How Different Cities Celebrates World Vegan Day

How Different Cities Celebrates World Vegan Day

How Different Cities Celebrates World Vegan Day

How Different Cities Celebrates World Vegan Day

How Different Cities Celebrates World Vegan Day

World vegan day is celebrated on 1st November every year and this month is known to be the world vegan month. The vegan society began celebrating this day from the year 1994 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the vegan society.

Today the awareness and benefits of a vegan diet is speeded all over the world. Last year this day was trending on twitter. The popularity of world vegan day is getting better with every year and people everywhere are supporting it. On this occasion of world vegan day below is a list of cities and how they celebrate this day:

Istanbul – Vegan day conference

In Turkey, vegan culture is at a rise and after Turkey hosted first-ever VegFest, inspired by this vegan society of Istanbul hosted a world vegan day conference.

This conference included a session with special guests, vegan art exhibitions, documentary screening, live music, vegan food tasting, workshops and product launches.


Soul's restaurant which is an Indian fusion restaurant with an Irish twist decided to launch a 4-course a la carte menu on the world vegan day. Dishes like Tofu Tikka and Somosa Pinwheels were also included in this menu which makes it more delicious.

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London – Vegan grime track

On this day, a vegan artist Joel Bravette also known as Jay Braze decided to launch a track. This song was light-hearted but points to a major message about promoting a vegan lifestyle.

Mumbai – 20-day vegan festival

Well, there are hundreds of cities which are celebrating vegan day but Mumbai is the place where their people celebrate this day for 20 long days.

This is the longest duration of any festival. In this event, they promote a vegan diet by featuring popular vegan films like Okja, Cowspiracy and many more.

Boston – Animal rights

People of Boston celebrates world vegan day by going into the streets and showing other people how important animals are to us. They help them to understand that the meat on their plate is destructive for your health and the environment.

New Zealand

New Zealand has the most unique way of celebrating world vegan day. There is a national charity called SAFE which helps to promote plant-based restaurants around the country by awarding them with Eat Kind Award. This is an amazing and fun way to celebrate this day.

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Amsterdam – Learning and Lunching

On the occasion of world vegan day, Vrije University Amsterdam organises a lunch and a lecture for the students to learn about the impact of meat and dairy industry on our environment. With this, they were also given delicious vegan lunch.

Florence – Vegan Cooking

Vegan Society of Florence celebrates the world vegan day by hosting an event where they demonstrate how you can make a tasty dish without using meat of any dairy products. You can learn to make egg-free pasta there and many other Italian dishes.


Well, it is important to celebrate World Vegan Day in order to promote a vegan lifestyle. Our environment and nature are in danger and we need to stop killing animals for our pleasure. Vegan diet has many health benefits as well and it can also help you to get rid of mental stress. So go vegan.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>How Different Cities Celebrates World Vegan Day</p></div>
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