"Do what you do the best, outsource the rest." – Peter Drunker

Business Process Outsourcing or BPO industry has been playing a crucial role in uplifting brands across the globe. While it has become an indispensable supporting hand in the success stories of various brands, it is also one of the fastest-growing sectors in India. Today, it represents a prominent space where numerous players are remodelling brands and how they are represented to the target audience apart from amplifying the efficiency in operations.

A brand that has well understood the zest of outsourcing i.e. to increase customer satisfaction and eventually nurture a company's growth, Ingenious BPO has been crafting solutions with an exemplified performance for the leading names in the industry as a key solution provider.

Initiated in 2016, as the wholly-owned subsidiary of Mercury Global Services, a brand headquartered in the U.S, today, Ingenious BPO serves the clientele in India and the US spearheading towards success with the dynamic leadership of the experienced leaders Eric Quigley, Gaurav Sharma, Rahul Nehru and Natasha Adlakha.

Leveraging the client's growth with their years of experience in various domains across the BPO/KPO sector, these leaders have been guiding the team of motivated professionals and engineering a wide network providing reliable and relevant BPO solutions. Ingenious BPO team has been crafting and offering innovative, clear and efficient solutions personifying their brand name.

Serving brands from different verticals and geographies, Ingenious BPO team extends cross-vertical functions and specialities catering both domestic and US geography with core areas of focus in services including process consulting, transition management, and transaction processing and document management. They have also been offering front and back-office solutions in focused verticals including revenue cycle management and voice-based contact centre solutions.


With the vision to overcome various factors that have been causing hurdles in the path of a brand's success, Ingenious BPO team has been deploying their resources to offer easy back-office solutions and management process to ease the workload and the working process of the companies.

With experience in the industry and the acknowledgement of how delays and lack of structure in the working can lead to prolonged execution and failures, the solution providers have been supporting their clients with solutions related to billing, fraud prevention, orderly management of the tasks, transaction collections and various others resulting in delivery of better quality results allowing both the customers and the management to construct a strong relationship.


The Ingenious BPO team has been working under the leadership of experts with a combined experience of over 30 years in healthcare and customer service domain. A true guiding light for Ingenious is the key official and CEO, Eric Quigley, who has been leading the brand in its endeavour imparting his wisdom and domain experience of 2 decades to amplify the prominent solutions offered by the brand.

"Experience has shaped my career and provided me with a realization that goals shift, change, and grow based on experiences and our personal growth. After helping launch or save two companies as a COO and CIO, I realized it was time to launch my own company with amazing colleagues that I had the pleasure of working with along my life's journey," shares Eric

He further adds, "As a CEO, I ensure to enact strategies that I had been coming up with for the last few years while handpicking the right team to fulfil and execute on that strategy. These strategies can adjust like goals can if they are leveraged by the right team, as any good CEO should listen and use the expertise of those around them. So far, we've had great success with this in Mercury Global/Ingenious."

Gaurav Sharma, the Director of Quality and MIS and head of Global Operational Excellence team brings to the table 15 years of experience in the corporate sector, the majority of which has been in the healthcare industry. The leader holds a green belt in Six Sigma and has successfully led multiple improvement projects along with operations, training, quality, and MIS at different platforms.

Rahul Nehru, the visionary leader with over 18 years of experience in the industry, is the director of offshore services in India with a focus on key areas like budgeting, business administration including statutory HIPAA compliance, sourcing and procurement with vendor contract rationalization. The leader works in diverse portfolios, managing operations set up and new business transitions both onsite and offsite.

Natasha Adlakha, Director of Operations, is currently leading the operations teams of Ingenious BPO India and Philippines locations. She has over 15 years of experience in the healthcare sector which includes RCM, billing, coding and record retrieval. With expertise in operations, transitions, client communication, people management, and business development, she continues to ensure Ingenious BPO's growth with a well-managed team.


Being a prominent brand in the widely distributed industry, Ingenious BPO in the endeavour to reach the current position has steadily spearheaded towards growth with its experienced leader's guidance and their services.

Building Customer Relations: Strong customer relationships are the core of the BPO services and the Ingenious team aims to build the same offering relevant and efficient solutions including technical support, resolving queries and ensuring complete customer-oriented services.

Excellent Management and Execution: Orchestrating the operations of management in an organisation with the objectives, they have been offering solutions handling administrative tasks allowing clients to concentrate on larger goals and bring out efficient results. They ensure excellent execution of the management process of planning, defining, designing, constructing, testing, deploying and supporting.

Bringing Quick and Reliable Solutions: Ingenious BPO is a trusted brand known by leaders across different verticals through their solutions and the significant value added by Ingenious BPO. Their solutions have been replacing the time-consuming operations of the clients which are performed with lack of expertise.

Work through Latest Technology: With the commitment of offering 24*7 tech support with their customer care centres, Ingenious BPO has been supporting its solutions with the help of the latest technology ensuring clients with better solutions. In the technology-dominated world, Ingenious BPO has recognised the power of technology and how it can bring to the clients' the power to grow significantly faster.


"I cannot emphasise enough the importance of building trust with potential and existing clients while understanding what the market demands being willing to create new services based on the needs of potential clients. With the current clients, I believe, communicating is the key, be it the crucial topics that require extra attention to the successes you achieved as a brand," shares Eric Quigley


Holding their significant value, the inbound and outbound services are exclusively offered to Ingenious BPO clients by distinct teams where the trained professionals offer inbound solutions like customer care and assistive solutions. The Ingenious team of experts offer outbound services such as product promotion and collection of funds etc. are made at their end. Efficiency, the core reason for adopting BPO, is represented in every service of Ingenious BPO:

  • Account Receivables: A service that eases the process of keeping track of cash related accounts linked to a business, the account receivables service builds a platform for quick payments and continuous flow of cash. Equipped with the latest technology and the systemised method, the ingenious team allows brands to keep track of all the accounts, payments and the flow of cash from the respective source.
  • Multilingual Customer Care: Dealing with global clients is not a challenge to ingenious team with their ability to reach any type of customer and skills of having proficiency in multiple languages. The expansive team of highly skilled operators in various languages for customer assistance allows the customers to have a sense of comfort and familiarity while explaining their issues and raising queries.
  • Medical Coding: Being a solution provider to the healthcare industry, Ingenious offers a vital parameter of medical coding. The medical codes are essential to track patients, bills and various operations which ease the work of administration which is essential in a busy place like healthcare organisations. Ingenious BPO offers error-free coding mechanism with codes that are assigned only by the medical coders who work as specialists in providing accurate codes through the latest software for various coding classifications.
  • Record Retrieval and Digitization: As industries have transformed in the digital age, the process of retrieving records and digitalising has become essential. With efficiency in tracking through digitised medium and ease record retrieval through a systemised mechanism, Ingenious BPO has been offering maintenance of the records by their digitised method.
  • Benefit Enrolment and Validation: Overcoming another hurdle for their clients, Ingenious BPO team with the benefits enrollment and validation service has been offering an efficient solution to a prolonged process of enrolment and validation. They offer to increase efficiency by performing the process on behalf of the clients with steps like verifications, processing of documents, application forms, submissions and approval.
  • Contact Centre Sales Solutions: Supporting the process of allowing client's products or services to reach the customers, Ingenious BPO team has leveraged the best ways to represent the client and provide the contact centre sales solution. The team ensures an effective service without understanding services in-depth and highlighting the same to the customers in the most presentable manner. The wide customer base and improve sales to a great degree.
  • Technical Support: Every new product requires technical support to ensure that the customers know how to use the product and this allows them to have a better chance of using the products. The service also provides them with the reassurance that they have the desired assistance when required.
  • Chat/ Email Support: With the new technology in the market, a lot of organizations are moving towards chat/email support. Keeping this in mind, Ingenious BPO has the technology to support companies which require this form of customer support.


Ingenious BPO has proved its presence as a game-changer in the market with quality solutions while taking care of the customer service, back-office solutions and the administrative tasks through their able management and deliver these solutions with smooth functionality. Having multiple locations throughout the world, finding the 'right staffs for the right processes has been acknowledged by Ingenious to ensure positive and strong relationships with the clientele.

"Besides the right personnel, we continue to look for ways to best automate certain processes that allow us to provide better resources, while also keeping our costs down that impact both us and our client partners. Our goal is to combine automation with the best employees to truly drive better costs into the industry while continuing to position the company for growth and success in the future," proudly shares Eric Quigley

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