Types of Influencers in India, You Should Know

Types of Influencers in India, You Should Know

Influencer marketing is getting great popularity these days; as per the Google Trends, the popularity of the term grew by nearly 40% in 2018-2019. Apart from its popularity, influencer marketing has evolved significantly over the past few years.

Earlier, brands used to see the size of the influencer's audience to decide if they wanted to partner with an influencer, presently the focus has transferred to reliability and their influence on the brand's target audience.

The reliability of the influencer has become two times more important than popularity for people to follow influencers. People follow influencers that they are able to relate to.

If you want to collaborate with influencers to promote your product or brand, it is important to know the types of influencers with whom you can partner. It will help you identify the right influencers to create and execute better campaigns, and will help you take maximum advantages from your influencer marketing budget.

 Types of Influencers in India

Bloggers and Vloggers

Bloggers use a dedicated blog to publish content on a regular basis. Today, there are many popular bloggers in India with a highly engaged and loyal audience. They are very active on various social media platforms where they usually promote their content.

Just like bloggers, vloggers share content in the form of videos. They take advantages from different platforms like YouTube and Vimeo to share their content.

Bloggers and vloggers are the most popular types of influencers in India, and collaborating with them is a great way to renew your content strategy. It is also helpful in boosting brand awareness and generation leads for any business.

Mainstream Celebrities

The list of types of influencers in India is not complete without mentioning popular celebrities. They can be movie stars, models, musicians, athletes, sportspersons, and other popular social figures of mainstream media.

Such celebrities are appointed as brand ambassadors and become the faces of these brands. The audience of this category of influencers are often more generic and does not belong to any particular niche. If you are trying to focus on any particular audience it can be difficult with these types of social media influencers.


Photographers are some of the best content creators; they post high-quality content on social media. When we are talking about different types of influencers in India, photographers are the best kind.

The skills that they possess provide these social media stars with a golden chance to partner with brands from different industries. Many camera brands and marketers also work with these mega-influencers to promote their cameras and photography lenses.

Social Media Sensations

Social media stars share glimpses of their daily life and forge a strong rapport with their followers. These influencers gain popularity only on the basis of their social media presence.

While these types of influencers are considered to be niche experts, they possess the power to influence purchase decisions. It is because such influencers have more personal connections with their followers. They are perceived as real-life consumers instead of high-profile celebrities. Their followers are engaged and have faith in their recommendations.


Micro-influencers are those having a few hundred thousand or an even a smaller number of followers. But they are highly engaged fan communities about a highly specific niche. This is the reason why they are more likely to motivate their followers to take the desired action. It allows them to drive their audience towards a specific brand without overly promotional.

This is interesting that more than 81% of the active Instagram Influencers have less than 100,000 followers. They charge a smaller fee in comparison to a more popular influencer with millions of followers.

Many of them are open for other forms of compensation like giveaways and shootouts. Micro-influencers are a great option for those who do not have sufficient funds for an influencer marketing campaign.

Nano Influencers

Nano-influencers are also characterized by a small yet highly engaged social media following. They generally have a few thousands of followers and come in handy for small businesses.

What unique part about nano influencers is that they are devoted fans of a specific brand or product? They are likely to be vocal about this on their social media profiles. The right incentive can encourage them to become loyal advocates of your brand. Their followers are likely to perceive it as an authentic testimonial instead of a branded endorsement.

So, these are some famous types of influencers in India. If you are looking to collaborate with an influencer, you can go with any of them as per your target audience and offering.

If you have any question or doubt, feel free to ask in the comment section below. We will be happy to hear from you.

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