Timla Foods: Bringing appetizing and healthy Popi corn to satiate the taste buds

Timla Foods: Bringing appetizing and healthy Popi corn to satiate the taste buds

Timla Foods: Bringing appetizing and healthy Popi corn to satiate the taste buds

With an ever expanding growth of our nation, the need to feed keeps increasing. With the growth in purchasing power, consumption has taken a fast path. People are ready to experiment with many things related to their lifestyle such as food habits, clothing, shopping and many more. In the recent times, food habits have undergone metamorphosis owing to changing pattern. We have become prone to many fast foods and snacks. Assorted snacks, fast food chains and food processing industries have entered the market to satiate the taste buds of young India. But unfortunately in their attempt to serve appetizing food, they usually ignore the health quotient. There are very few companies who take care of both the things – taste and health. This is where Timla Foods places itself apart from the flock. It is one company which has come up with its unique ready-to-eat popcorn named "Popicorn". The company is built on the pillars of strong commitment to provide healthy and tasty snacks. It never allows any compromise on health quotient.

Popcorn, the world's favourite and perhaps one of the oldest snack needs no introduction. It has become a must have while watching movies in cinema halls or in multiplex with family, friends, relatives and neighbors etc. It is considered to be most popular in the USA but India too is not much far. India has had a long affinity with it from thousands of years of large-scale production of quality maize and food items derived from it. Popicorn aims to contribute to this proud legacy that India has inherited and wants to make people fall in love with its yummy as well as healthy pop corn. Unlike most of the companies, it was started with an unusual premise.

The captivating story of Popicorn was penned down in a garage in the year 2015. While watching an IPL match, a certain mood swing of Mr. Prashanth Gowriraju (founder) motivated him to experiment with pop corn. He came up with an idea of mixing various ingredients in popcorn that he was having in his kitchen. His friends appreciated this concept and what followed next is in front of us today. A seed of budding market leader   was sown by the founder. From there, today it has grown to become a major company by catering its services to more than 10 different cities. It produces more than 200 tons of popcorn every month. Its range of flavors has got bigger along with its experience. Now, it sells PopiCorn in over 6 different flavors and foresees to innovate a lot in coming days. It uses the fewest, cleanest and simplest ingredients possible to bring the best popcorn. Its popcorn is nutritious and delicious. Its popcorn is free of any harmful additives such as Artificial Ingredients, GMO, Gluten, Peanut, Tree Nut, Preservatives, Artificial Flavors and Trans Fat etc. This popcorn is a good source of fibre too. 

Medley of rich taste

Popicorn brings to its customers a wide range of flavors which sits in within their ever-changing moods. It provides six flavors include Yummy Butter, Piri Piri Masala, Just Salted, Tomato Chilli, Creamy Cheese and Tangy Jalapeno. Moreover, whole grain maize is used in the making of Popicorn which ensures a healthy snack time to all. It cares deeply about the popcorn it makes. It takes every kernel seriously and nurtures them with love and spices. The pop corn makes it journey from factory to customer's heart.

Differentiating Factors

The unique taste is its USP (Unique Selling Proposition) which it always keeps simple. Apart from this, it has maintained prices in a very native manner which is quite pocket-friendly. Its price ranges from 5 rupees to 50 rupees depending upon the flavor and size of the packet. Not only this, it gives proper attention to minimum wastage of food. Its food wastage is less than 10% of its production. Most of its unused or rejected food is diverted to animal farms. Being a good source of fibre, it is used by farms as a good source of feed to livestock.

Apart from its commitment to deliver the best in class snacks, it is quite proficient in cost management too. For a young entrepreneur, there are many determinants which come into play while deciding the fate of the company. A couple of these elements primarily include input cost and labor cost. The company has taken care of inflation in an efficient manner which helps it in maintaining proper input cost. Most of its prices are locked out for whole of year. Inflation hits it only after a year most of times. With ingredients being simple, it makes business even easier. It has a pre-defined set of mechanism which manages the labor cost.

The company has come way beyond from where it started three years back. It is focused on bringing the best output to its customers by its pool of young talents who are full of enthusiasm and energy. The effervescence of these blooming employees helps the company to deliver best output possible. The company is a strong team of 150 today of which eighty percent are below 30. These youngsters have matured today and are easy to get along. They understand the importance of Quality, Consumer Expectations and Consistency.

Tremendous Growth

The abrupt success of the company persuaded it to lay foundation of manufacturing unit which is incorporated in Hyderabad spread over a premise of 2.5 acres. It is in talks to set up one more of similar facility in Delhi. Backed by renowned institutional investors today, it is discussing with multiple investors to raise a large fund soon. The current manufacturing unit produces over 3.5 lakh units every day.  Its capacity is 7 lakh packs per day. It is exploring to expand the capacity of the current plant with an option to set up one more in Delhi region by end of this year.

As consumers continue to aspire for better health and healthier snacks, popi corn bridges the gap between nutrition and indulgence with tasty and portable options. It will break through the clutter both locally and globally. But there is more to it. Regional and local taste preferences need to be considered when developing a successful growth strategy.  While India is on a spree of growth for two key reasons: increased consumption per capita and an increasing population. With a growing middle class, there are more mouths to feed and more money to spend on snacking.

Major Milestones

The company started out of garage in 2015. Today it has moved to a larger facility which is spread in 2.5 acres. Its team has grown from 2 to 150 in three years. From 2 stores in June 2016, it is now present in more than 35000 outlets across the country.

Future Plans

The company aims to capture major share of alternate snacking market in India. It wants to broaden its market reach to more than 50 cities of India by the year 2019. It aims to serve more than 3 lakh outlets. It is looking to generate revenue of 1000 crores by 2022. It will continue to deploy most of its efforts into Better-For-You snacking space. The company understands that this will be the future of snacking space in India.

Words of Wisdom

Nothing can beat the relevance of passion with a vision to bring something unique. This has been proved by the Popi corn founder. It was his love, passion and vision to give wings to his appetizing corn. This persuaded him to introduce a welcome change in the pop corn industry.

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