, we aim to encourage more people to adopt sustainable modes of travel.

This not only reduces reliance on traditional fuel-powered vehicles but also promotes the use of public transportation and shared mobility options, leading to a reduction in overall emissions and congestion on roads.

Furthermore, our products are proudly made in India, contributing to the growth of the domestic manufacturing industry. By manufacturing locally, we reduce the carbon footprint associated with transportation and logistics.

We also support local employment and economic development, creating a positive impact on the community.

In addition to the design and manufacturing aspects, we are actively involved in promoting awareness and education about sustainable transportation practices.

We have collaborated with many organizations, and communities to advocate for the adoption of eco-friendly transportation solutions and provide information about the benefits of sustainable mobility.

Overall, Our commitment to sustainability and environmental friendliness is reflected in our product design, manufacturing processes, and community engagement.

We strive to create a positive impact by offering smart, affordable, and locally-made transportation options that contribute to a greener future.

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3) What inspired you to start a mobility company, and what specific problem or need were you aiming to address with RunR Mobility?

Our inspiration to start a mobility company stemmed from a deep understanding of the evolving needs and challenges faced by individuals in their daily transportation.

We recognized the increasing demand for efficient, reliable, and sustainable mobility solutions in urban areas. Our goal was to address the growing congestion, pollution, and accessibility issues by offering a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that maximizes adoption and improves the overall quality of transportation services.

One of the primary problems we aimed to address with our firm was the lack of seamless integration and coordination between various modes of transportation.

It was established with a vision of promoting greener alternatives and reducing carbon emissions. By encouraging the use of electric vehicles, incentivizing carpooling, and integrating eco-friendly options, we aimed to contribute to a more sustainable future.

RunR is a 100% indigenous EV brand, offering the product designed and developed in India. Our primary goal is to provide end customers with affordable, and perfectly made for Indian ecosystem.

Additionally, RunR Mobility focused on enhancing the overall user experience. We aimed to provide a reliable, convenient, and affordable solution for daily commuting and transportation needs.

By maximizing adoption, improving the quality of transportation services, and promoting sustainability, we sought to create a platform that seamlessly integrates various modes of transportation while providing a superior user experience.

4) How has your company evolved since its inception, and what challenges did you encounter along the way?

Since our inception, we have tended to make a big impact on the EV market by offering high-speed smart electric scooters with interchangeable batteries while utilizing a highly collaborative and customer-centric strategy.

We have successfully created the Indigenous ecosystem. As a startup, we faced several challenges, especially considering the competitive nature of the market.

One of the major hurdles was establishing a strong presence and brand identity in an industry dominated by well-established players. The limited infrastructure for charging stations posed another obstacle.

Lastly, educating consumers about the benefits and advantages of EVs over traditional vehicles remains crucial for market adoption and overcoming skepticism. However, we navigated these challenges and brainstormed on the strategies to overcome these challenges.

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5) Can you provide some examples of partnerships or collaborations that have been established to enhance its services or improve transportation options for users?

Since its inception, we have partnered with multiple companies to provide a flawless experience to its users. We partnered with Ready Assist, a vehicle assistance major.

This partnership will leverage ReadyAssist's unique deep-tech platform and innovative solutions to cater to its customers' real-time breakdown problems using deep machine learning, data intelligence, and operations efficiency.

We have also partnered with Pune- based LoanTap Financial Technologies, to provide financial support to customers for the purchase of affordable 2-wheeler electric vehicles, along with a special bulk deal offer, on World Environment Day.

6) What is the Leadership Mantra of your company?

The leadership mantra of RunR Mobility revolves around the principles of #stopnot determination and providing the best-in-class and affordable vehicles to the masses.

Our leadership is dedicated to developing and delivering high-quality vehicles that meet the needs of the wider population while maintaining affordability.

We strive to make transportation accessible to everyone, ensuring that our products are not only reliable but also economically viable for a broad range of consumers.

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