International Men’s Day and its Importance

International Men’s Day and its Importance

International Men’s Day and its Importance

International Men’s Day and its Importance

International Men's Day and its Importance

Well, men are an integral part of our society and it is hard to imagine our life without them. Therefore, everyone including men need to understand that men need care and attention. To celebrate and to spread awareness about various issues faced by men globally we celebrate International Men's Day every year. If you were unaware that a day like this exists then you must read this article till the end. In this article we have covered everything about International Men's Day.

Why International Men's Day is celebrated?

Just like we celebrate Women's Day worldwide, there is a special day dedicated to men. On this day, all the men in the world celebrate and increase awareness on some important topics like toxic masculinity, mental health issues in men and increase in suicides. This day is celebrated to promote a positive male image and to highlight issues which modern men are facing today. More than 70 countries celebrate this day which involves the USA, UK, India, Canada, Australia, Hungry, Singapore and many more.

History behind International Men Day

International men's day was started in the year 1960 but it was brought back to light in 1991 by a professor, Dr Jerome Teelucksingh who used to teach history at the University of West Indies which is in Trinidad and Tobago. He emphasizes on the point that international men's day is not to compete with the Women's Day but to increase awareness about the issues which are faced by men around the world.  Despite of all this most of the people don't know that a day like this exists because they don't know the real reason behind it.

How to celebrate International Men's Day?

Theme for 2019 international men's day is "Positive Male Role Models" as it will highlight those people who can be a positive role model and raise awareness about men's mental and physical health. In order to celebrate this day, we need to understand that men like most of the people struggle with anxiety and depression.

Men also go through bad phases in life, they are also sensitive and it can be tough for them to show their feelings, therefore, it is important to get rid of that notion that men don't cry and allow our brothers, father, friends and life partner to express how they feel. Build a space for men where they can talk about their emotions without being judged for being sensitive.

International Men's Day Quotes

Below are mentioned some quotes to empower men. You can send these quotes to your father, brother, friend or husband to make them feel special.

  1. To be a real man means to know how to face your mistakes, how to forgive, learn to love, and try to help everyone who needs you.
  2. God created men to follow his teachings which are based on love and respect, all men should do so and earth would be a better place to live.
  3. A real man does not care about what others think about him, he just does what he has to for the good of his family.
  4. The beauty of all men is that each one has a special quality, and it's nice when you discover their true heart.
  5. A father nurtures a child to help him start his life, more importantly; he helps him become a 'MAN'.

This day has its significance in society and it is important for people to know why international men's day is celebrated. A big change involves taking some small steps toward the goal and you can contribute your part to it.

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