Which is Better Web Hosting or WordPress Hosting?

Which is Better Web Hosting or WordPress Hosting?

Which is better web hosting or WordPress hosting? Actually, Web hosting and WordPress both are extraordinarily similar. But you need to understand the difference found in both types of hosting to run your website properly.

Today, a huge number of websites are powered by WordPress and they all need hosting. Web hosting is essential for every online business. To run your website, you need a web hosting plan but, choosing the right kind of package is confusing.

Presently, web hosting companies are offering different types of plans. The best hosting plan for your website means that it can help ensure that it works perfectly, stays secure and provides the best users experience. WordPress hosting offers many features and functions specially designed to make your website run at peak performance.

If you are new in the digital world and just get your website, it means you need to learn a lot of new terms and categories. To help you out, here's everything you need to know about web hosting and WordPress hosting, how they differ along with features worth paying for, and what to look for when purchasing for the right host for your specific website.

What is Web Hosting vs. WordPress Hosting?

Web Hosting: Web Hosting refers to some form of shared hosting, where numerous websites share the spaces and computing resources of one server. In his kind of web hosting, there are potentially thousands of different websites, all of them operating on different platforms. While general hosting services provide WordPress site-builders and applications, they also bring a wide assortment of other site builders and offer service for issues related to all of them.

Overall, the services and support offered under the general hosting services are not specially designed to accommodate WordPress-specific issues.

WordPress Hosting: Just like the web hosting service, WordPress hosting are also done in a shared server environment and plans are offered on different levels and cost varieties. The major difference is that your website will share a server exclusively with other WordPress installs. Also, service and support of WordPress hosting are tailored to the specific features of the WordPress site. All the solutions are specifically designed to give maximum boost to WordPress performance.

WordPress Hosting vs. Web Hosting Overview

WordPress software will run perfectly on standard Web Hosting. Most companies provide an auto-installer that makes the process smoother.

  • The hosting company can bring better at a global level.
  • It can be used to provide consistency.
  • And, it can provide a bundle that is a better value than you can purchase individually.

If a WordPress Hosting plan does not do any of those three conditions and takes more money then it's not a good deal.

Also, you do not need all the features offered by the hosting provider. Your goal as a customer is to understand what features you actually require

Advantages and Disadvantages of Web Hosting

  • The main advantages of web hosting are of low cost. It makes it the best option for a new website that will not require a lot of resources at the beginning just like a blog.
  • And because there are various customers on one server, downtime and technical issues are resolved quicker than other servers. Apart from all this, all the maintenance is handled by the web host. It means you do not need to have any knowledge of how servers function.
  • Okay, now the biggest drawback of this web hosting is that you are sharing the resources of the server with other websites. Hence, if another website gets high traffic sometimes, you may get fewer resources for your website during that time.
  • It is the biggest disadvantage of this hosting service that the impact your neighbour's actions can have on your website. If another website on your server decides to release malicious content that a search engine, Google, does not like, they ensure that the website does not rank on higher search engine ranks.
  • It highly affects your website's SEO, even if you are not doing anything.

Advantages and Disadvantages of WordPress Hosting

  • Performance is the main strong point of WordPress hosting. Websites with WordPress hosting have better load times, better security, automatic backups, and support that is knowledgeable about WordPress.
  • We know very well that WordPress comes pre installed that is excellent for those that are new to web development.
  • Many WordPress hosting plans are managed very well that means the hosting providers take care of the brunt of work when it is related to the server. It means if you are a web developer, you can spend time in designing content for your site and less time optimizing.
  • If we talk about the disadvantage of WordPress, it includes the higher asking price. No doubt, you get a lot of benefits from your investment, but many websites, especially new ones, do not require these many services.

Besides, as many hosting plans are managed, you get less control of your website. Managed WordPress hosting tries a one size fits all approach, but that typically provides you with fewer options to go for. It is not an ideal option for those who like to tweak their settings.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself?

Now you get a better understanding of web hosting vs. WordPress hosting, you need to know what you need. It is tough to choose the right hosting plan without understanding your own needs.

There are some basic questions you need to answer before looking at the web hosting plan.

What is your budget for the hosting plan?

Cost is a major deciding factor. The price of your hosting plan is the equivalent of renting space for business even much cheaper.

In case, you have just started a new website, you could easily go a year without making money off of a blog. Here, choosing the option that best suits your budget is compulsory.

Do you have a new website or an existing website?

A new website gets little traffic so here you do not need a lot of resources to get started.

For an existing website, you need to have clear statistics on your traffic by using tools like Google Analytics.

Here, the more traffic your website gets the more resources it needs.

What type of content are you planning?

  There are various kinds of websites and each produces different content Different types of content use varied resources.

For example, some kinds of websites like blogs rely on text-based content. While some rely more on images. In terms of file size, images and videos are heavier than text that means they use more resources.

Do you have previous experience or proper knowledge to manage your own server?

Very few people hold the expertise to manage your website. If you are just starting, you are going to need all the help you can get.

Your web host service provider can help you with this by providing additional management tools and quality support.

Do you want to stay limited to WordPress?

No doubt, WordPress is the most popular CMS available and many personal favourites, there are various others to select. If you want to try out other CMS, choosing a WordPress hosting can be a big mistake as the plan is geared towards that platform.

Which Plan Should You Go for?

Here, you should know that WordPress hosting is a very broad term and it provides multiple plans, like:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Shared WordPress Hosting
  • Dedicated WordPress Hosting
  • Unmanaged WordPress Hosting
  • Managed WordPress Hosting

Start Your Business Now with the Right Hosting Package

With the above comparison, there is no clear winner in the website vs. WordPress hosting, as each type of plan can run the gamut from a strong, feature-driven bargain to a shady, overpriced scam.

Go with a hosting company that's shared server configuration might outperform a bad provider's trumped-up WordPress hosting plan. If you have just started into WordPress, you might get overwhelmed and spend a huge amount for any recommended managed hosts, while flourishing businesses will probably expand beyond the capabilities of our best hosts that prioritize affordability.

No matter which route you find comfortable to go with, there is no substitute for a great hosting service. Suppose a company is excellent at shared hosting and support, they can be the perfect option for different WordPress websites.

Web hosting includes support levels, terminology, and costs all different as per the industry, but most web hosting accounts that use the Linux operating system supports the PHP programming language and covers the MySQL database management system will also allow you to run WordPress efficiently.

Experienced developers prefer a more powerful plan with a higher ceiling and first-time owners will go for a strong basic web hosting plan.

A small business website has different needs than a blogger who just wants to share his or her vacation photos.

In case, performance, security and stability are your major concern, it is better to upgrade your plan and go for premium managed hosting services. Your service provider will take care of your environment to meet your exact needs.

We hope this post, web hosting vs. WordPress hosting will help you in making your decision. Which is your choice web hosting or WordPress hosting? Share in the comment section below.

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