Why does social media not work for my business? What does my social media marketing strategy lack? If these questions pop up in your mind as you do not see results after social media investment, you are going to be blown away by social media marketing mistakes.

Considering the fact that thousands of millions of people use social media every day, you cannot afford to make social media marketing mistakes. So, while it has to be one of the most effective ways to expose your business to a huge audience.


Yes, social media marketing is for promotion. But this sociable and communication platform has an audience who are aware of the promotional content and hate it. Hence, influencer marketing is increasing as it offers real people who have a relatable journey which allows them to become trustworthy

So, what is the right way to promote:

Promote subtly: As mentioned above avoid this social media marketing mistake by using influencers to market your brand which will have more engagement and social interaction than usual promotional posts.

Spam Timeline Responsibly: Make sure you do not fill the timeline of the followers with posts which are similar to each other.

No Interaction: You are given a direct connection with the audience, and if you are getting engagement in terms of comments, you better capitalise on them, interact, build valuable relationships, and do not make this social media marketing mistake.


Hashtags is a social media tool you can use if you want to get exposure. If you are posting online, hashtags allow you to involve your brand in a trending conversation, and thousands of people will see your account.

Hashtags are also great if you want your brand to reach thousands of people organically without having to spend a lot of money. So, save your money and time by not making this social media marketing mistake.

But, choose the hashtags you use wisely. What should you keep in mind while using hashtags:

– Do not over Hashtags: You have to understand that only 'relevant hashtags' will work for your brand and hence, overfilling your online posts with keywords will not help.

– Do not use a trending hashtag without knowing what it means. It can get offensive and the internet does not cope well with the same.


The trickiest question in digital marketing is "How do you deal with the negative comment?" and believe me, as simple as the answer may seem, "Deleting them" is not a correct one for sure. Avoiding them or turning comment section into a war zone defending your brand isn't helpful.

What should I Do with Negative Comments on Social Media:

1. Offer Assistance: Yes, rather than disputing with them in the comments section, reply to them with assistance solutions.

2. Show your audience that you have nothing to hide and be objective when you do get a negative comment.

3. If the person commenting highlights an issue, thank them for the advice and improve. Staying silent is a major social media mistake.

4. But also research, it can be that they are from your competitors. Thank them too. It shows that you have to build a brand they are scared of.

Don't Be Stagnant and Boring

Social Media is all about novel ideas, images, trends, you cannot be forming social media campaigns and miss its core, i.e. instant entertainment and information. Among millions of posts, to not get lost in all the noise, you must

– Be Updated with about the recent forms of content like memes, short videos, influencer marketing, etc.

– Post thought or action stimulating photos which make the viewers think or react in a certain way like a comic meme, or image with an innovative one-liner that connects your brand with recent news.

– Social Media is also infotainment, so yes, news matters and yes, you can also associate with a piece of news or event which resonates with your brand.

– If you don't have any ideas on how to make your page less boring, take inspiration from other creators around you. You can always diversify this research to outside your niche, its creativity at the end of the day.


Building a social media presence isn't easy, and these mistakes are bound to happen due to various reasons. Hence, beware of these campaigns threatening social media marketing mistakes, keep them in mind as you create your plan and discover the successful leads ahead.

Keep Up The Hustling!

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