The 5 Essential Apps for Entrepreneurs to Boost Productivity

The 5 Essential Apps for Entrepreneurs to Boost Productivity

If you are a budding startup, entrepreneur or company's CEO, you know the time management is crucial to ensure success.  If you choose the right productivity apps for managing different tasks hassle free, this can improve productivity by getting done everything on time. But, we know that you don't have time to find a right app/tool for your business. Be relax, we have made a list of the 5 essential apps for entrepreneurs to increase productivity by utilizing time effectively. These apps streamline working process, make tedious job quick and easy all along preparing your team for the best performance.

Now, what exactly productivity means for entrepreneurs? Well, "It is an ability to produce something efficiently". In simple words, it is directly concerned with the input and output of a business and your ability to do all tasks effectively.

The 5 Essential Productivity Apps for Busy Business Owners

If you are not effective and efficient, your business will die soon. Valuable technology can give you the freedom of doing multitasking hassle-free and to get done everything on time. It also helps in reviewing your business after the right time to make most of it. So, let's get into the list of the 5 essential productivity apps for running your business like a pro;

Cloudapp launched in 2010 to make small business owners life easier by making the web file-sharing process painless.  This app is used around the world to capture everything easily on computers. You can share bulky mails including files, images, and screenshots etc. easily on computer through a simple and short link. If you want to keep an unauthorized person away from the sharing information, you can do it just by using password protection feature.  In addition, if you want to determine that the recipient has viewed the shared link or not, built-in analytics will help.

Gmass is another handy app that particularly helps in running personalized Email Marketing campaigns! You can send individual automated emails with regular follow-ups without typing to each one separately. This is more helpful, if you have a larger pool of customers but shortage of time to spend on making personalized mails for generating more business leads. It functions like normal Gmail for free without using separate program. It exists in normal Gmail and work in a regular way without requiring any separate program. In addition, its killer features include automatic reply, tracking and scheduling functionalities helps in to know all about the results of an ongoing campaign.

Google Drive is the best extension for those entrepreneurs who are facing problem of heavy data file sharing. Multi type of files and documents can be shared into an editable format without difficulty through Google Drive App. Its interface can be downloaded easily to your system or any other electronic device and you can start sharing data without worrying about anything. As it is a cloud-based extension, you can make use of it as you go. Google Drive App can be downloaded easily on Android and iOS Devices.

After getting into entrepreneurship, time management is key ingredient for taking a business idea to next level. So, 'Timely' is an effective technology that can help you to flourish and grow fast by budgeting your valuable time. Any of you will love to use this app as it can be integrated easily with iCal, Yahoo!, Google and Microsoft as a tracking & scheduling tool. It makes you disciplined about the fixing of appointments and resulting in efficient results. If you are in a business like healthcare, fitness or running a salon or spa center where appointments are booked everyday 'Timely' app is very helpful. Everything can be managed via mobile by adding an online booking option on your business Facebook page and website.


'Diamond' app helps in streamlining client proposals, invoices, and files that you receive every day. It enhances ability of managing everything easily so that you can analyze your files and another content hassle-free. It features a powerful search engine to make classification easily into your Mac-based systems.

Being a small business owner or CEO means you should have knowledge of every helping tool or technology that can aid to grow your business through enhancing productivity. Although all the mentioned apps help in enhancing the overall productivity of a business but like these tools, there are many others that can be used to streamline daily tasks, managing workflow, communicate effectively and save money and time.

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