"All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt" 

Charles M. Schulz

July 7th, World Chocolate Day or International Chocolate Day celebrates undoubtfully one of the 'best' fruit-based creations of mankind, Chocolates. While one particular day is required to uplift the mood with some chocolates, this day is just another reason to consume your favourite one.

Fun Fact: While chocolate was introduced in India by the 19th century, today Indian states cultivate distinct varietals of cocoa.

India Chocolates indeed has a wide range of chocolates to offer, and the best part is it is for everyone to enjoy. So, we have accumulated a list inclusive of budget chocolates worth Rs 10 to luxury Indian chocolates worth lakhs for you. Tell us, which one is your favourite and which one you want to try:


Cadbury India: The British company brought the fruit to southern India, as early as the end of the 18th century as it started giving out seedlings to farmers. Cadbury today rules the Indian market as it is the second in the global market to the brand Mars.

The brand today has a wide range of sub-brands which offers chocolate and chocolate related products to Indian consumers. These brands include by the leader of the chocolate confectionery market in India includes Bournvita, Dairy Milk, Bournville and Oreo biscuits, Dairy Milk, Perk, Fuse, 5 Star, Dairy Milk Silk.

Nestle: The century-old relationship formed in 1912 with India, Nestle India is one of the largest food and drink company, The most popular products Nestle in India are Maggi noodles, Munch, KitKat, MilkyBar and Bar One.

The Swiss company with the 'Good food Good Life' tagline has been serving good food and beverages since 1961 across different countries, in India, its most loved and famous chocolate product is Kitkat. This product made of milk solids, wheat flour and Chocó is what is different from its opponent chocolates.

Amul Chocolate: The Indian company, established in 1956 in Gujarat is the dairy company has its very own best selling Amul dark chocolates made with the perfect blend of cocoa and milk cream.

The other best selling items include Amul fruit n nut and Amul mystic mocha by the largest producer of milk and products including butter, cheese, ice cream, dahi and other milk products.

Ferrero: The Italian company Ferrero, the famous manufacturer and second-biggest chocolate company in the world established in 1982, set its subsidiary in India in 2004.

One of its best seller and famous product among the kids and the adults, Kinder Joy which is an egg-shaped package and has a surprise along with the candies. The confectionery is one of the flagship brands of product from Ferrero SpA and has an innovative packaging worked in favour of the company.

Hershey: Famous for its high-quality chocolates, Hershey is another popular American company and one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in the world.

Brookside dark chocolate launched by Hershey is a rich dark chocolate with a blend of fruit flavours available in India and known for its unique flavours and textures. Hershey syrup, Hershey chocolate spread and Jolly rancher are the best-selling items in India.

Lotte: The King of Choco Pies, popular for its buns and cakes in India with a wide range to offer. Lotte confectionery is a South Korean company is the largest confectionery manufacturers in India and the largest confectionery manufacturer in South Korea.

Choco pie term originated in America but today the brand name also used in South Korea and Japan while Lotte India Corporation which is one of the best chocolate brands in the country.


In 2019, the famous Indian brand ITC launched the world's most expensive chocolate priced at Rs 4.3 lakh per kilogram under its Fabelle brand. Fabelle Exquisite Chocolates introduced its limited edition range chocolate 'Trinity – Truffles Extraordinaire', luxury chocolate in India which entered into Guinness World Records to become the world's most expensive chocolate.

This new benchmark setter luxury chocolate curated by France's Michelin Star Chef Philippe Conticini and Fabelle's Master, Chocolatier- Truffles Extraordinaire' box is priced at approximately Rs 4.3 lakh per kg.

One can order the made-to-order box Lotte India Corporation which is one of the best chocolate brands in the country at a price range of Rs. 1 lakh.

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