We not only look at our business only as a source of growth, but also as a means of spiritual contentment: Revuesoft Solutions

We not only look at our business only as a source of growth, but also as a means of spiritual contentment: Revuesoft Solutions

Revuesoft, a leading firm that optimizes technology and solutions for Indian as well as African geography, is a brainchild of a first generation entrepreneur Mr. Krishnakanth V– Founder, Chairman & Managing Director, Swathi B, Director. It is a company with right blend of technology and business management. Strategically located at Madhapur, Hyderabad  (Telangana) , Revuesoft offers a wide range of services that include Mobile Apps, Application Development, Software Development, Product Development, Website Development & Maintenance, Quality Assurance & Testing, HR Services and Business Process Outsourcing, etc.

Implementing software solution in domestic Engineering industries, Logistic service providers and retail businesses, is a challenge on account of various factors, which Reveusoft has successfully achieved by adopting customer centric approach rather than traditional product centric approach. Thoroughly analyzing your business needs, industry and product requirements, the company delivers tailor-maid, cost-competitive, scalable and robust ERP/CRM solutions.

At Revuesoft, the people work with an innovative business model, agile approach cross verticals and with different domain expertise. This methodology helps in retaining their domestic and international clients as per their global requirements in the latest market trend.

Let's know about its products

Revuesoft's flagship ERP product is Advantage ERP which is an integrated accounting and ERP system that can fulfil all of the accounting and business management needs of any size organization. The software can be run both locally and online, means across your office or across the world! Considering and analysing the various business process, workflow and functional requirements across verticals and industrial domains, Advantage ERP flavoured with three versions viz., Basic, Business & Enterprise, targeting small and medium enterprise companies as well as MNC companies, where each and every features, functionalities & reports can be completely customizable quickly with little effort, as per the customer requirements from any domain with latest GST system applicable.

CampuSmart, Revuesoft's flagship ERP, an end to end University Management Solution that can fulfil all of the Operational and management needs of any size University or Educational Institution. The software can be run both locally and online, means across the office or across the world. Considering and analysing various business processes, workflows and functional requirements, CampuSmart ERP has been flavoured with two versions viz., Business & Enterprise, designed to match the requirements of the University and easily customisable based on the process requirements.

CampuSmart has modules for University Management, Student Management, Admissions, Distance Education and Affiliation College Online Management system.

NPA Tracker Mobile App –  Revuesoft's banking mobile app to manage Banks NPA's live tracking to know and manage from top management and at branch level. This app wil help the bank staff to manage and reduce the npa accounts in the banks and Management wil give suggestion to staff to manage and recovery of the NPA accounts.

Mobile Applications

Mobile application development is the process by which application software is developed for low-power handheld devices, such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants or smart mobile phones. These applications are pre-installed on phones during manufacture, can be downloaded by customers from various mobile software distribution platforms, or web applications delivered over HTTP which use server-side or client-side processing (e.g. JavaScript) to provide an "application-like" experience within a Web browser. Revuesoft is focused on providing development services and solutions for Smart Phones, Tablet PCs and Cloud Computing market. Company specializes in providing application development services for Apple OS (iPhone, iPad), Google Android OS, Windows Mobile 7 and RIM BlackBerry OS. Revuesoft aims at being a partner in the process of building world class applications and products that has customer reach anytime anywhere.

Speaking to The CEO Magazine about its differentiating factors, Mr. Krishnakanth spoke, "The best way to grow is usually by replicating strongest strategic advantage in new contexts. We create new products and services, create or enter new customer segments; enter new geographic locations, or enter related lines of business.

We follow different best revenue models to generate revenues for the company. In Near future, we will follow our strategies to generate revenues. We will review our strategies on quarterly basis and will update our strategies according to present market trends."

Mr. Krishnakanth v chats with The CEO Magazine

TCM: What are the major milestones for the company since founding?

Krishnakanth: The persistent effort and hard work of the Revuesoftians resulted in the design and development of; various products with a very short span of time. This made us qualify for the Nasscom 10,000 Startup program under which we were mentored and encouraged to move forward. The university automation CampuSmart won us the CIO choice Hot 100 Technology award for the year 2014. We are also recognized as the Startup of the Year 2015 by Silicon India. We have successfully completed automation of an International University recently. Also, few more projects related Universities are in the pipeline both in India and overseas.

TCM: What is the business problem it hopes to solve with its solutions and offerings?

Krishnakanth: During our research, we found that many business owners suffer lack of updates on their business; when they are away from their business premises. They are forced to wait to get the information that they are in need of. It is very important for business owners to utilize the technology advancements available these days. We then came up with an idea of an ERP which would address the problems of the Business owners; related to managing their business. We have developed a User friendly ERP which would bring the entire business information in front of them at any point of time using the latest smart devices like Smart phones and Tablets. Advantage ERP, as we named it, not only enables updated  flow of data but also helps the business owners take a control over certain departments like Stores, Accounts etc., where chances of mal practice are possible.

TCM: Please tell us about Road Map and Future Plans of your organizations.

Krishnakanth: We execute our Road Map and Future Plans into Five phases.

Phase 1 – Illustrate

Phase 2 – Translate

Phase 3 – Indicate

Phase 4 – Dedicate

Phase 5 – Operate 


Revuesoft roadmap is designed to create an organizational culture which fosters alignment with every organization department and member. Leaders themselves demonstrate the process and data-based decision-making behaviors that serve as models for the rest of the business. Activities in this phase include:

  • Engage and make accountable the personnel necessary to achieve, sustain and continuously improve process performance
  • Allocate the right process indicators and measures to the appropriate personnel
  • Design appropriate process performance reporting disciplines and procedures
  • Develop and implement visual management systems
  • Train and engage personnel and process management teams
  • Link process performance to individual performance management systems 


Revuesoft Process performance defines the extent that a business will win or lose in the marketplace. Our process management systems are integrated as a decision-making tool and discipline to continually adjust and direct the improvement efforts of the business. Not only does the approach compel organization-wide improvement that is linked to achieving strategic business priorities, but it fosters a high-involvement, high performance culture that can become self-sustaining without reliance on external consultants.

Know more about Mr. Krishnakanth V & Swathi B 

Krishnakanth V laid the foundation stone of Revuesoft Solutions and holds the responsibilities of   Chairman & Managing Director at the company. Over 15 years' rich experience in IT/Telecom/Business Consulting Services, Krishnakanth is a well-qualified entrepreneur.

Swathi B laid the foundation stone of Revuesoft Solutions India Pvt Ltd along with Founder and hold the responsibilities of Director-Operations and Client Relations at the company. Over 10 years of rich experience in multiple industries.

To Reach Us Call Now: 011-4121-9292 or email: onlinead@theceo.in

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