What are Podcasts? Why are Podcasts beneficial for businesses? Why is everyone starting their Podcast? How can I benefit from the world's third-largest podcast market, India?

All these questions are genuine and its only natural to ask them in the recent podcast revolution. Podcasts are essentially series of digital audios designed for easy download. These informative or knowledge-packed audios have been there for more than 10 years now. But they are being used by business more then ever. Let's discover why:


Which tech giant hyped Podcasting?

Apple. Yes, in 2015 Steve Jobs and Apple announced a new feature for the iPods and iTunes, it's an easy guess, podcasting. He combines iPod and broadcasting to come up with the word. Unlike radio, it has subscription and download options for the favourite shows and is not limited to a certain time. But like radio, they are free.

He was right when he said Podcasts were the future.

As an entrepreneur, it takes time to define a brand's voice. Be it, providing better quality solutions or launching novel solutions that never existed in the market, if you have figured that out, well, the next big step is how you made it reach the prospects.

What you can engage in today are an endless number of tricks from digital marketing book. But, no one else would be able to share your vision better than. In your journey of unlearning, learning and relearning the idea of business, every step is personal and podcast offers you a platform to share your small business's voice in the simplest ways to connect with the end audience.

How can my e-commerce brand benefit from Podcasts?

Unlike blogs, podcasts are easy to gain information while doing anything else. It adds to productivity. You can listen and put that knowledge into use at the same time or download it for later and listen at your convenience without the internet.

Essentially, all you have to do is research about the topics related to your industry. Use your industry knowledge, make tutorials or informative videos, and post them on podcasting platforms. Just like blogs and social media posts, use the right keywords and make sure the audience notice you. You can also invite other people from the industry to your podcasts.

How to create Podcasts? (Step By Step Introduction To Podcast)

Reading well-designed yet unscripted content on the go is how people are shaped today. Your brand is now on the path to cater to this need, here is what you need to do:

What do I need to start my business podcast for small business?

  • Microphones: The easiest solution and best quality of your successful business podcast production is a USB microphone that you can easily plug into your laptop, smartphone or tablet, record through the software, and listen through your headphones. That's it.
  • A free audio editing software: For small business podcast post-production, you need tools that simplifying editing the audio you have recorded for you, like remove background noise, add effects and even detach it from the video. GarageBand (compatible with iOS and macOS) and Audacity (compatible with Linux, Windows, macOS) are two such free options.
  • Getting Your Business Podcast Online: To get your very own business podcast online, you need a podcasting streaming platform like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, JioSaavn, etc.
  1. Hubhopper Studio: If you are looking for a solution that you create a whole podcast start to end without using different software for recording, editing, and launching to distributing, marketing, and analyzing, well, end your search with Hubhopper Studio. And it is Free! With one click, your podcast is live on Apple Podcasts, CastBox, Spotify, TuneIn, Stitcher, Gaana, in-cab entertainment like Ola Play and Mahindra Glyd, smart speakers such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Saregama Carvaan.
  2. Anchor: Spotify acquired Anchor has free podcast recording software for unlimited quality audio recordings, drag and drop interface for editing and free landing page with your show.
  3. Soundcloud: Soundcloud is great for beginners in small business podcasts game as it is free for up to 3 hours of uploads and allows simple embedding of podcast episode online on WordPress.

How can I benefit from the world's third-largest podcast market, India?

Yes, the third-largest podcast market. This indicates a high number of competition. As personal and connecting podcasts are, they are also increasing in numbers. And having said that, it is indeed difficult to ensure that your small business podcast will strive unless you work on these points:

  • Choose the right theme: Even if they are time-saving, no one is ready to listen to amateurish stuff. To ensure that you build brand value and a loyal listener base, you have to be someone well-informed and interested in sharing that information. You can exploit the probability that people will share your content with other like-minded people and it will grow.
  • Deliver quality: Content is King, it was and it will be. And even if you are offering this service for free, it required proper quality. Your equipment does not need to be perfect at first go, but your content should always strive at being better. Keep Learning and Honoring Your Craft!
  • Be consistent: Set your schedule and stick to it. Just like a business, you are building relationships with your audience and consistency will allow them to have a sense of security and they will become loyal listeners.
  • Make it SEO-friendly: It is impossible to miss SEO in a "how a create successful small business podcast" article. Like Google, Google Podcasts and iTunes are search engines, allowing you to access everything you search. Search "small business podcast" and results will pop out with the same keyword in the title and descriptions. Don't go overboard with keywords and but ensure that they are in title, subtitle and description of your small business podcast.


Podcasting is not only for listeners but for you as well. It is a great platform for you to learn new things, meet new people, discover new prospects and build an empire through this fantastic marketing tool and branding vehicle. Get started now!


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