World Environment Day:  A day to Raise Global Awareness Regarding the Environment

World Environment Day

World Environment Day

A day to Raise Global Awareness Regarding the Environment

World Environment Day:  a day to raise global awareness regarding environment

5 June is celebrated as a World Environment Day to inspire people to be active concerning the atmosphere and take measures to secure the future of the planet. It is the greatest annual event for the well-being of the environment. The first Environment was celebrated in the year 1973; it was organized by the UN General Assembly in 1972 on the first day of the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment. After two years, it was held with the theme "Only One Earth". Now, every year the United Nations selects a theme and a host city where environmental topics are discussed. On this day, several kinds of exhibitions and performances are organized to promote environmental awareness amid people in diverse ways.

The UN Environment Programme arranges annual events for World Environment Day to strengthen worldwide awareness and action to preserve the environment. Each year, it is observed on 5 June in over 100 countries.  Every Environment Day is organized around a theme that draws attention to a particularly encouraging concern regarding nature. The host country supports any particular issue in highlight and executes overall attempts to tackle them.  This year in 2019, China will host the Global World Environment Day celebrations with the theme, 'Air Pollution'.  We cannot stop breathing, but we can do something to enhance the quality of air.

The theme of Environment Day in the Last Five Years: 

  • 2015: Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care- Rome, Italy
  • 2016: Zero Tolerance for the Illegal Wildlife trade- Luanda, Angola
  • 2017: Connecting People to Nature – in the city and on the land, from the poles to the equator- Ottawa, Canada
  • 2018: Beat Plastic Pollution- New Delhi, India
  • 2019: Air Pollution- China

Apart from all these, the primary goal of World Environment Day is to stimulate people to go ahead in serving and saving the Earth. Change can be local, national or global, but its aim should be resolving nature's problems.

World environment day rememorizes us about the significance of environment and prompts us to take positive environmental actions.

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