SheLeadsTech: A New Initiative from Facebook to Support Women Founded Start-ups in India

SheLeadsTech: A New Initiative from Facebook to Support Women Founded Start-ups in India

SheLeadsTech: A New Initiative from Facebook to Support Women Founded Start-ups in India

This is the best time for women entrepreneurs! Facebook has launched a new plan to the lead of this Women's' Day.
"SheLeadsTech" is a new programme launched by "Facebook" to help business women in India.
The journey of every entrepreneur is messy, hard, chaotic and full of struggles. Whereas for women entrepreneurs the challenges are more as they are always considered with skepticism, especially in the technology world. But the findings of a new study conducted by YouGov and Development Economics; on behalf of Facebook may come to you as a big surprise.

According to this study out of every 5 women 4 wants to be an entrepreneur in India. It means the nation is missing out 15.5 million great business ideas; and 64 million jobs opportunities by ignoring this segment. According to this study woman entrepreneurs can be better performers; if the challenges faced by them are addressed in a better way.

The study estimated, if 52 per cent women are encouraged to start and run a business. This step would not only enhance economic growth but also help to create 15.5 million new business ideas. The other surprising thing is that all this will create 64 million additional jobs by the end of 2021.

"SheLeadsTech" Facebook's New Plan To Support Women Entrepreneurs

To help female entrepreneurs, Facebook has created "SheLeadsTech" an amazing plan; that will deeply invest in helping women entrepreneurs so that they can write new stories of entrepreneurial success. Social media giant Facebook launched this plan completely for helping Indian women entrepreneurs or women-founded startups.

Through this plan Facebook wants to provide the right tools and technologies to women entrepreneurs. Who have started their business journey in very different segments of business. Ritesh Mehta, Head, Economic Growth, Facebook, India and South Asia said, "Technology is an enabler for entrepreneurship.

It is small and medium business that will create growth; if India has to grow along with jobs in the next few years. We want to ensure we help this growth."

How this Programme Will Help Women Entrepreneurs?

No matter what challenges are coming in your entrepreneurial journey, nothing could stop you to succeed and achieving your goals. To help Indian women entrepreneurs with right set resources as they needed to achieve their entrepreneurial goals in different segments and businesses, Facebook came up with this plan.

The "SheLeadsTech" programme will make you unstoppable by offering a strong support system. This programme is specifically designed to change bogus opinions about women entrepreneurship and their contribution in the business world. It will introduce the society with the new reality of women contribution in business world.

It will offer varied kind of support to women founders and co-founders as they needed to achieve their business goals easily. This announcement came ahead of International Women's Day is intended to bring women onboard India's digital revolution in a bigger way.

What are The Key Reasons that are Stopping Women to Start Their Entrepreneurial Journey?

The barriers in the ways of Indian women are substantial including from cultural to family! According to the findings of same study, the common reasons that prevent women from setting up their business in India include;
• The constraint of family responsibilities stop 38 percent
• Lack of access to finance is a hurdle for 29% women
• 30 per cent women feel worry over personal financial security
• Whereas remaining 30 percent women have an idea but they don't know where to get started and take this idea ahead

Apart from this, the startup ecosystem is also gender biased and investors and policy makers also have lack of confidence on women entrepreneurs. So it is very important to change the beliefs and mindset of people who thinks that women don't have the courage and confidence to start and run a business. The "SheLeadsTeach" programme aims to change this mindset. Any female entrepreneur can apply for this programme online.

She will need to download the app from Google store or to have a bot on Facebook. This platform will also open a lot of other opportunities with financial resources.

Additionally, women empowerment and entrepreneurship is also a major concern for the government too. The government has also started a number of programmes to provide support and employment for more number of women in rural as well as in urban areas.

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