It's no secret that organizational culture is vital to its success. A 2018 study found that positive company culture can increase revenue by 33% just by attracting and retaining top-tier talent. If your business operates in a shared working environment, organizational culture is just as significant. What's more, your company – and other entrepreneurial start-ups are in a unique position to leverage the coworking space to build an even stronger, more inspiring organizational culture for your team and your clients.


Contrary to what many people assume building and maintaining organizational culture can be easier in a coworking space and OneCulturePvt. Ltd is ensuring just that. Compared to those with traditional and rigid office spaces, coworking spaces tended to inspire a greater sense of thriving and flexibility. With the ever increasing pressure and stress at the workspace, there has been a sharp decline in the happiness index among corporates; OneCulture wants to tackle this troubling issue and bring a culture of mental and physical wellness into the daily work life and they are making sure of it by designing all of their facilities to provide their members with the healthiest working environment possible. The company has derived significant expertise to build a work-culture which promotes value-based collaborations.

Changing the Industry with a Strong Differentiator

OneCulture facilities are designed keeping member's wellness in mind. They have designed the space with a one of a kind in-house wellness retreat to give their members a much-needed relaxing reprieve during a long stressful day. Fitted with 5D massage chairs, meditation & yoga rooms, napping pods and even VR powered muse rooms to distress, this unique feature significantly enhances the work experience.

In the initial phase of their journey, they focused on providing everything tangible to ensure the holistic wellbeing of their members. Over time they realized that there was also a need to empower the members to take care of themselves as well. So, now they have tie-ups with several medical institutions and they organize awareness and fitness workshops on a regular basis, for the benefit of their members.

Man Behind OneCulture Pvt. Ltd.

Abhilash Shukla, Founder and CEO of OneCulture, is the driving force behind orchestrating the integrated co-working platform thriving on wellness. With over a decade of composite experience in business venturing, project planning, real estate, big data and internet projects, Abhilash Shukla carries an extensive profile across startup valuations, further involving all aspects of the business development. OneCulture aims to transform the work-culture of the nation with its contemporary approach. A graduate in Bachelor of Computer Application from Bangalore University; Abhilash has a knack for contributing to his industry, tackling work-space concerns and issues faced by the business.

Directing his energies in the right direction, Abhilash founded Mind Processors Technologies Private Limited in 2009 while pursuing the second year of his graduation. Passionate about honing his skills and redefining the quality of life, this man with a vision decided to kick start a venture aiding corporate and others to work in a shared working space with wellness focused amenities. Aspiring to translate business problems with efficient solutions and tranquillizing work-life of his associates and clients, Abhilash Shukla carries an optimistic approach towards his initiatives and endeavours. Abhilash's life mantra continuously revolves around the prosperity of people around him. Choosing to take care of this, Abhilash came up with OneCulture, a brand that promotes self-care and wellness through its coworking centres. Today, OneCulture stands amongst the top 10 coworking spaces in India. Abhilash has always been determined to make a difference in the coworking world and wanted to contribute to the society in his way.

"We forecast that the year 2020 is the years where we help professionals find the mythical work-life balance by breathing in life into their working culture."  – Abhilash Shukla

Serving a Wide Variety of Clients

Coworking brings together companies from diverse industries to create a fertile ground for ideas and business opportunities. OneCulture focuses on offering more positive and holistic work experiences to its community which includes enterprises both big and small, entrepreneurs, freelancers and passionate professionals. Their flexible service options ensure that they can offer tailor-made solutions to suit every requirement. They are currently serving brands like Chai Point, Aon, Apollo Tyres, LG Hausys, TVS and many more.

Coworking in the Age of A.I

Technology has made some big promises in the world of coworking; from paperless offices to AI-enabled autonomy and even VR spaces. Sometimes it delivers on these promises and sometimes it doesn't. Yet, tech-enabled spaces are important. However, a human-first approach is required, one where your technology enhances your members' experience and doesn't detract from your core ethos as a business. Technology is one of the major USPs of OneCulture. With their expertise in hospitality, they have perfected the integration of technology with the human touch. From self-check-in enabled for guests to app-driven booking of almost every activity, OneCulture is a unique tech driven, human centric coworking experience.

Evolution of the Coworking Industry

Coworking started as a niche industry catering to freelancers, bloggers and small-scale start-ups but as the idea of coworking spaces grew in popularity, it became a preferred office space solution for larger enterprises as well. It is predicted that there would be a lot of vertical specialization in the industry. For example, enterprises today are opting for a coworking space while they venture into new markets as a means to minimize risk and liability. OneCulture aims at imbibing wellness into this trend.

Coworking evolved from being a community to being just a feasible office space solution. OneCulture believes in bringing back the feeling of belonging to a coworking community and this needs the support and association of the community towards their vision and ideals.

Achievements and Awards Earned by OneCulture

This has not been a silent work revolution by any means. OneCulture has been featured in several leading publications such as HT Estate, Silicon India, Financial Express, Brand Equity, 99 acres to name a few.

In an innovative way to connect with their target audience, OneCulture is also one of the only coworking spaces to spread its message through RAP music. Their anthem performed by renowned artist Karma, channel's the brand's energy and passion towards revolutionizing the work culture.

Looking to the Future

By 2025, around 42 per cent of the population in India will work in urban cities, and hence, the demand for shared office space will increase manifold. With economics playing on the mind of many new businesses, the need for shared office space is expected to escalate this decade. It is also the age of a "sharing economy", in such a landscape; OneCulture believes that the key pillars of growth are innovation, collaboration, and creativity. Their workspace is designed to both inspire you every morning and to foster a sense of community, bringing together young talent, creative thinkers, startups, SMEs and large corporate. With regular engaging and inspiring sessions from renowned personalities, including decision makers, novelists, stand-up comedians, influencers, music bands, motivational speakers, OneCulture membership is not just about coming to work, it's about expanding your horizons and fulfilling your business and personal potential.

"When you step into one culture, I need you to feel the "great vibe". We have worked diligently to ensure the ambience at OneCulture is not the same as other coworking spaces." – Abhilash Shukla

Increasing Competition and Need for Reinvention

As the coworking industry is getting popular the competition is also getting more intense. Establishing a good differentiator can hence pose a challenge. Almost all the coworking spaces are focused only on providing attractive ambient work environments and OneCulture wants to shift the focus to mental and physical wellness instead. In this endeavour, they came up with a unique in-house wellness retreat, where their members can take few minutes out of their busy schedules to relax and rejuvenate during their workday.

Corporate Social Responsibility

OneCulture has been associated with several NGOs and social causes as they believe in giving back to the community in which they function. Some of the NGOs with which they are currently associated with are "Save the Children", "Feet me up", "Rural Health Care Foundation" and many more.

Strong Differentiator Will Make All the Difference

Coworking might seem to be a mature market to venture in at the moment, but the truth is that this concept is not going to go away any time soon. It is the age to share resources and space to achieve sustainable growth. India is set to become one of the largest start-up hubs globally and coworking provides the perfect platform to manifest these ideas. So, if armed with a strong differentiator, there can't be a better time to enter this industry.

Coming to the future of OneCulture, they aim at making this work revolution global. In less than a year they have two fully operational facilities in Gurugram and one rapidly coming up in NCR. They envision being global by the end of 2020, with aggressive expansion plans in the Asia Pacific region.

"We are more than a shared workspace. We are more than our ultra-modern infrastructure and world class amenities. We are more than our professional and personalized services. We are more than our community driven environment that encourages collaboration and assists in your business growth.

We are an experience of enhancing your wellness as you work, and boost your quality of life. We are an experience of expressing gratitude, as we spread goodness in our community.

We are an experience that binds us all as one.

We are One Culture." – Abhilash Shukla

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