Welcome to the era of Business Driven IT and End of traditional IT organization– Says – IT Management Consultancy Quint

Quint Wellington Redwood
Quint Wellington RedwoodIT Management Consultancy Quint

Welcome to the era of Business Driven IT and End of traditional IT organization– Says – IT Management Consultancy Quint


The awareness is growing in the market that a well-functioning IT department is an essential condition for achieving the intended business result. To resolve various IT-related organizational challenges and ultimately help clients in achieving the intended business result, Quint Wellington Redwood, an independent boutique consulting and education firm was formed in 1992. Assuming the Indian IT market's potentiality, Netherlands-born Quint started operation in India by the end of last century. Putting strenuous effort, Quint began to raise awareness within the Indian IT organizations for IT Service Management. The outcome was not satisfactory at the beginning. But when the evangelist phase was over, the response from the Indian IT professional was overwhelming. In their own words " The response was so great that we were not able to meet up the demand for training programs for the initial period and had to garner additional support from regional centers in Malaysia, Netherlands and US."

 Quint is first company to launch ITIL training offerings in the country. It was also first to globally launch CoBIT5.0 Implementation and Assessor modules. Quint Academy, the education arm of Quint, is one of the world's largest IT best practice training organizations, which trains and certifies close to 100,000 professionals per year on an average.

The expertise of Quint in the field of IT Service Management, Governance, Lean IT and Architecture & Innovation guarantees improved professionalism of your IT department's processes and business in line with all relevant standards. They have dedicated services aimed for various sectors, which are:

IT Service Management

With almost 25 years of experience and hundreds of successful improvement projects under their belt, Quint advises clients on how to organize, optimize and manage IT departments. The company utilizes their own best practices developed (such as IPW® and DSGF®) combined with best practices in the marketplace (such as ITIL®, ASL®, BiSL® and PRINCE2®).

Sourcing Advisory 

To stay competitive it is imperative that organizations apply sourcing strategically. To harvest  potential, organizations should use the available sourcing best practices, lessons learned and expertise. Quint's offerings include the Sourcing Strategy, Cloud Sourcing, IT Infrastructure and Application Outsourcing, Shared Service Centers and Captives, Business Process Outsourcing and Best Value Procurement.

IT Governance

IT has developed from its roots as an administrative instrument into one of the driving forces behind the creation of competitive edge, innovation and new business models. Quint introduced the Demand Supply Governance (DSG) concept in 2001 together with several leading Dutch organizations. On the basis of its Sourcing Governance Framework, Quint then developed its best-practice guidelines for sourcing governance.


The Lean IT Quint method builds upon the principles of Lean Manufacturing combined with Six Sigma elements to the IT environment. Quint achieves results with its clients by focusing on customer value, creating transparency, focusing on results, coaching in Lean leadership and the ability of the staff to learn continuously. Implementing Lean will increase IT productivity by an average of 25% within 12 months. In addition, the IT department will work more efficiently, transparently and will become more relevant to the business.


Most DevOps teams are still encountering problems that prevent them from benefiting fully. By choosing for coaching by Quint DevOps coaches, enterprises will be able to break the bad habits of teams and develop the personal leadership skills of team members. Their coaches combine direct feedback, personal interventions and monitoring in combination with analytics to challenge teams and individuals. This results in new behavior and the desired outcomes for the business, teams and individuals.

Architecture & Innovation

Quint knows that enterprise architecture can help many an organization to regain the IT department's sense of "self-confidence" by not avoiding the issue, but addressing it tactfully. With its unique approach, architecture offers insight-driven recommendations.

This company has a range of solutions to engage innovation within organization, from organizing brainstorming sessions to embedding innovative solutions in your existing development processes.

With over twenty-three years of global experience, four hundred senior consultants and clients across various industries including IT Service Providers, Banking & Insurance, Telcos, Automotive, Healthcare, Oil & Natural Gas, Utilities and Government, Quint currently operates in Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Awards & Recognition: 

  • Our Consulting and Education processes are ISO 9001 certified
  • The best outsourcing company globally by IAOP – 4 times in a row starting 2013
  • Rated No 1 in ITIL and ITSM Training and Implementation organization – Silicon India
  • Rated Most promising IT Governance consulting firm – Consultant's Review Magazine

 Quint's global CEO Maurice Boon brings over 25 years of experience in managing consulting organizations. He was an Officer of Marine Corps, Royal Dutch Navy. He has also served various reputed organizations including Accenture as the Director outsourcing. Sunil Mehta heads Quint's India operation as the Managing Director (India) of Quint since its inception in 2005. Under his leadership, Quint has achieved various milestones including being the largest Academy revenue country in the world for Quint. The company now has a strong set of 22 members in the India team across multiple locations such as Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune and Mumbai.

" Management of Change plays a major role in many of our projects. Our approach ensures that we realize the changes and improvements required  in co-makership with our clients – we don't provide advice from the sidelines. Coaching, training and education all play an important part," Sunil Mehta said.

Quint strongly believes that no future business can be successful without maximizing the return on Information Technology. At the same time, they also believe no future IT-organization can be successful unless it becomes truly business-driven.

"In the combination of these insights, lies the origin of our vision and future strategic direction. Organizations that can achieve integrated management across the domains of business and IT will gain strategic advantage over their competitors. Quint has the vision that this strategic advantage will be crucial to create sustainable success," Quint told The CEO Magazine. 

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