Enzyme Tech Park: An Approach to Ameliorate Workplace 

Enzyme Tech Park: An Approach to Ameliorate Workplace 

Enzyme Tech Park: An Approach to Ameliorate Workplace 

Incorporation of new brands every day is a reflection of the changing trends of the industry, which is an exciting and modernised chapter for entrepreneurship. However, establishing a business is not a cakewalk; it is a gigantic challenge. From introducing a unique solution, securing capital, hiring employees, and marketing it to the end users — the commotion list is never-ending. Given how competitive the marketplace is, business leaders escalating their companies require to catch every chance, they can to accomplish the business goals. In grasping every achievement, corporations must consider their workplace in the ballot as well.  The flourishing start-up ventures need space to grow with high quality and flexibility. Nevertheless, their pockets fall short in investing a huge sum of money for a suitable workplace, and they do not have abundance time to fixate on the additional things. Here, co-working spaces fits perfectly into the picture as a superb solution for their working space needs. An advanced version of working space, Co-working serves as a platform where individuals and companies from different backgrounds and work culture accomplish their job under a single roof.

Today, many companies are burgeoning on the co-working ground and other facilities to make work easier and better, but Enzyme Tech Park angles as an exception- it works to create unification among workers. Enzyme Tech is the creation of Ashish Agarwal's unparalleled ideology to offer a one-stop solution for all office needs. He understands the spacing needs of ascending corporations and came up with this unique concept to support those rising stars in the business world by providing an efficient and well-maintained workplace. To deliver spaces where people can work together with their full potential and bring revolutionary changes in the world, Enzyme Tech Park was established. It is a leading chain of Business Park / Business centres in Bangalore and is currently spread across Outer Ring Road, Silk Board, HSR layout, Koramangala and Domlur.  From workstations to entire office structure, the association performs to present a creative environment to keep employees motivated and focused.

We redefine the way business leaders work

At Enzyment Tech Park, the team provides a one-stop solution that caters all needs of office infrastructure-from short term to long term. Here, you get the office space best suited to your needs and get the access to inventory you would not otherwise have. Offering a collaborative and engaging workspace is not something new for Enzyment, it has been in the market for the last four years and the company has been redefining the way corporations work since then. It connects people and coworking spaces on the wider range in Bengaluru and Delhi NRC. Therefore, no matter what the end user's need is, Enzyment team addresses it comfortably.

Initiating from one building in 2014 to homing ten buildings at present, the journey has been astounding for the firm. With Ashish's vision, the business is growing almost 100% every year. The turnover of the company has increased by 1200% in 4 years. In Bangalore, the company has the presence in HSR layout (2), Koramangala (4) Indira Nagar, Domlur, Silk Board and ORR.

What is the secret mantra behind this expeditious growth of Enzyme Tech Park and how did it capture the market?

The following is the bit of insights from the company head, Ashish Agarwal- a young entrepreneur with admirable leadership and management qualities. With his initiatives, he has scaled the company from 2,000 Sq. ft. to 200,000sq. ft. space. Here is a sort of the interview with him pertaining to the company's growth, its services, and future.

Edited Excerpts

What makes Enzyme remarkable and prodigious?

Enzyme Tech Park offers best quality services and infrastructure in affordable price. Here, we strive to retrench the clients' expense by supplying a customised furnished option. Enzyme Tech Park has a transparency as USP and avoids hidden costs, which is a challenge for all company owners. We, as a team are dedicated to making the office space affordable for smaller companies along with enjoying amenities and maintenance like big tech parks.

Overall, these exclusive features of the company have supported Enzyme Tech Park to become a leader in a short span of four years without any external funding. That is why all the buildings of enzyme business centres are profitable with almost 100% occupancy.

Throw some light over the offerings of Enzyme.

Enzyme provides excellent office space at the central locations of the city for companies at the most affordable prices. Our Business centre is equipped with every facility customized for the professionals, under their budget. Each of our floors is equipped with the following

  • Workstations: 40 – 50
  • Manager cabins: 2 – 5
  • Conference room: 2
  • Washrooms: 2
  • Pantry: 1
  • Centrally Air Conditioned
  • DG
  • Lift
  • Cafeteria
  • Independent Flooring

Tell us about your area of expansion.

Enzyme is one of the largest providers of flexible work solutions, with 40+ plus customers including prominent and successful entrepreneurs, individuals, and business corporations like Zoom car, cars 24, Extramarks, Medlife and many more.

Describe the business model of Enzyme.

Enzyme offers a helping hand to nice buildings in the city and takes over the building during civil work from the owner for a long-term lease, later we develop them and provide best infrastructure in affordable pricing to our customers.

What are your forthcoming plans?

Enzyme Tech Park aspires to be PAN India Company, and soon we are planning to open offices in some other cities of the country.

Dynamic Leadership

Ashish Agarwal


Ashish completed his MBA in finance from ICFAI HYDERABAD. After placement, Ashish decided to land in business instead of the job. Well equipped with thoughtful leadership, tremendous guidance and 'never give up' attitude, he is spearheading Enzyme's journey towards new pinnacles.

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