A global professional services company that uses technology to help customers meet critical business and knowledge needs. They aim to pioneer a radical and positive transformation for customers through leveraging the power of human centered design and digital technologies.
Preeta Chandran, CEO, eWandzDigital

Preeta Chandran, CEO, eWandzDigital

eWandzDigital is a global professional services firm specialising in information technology services and solutions. Aiming to pioneer a radical and positive transformation for customers by leveraging the power of design and digital, eWandzDigital powerful enterprise learning solutions enable clients to meet their L&D, employee engagement, and change management goals. The company offers an integrated portfolio of solutions and services, from consulting to design and delivery.

eWandzDigital professional services and solutions span the spectrum of digital learning, digital content, knowledge management, and technology services. Within the learning and knowledge management space, eWandzDigital is an end-to-end provider of consulting, design, development, and delivery of digital and blended learning solutions and knowledge management frameworks. A 120 members team of experts at eWandzDigital works with enterprises across the globe to co-create the future state in a digital world.

The Visionaries Behind The Brand

Preeta Chandran, CEO, eWandzDigital

Preeta comes with 20+ years of L&D, digital learning, and content expertise. Before co-founding eWandzDigital, Preeta worked in various roles at GE and as Operations Leader at Genpact, demonstrating expertise in Business Processes and Operations, Consulting, Automation, and Program Management with prestigious organisations across industry verticals. She has conducted extensive learning consulting onsite for clients across the globe and set up large operations teams for them. Preeta is a Chemistry Honors graduate and MBA, Certified PMP, Six Sigma Green Belt, and Design Thinking Practitioner and a published author.

Pankaj Kumar Saxena, Founder Director, eWandzDigital

Pankaj also has 20+ years of expertise in the eLearning industry, AI, Analytics, IT, Digital Tech Media, OTT and digital media. He specialises and counsels in AI-based platforms to accelerate and scale digital transformation in the employability domain. He has worked with firms like GE, Genpact, and TATA on various business vertices, such as Transitions and Consulting. Pankaj is a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Lean certified. He is an MBA and an SMP from IIM Calcutta.

Inception Of eWandzDigital

With a vision to leverage the power of human genius and digital innovation to enable customers to realise their vision and create magic with their businesses, Preeta and Pankaj bootstrapped eWandzDigital in 2018. Preeta shares,

“Bringing more innovative solutions with the highest integrity, compliance, and respect for human rights has been the key motivator behind eWandzDigital. Our mission is to create shared value for our team, customers, and society.”

With a focus on the technology industry and any business verticals where technology drives transformation, eWandzDigital global clients range from IT to Financial Services majors and healthcare organisations. Since its inception, eWandzDigital have served 30+ customers, several of them year-on-year annuity and virtual captive engagements of large global conglomerates, including Fortune 500 corporations.

Skill Development and eWandzDigital

According to IBM, most business skills have a “half-life” of around five years, but tech skills are only relevant for around two-and-a-half years. Research from Harvard Business Review shows that technology teams contribute to an organisation’s bottom line in myriad ways. Skill development programs, upskilling and reskilling separate companies from their competitors, adding more value to their customers. The team at eWandzDigital is helping global organisations to prioritise skill development.

eWandzDigital Differentiating Factors

Diverse and Inclusive Workforce: From a Diversity and Inclusion standpoint, eWandzDigital is a leader with 58% of the workforce, including leadership and management, being women, including returning moms after career breaks. A multi-ethnic agile, innovative and creative team with everyone bringing their best and contributing to their true potential.

eWandzLEAP: eWandzDigital proprietary AI-Driven Skilling and Talent Deployment methodology adapting to customers’ unique business needs. eWandzLEAP sources, skills, and up-skills talent and enables organisations to find the best people to build their teams.

Nearshore Strategy: Nearshore operating centres of eWandzDigital in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, offers geographical proximity to its North American customers’ ecosystem. It is shaping up rapidly as a key pillar of organisational efficiency and productivity.

Success And Values At eWandzDigital

Defining success for eWandzDigital, Preeta shares, “delivering value to our customers is success for us. KPIs like employee satisfaction, a safe workplace, and advanced technologies will be key to customer centricity.”

From forming key partnerships in North America and Europe and winning global awards like the Omni awards, eWandzDigital has achieved several milestones since its founding. They are also members of NASSCOM, the apex body for India’s massive technology industry and mentor under Invest India-IFCI’s AYE mentorship program.

Core Values eWandzDigital Is Based Upon

  • Integrity - Ethical conduct and unyielding integrity.

  • Customer partnership - Being trusted partners for helping customers succeed in realising their vision.

  • Excellence - Commitment to delivering the best with a challenge to improve.

  • Innovation - Encouraging creativity and thoughtful risk-taking to create value for all stakeholders.

“Failures are an underutilised learning opportunity for organisations and us,” – Pankaj Kumar Saxena

No one sets out for failure, but it happens nonetheless; accepting it allows one to mitigate the impacts and learn useful lessons. How organisations take failures and translate these into lessons to build resilience is what sets them apart. Pankaj shares,

“The unprecedented challenges faced in a pandemic-hit world, or the so-called “Great Resignation”, and other typical business challenges, all have been learning experiences, and we have come out of it stronger.”

eLearning and content creation industry was resilient in the face of COVID-19. However, some visible and sizeable positive and negative shifts in the industry are here to stay. With people switching to hybrid working and embracing online learning to adaptation and innovation by eLearning platforms and content creators, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the eLearning landscape noticeably.

eLearning and content creation industry is playing a vital role in the existing educational setting. Most students today want to study online and graduate from universities and colleges worldwide. Preeta says, “As leaders, we need to embrace the change and be pivotal in driving it and enabling people and teams to navigate it. Building resilience is key at the individual, team, institutional, organisational, and societal levels.”

Upcoming Trends In The eLearning Industry

Artificial Intelligence: AI-enabled technologies provide new opportunities for learners to engage and interact with content and receive personalised learning.

Focus on Personalisation: Personalisation allows for eLearning courses to meet the individual needs of learners. Adaptive learning is quickly becoming the top eLearning trend for 2023.

Exposure to digital life, virtual reality, augmented reality, and simulations of real-world scenarios trends make for highly immersive learning experiences. Mobile learning continues to become increasingly popular and important.

Current Proceedings At eWandzDigital

Employees and employers both recognise the value of flexible work arrangements in improving the quality of work life and hybrid talent pools in bringing diverse talents, skills, and perspectives to work. Sourcing, skilling, and engaging a hybrid workforce requires a different approach. Companies need very pointed solutions from a technology, approach and impact standpoint that helps onboard diverse talent and offers both in-office and remote workers a quality experience at learning and work. The team at eWandzDigital is working on a business model for Skilling and Employability for global companies, which helps make a hybrid workforce up and running for zero-surprise operations.

Future Outlook

With the fastest-growing IT sector, India gained an enviable position on the world map. The industry undergoes many turbulences, including large firms’ mass layoffs in the face of shifting macro-paradigms. Still, it also offers huge opportunities to transform, build and strengthen. From a technology and skills standpoint, eWandzDigital will play a very important role in India and the North American and European markets. Sharing their roadmap for the coming years, Pankaj says,

“Reinventing and innovating while staying true to our mission, vision, and core values, we will continue to drive transformation for good. We will continue to grow our North American footprint via our presence in Canada and the US while deepening our client relationships and strengthening our global partnerships.”

Words Of Wisdom

Preeta Chandran shares, “Dream big, but don’t lose focus. Some things have always been important, but their importance has been reinforced in these unprecedented times. The values of working hard, staying positive, spreading positivity, staying fit, supporting and developing others, and being kind will always be the bedrock upon which innovation, transformation, and individual and organisational success can be built.”

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