National Women’s Day 2024

Celebrating Sarojini Naidu's Birth Anniversary
National Women’s Day 2024

National Women’s Day 2024

Celebrating Sarojini Naidu's Birth Anniversary

On February 13th, India celebrates National Women's Day, a yearly event honouring remarkable women like Sarojini Naidu. Born in 1879, Naidu was not only a poet but also a leader who fought for women's rights. Known as the "Nightingale of India," she was praised by Mahatma Gandhi himself. Let's delve deeper into her life and achievements and the significance of National Women's Day.

National Women's Day 2024 

National Women's Day not only celebrates Sarojini Naidu but also honours all the incredible Indian women who've made big impacts in different areas like science, tech, politics, and more, both at home and around the world. It's a day to cheer for their achievements and the progress they bring to India and beyond.

What is the Significance of National Women's Day  

National Women's Day, observed annually on February 13th in India, marks the birth anniversary of Sarojini Naidu, a prominent political activist and poet. This day holds great significance for all Indians, especially women, as it symbolises their rights and contributions to society.

Unlike other occasions, National Women's Day doesn't have a specific theme. Instead, it celebrates the diverse achievements of women across different domains. It's a day to honour their remarkable contributions without any specific focus. Moreover, it's a special tribute to Sarojini Naidu, recognising her on her birthday for her outstanding legacy.

Sarojini Naidu: The Nightingale of India

Sarojini Naidu was a key figure in India's fight for freedom from British rule. Her beautiful poetry, covering themes of love, patriotism, and sorrow, earned her the affectionate titles "Nightingale of India" and "Bharat Kokila."

National Women's Day in India, celebrated on her birthday, highlights women's achievements in all aspects of life – social, cultural, political, and economic. Naidu's strong beliefs led her to become the first female governor of the United Provinces (now Uttar Pradesh) and, later, the President of the Indian National Congress in 1925.

During the Quit India Movement led by Mahatma Gandhi, she spent 21 months in prison. She also played a significant role in drafting the Indian Constitution.

Her courage and principles continue to inspire women across India. Choosing February 13th for National Women's Day pays homage to Sarojini Naidu's legacy and honours the contributions of women throughout the nation.

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Sarojini Naidu

History of National Women's Day

The history of National Women's Day in India dates back to the government's acknowledgement of Sarojini Naidu's impact on women across the nation. Recognising her remarkable contributions to women's rights, the independence movement, and various other fields, the government designated February 13th as National Women's Day. The choice of this date holds special significance as it marks Sarojini Naidu's birth in 1879.

Celebrating National Women's Day in India 

Celebrating National Women's Day in India involves various activities that highlight women's achievements:

  • Supporting local women-owned businesses.

  • Raising funds for women's charities and causes.

  • Watching movies with strong female characters.

  • Learning about inspiring women's stories.

  • Connecting with influential women in one's life.

Women excel in diverse fields like business, sports, and fashion, embodying qualities of beauty, grace, and compassion. National Women's Day is a reminder to appreciate and celebrate their remarkable contributions.

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International Day of Women and Girls in Science
<div class="paragraphs"><p>National Women’s Day 2024</p></div>
International Women's Day 2024

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