Top 5 Tips To Buy Genuine Car Parts

Top 5 Tips To Buy Genuine Car Parts

Top 5 Tips To Buy Genuine Car Parts

Top 5 Tips To Buy Genuine Car Parts

Over the past several years, India's rate of car ownership has grown significantly, and the market has flourished. Customers are now genuinely spoiled for choice as new competitors enter markets like compact sedans, compact SUVs, luxury hatchbacks, etc.

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Most of us consider owning a car one of our most significant accomplishments. When you finally get the vehicle you've always wanted, it's a beautiful sensation.

The nature of mechanisms, however, is that they deteriorate with time, and just like all the other machines in the world, your car has an engine and other mechanical components that worsen over time.

Consumers will undoubtedly require spare parts given the increasing volume of auto sales, and not all customers take their vehicles to authorized servicing facilities after the manufacturer's guarantee has expired.

As a result, individuals hunt for spare parts at aftermarket shops or online. However, there is a risk because many shops tend to sell knockoff alternatives for less money, and these parts are not only of lower quality but also perform better.

So, if you're trying to buy spare parts on your own, here is a list of considerations to ensure you continuously acquire authentic auto parts.

1. Check What You Need

To obtain the specific components required for replacement, consult your car's manual.

You must first determine which components you require and in what quantities. To avoid purchasing a part, you do not require or pass up a part you need; you must be clear about this.

If you were to replace the AC condenser in your automobile, be sure to order all the necessary pipes, hoses, and other supporting parts after determining what is needed to install the condenser. It is generally a good idea to jot down the list of the required parts.

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2. Research

A price list of all the components that commonly need maintenance is available from several manufacturers.

Always conduct thorough research. Once you've decided which parts you'll need, start looking into them to see if there are any alternatives from other reputable manufacturers, the price difference, whether buying online is more affordable than buying offline, etc.

You can also contact the authorized service centre or your neighbourhood spare parts distributor to find out if they have what you need. Make sure the part is fully compatible with your vehicle and compare brand pricing.

3. OEM Part Numbers

The best approach to be sure that parts are compatible is to confirm the OEM part number.

Your best bet when buying authentic spare parts online is to use OEM numbers. The numbers listed with actual manufacturers are known as OEM numbers. When you purchase spare parts online, it essentially functions as two-way authentication.

It is wise to write down OEM part numbers at all times. By phoning the authorized service station, you can learn the part number of any spare. The part numbers for every spare are readily available in the spare part catalogues provided by several manufacturers.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Top 5 Tips To Buy Genuine Car Parts</p></div>
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4. Shortlist Parts

Some aftermarket components increase dependability while simultaneously enhancing performance.

You must thoroughly compare prices before purchasing spare parts from an online retailer. It is always advisable to explore all the different markets that are providing you with the product and note the suggested prices before doing the same.

If you're looking for brake pads for your vehicle, you may check out the selections from numerous trusted companies, including Bosch, Brembo, etc. By doing so, you may compare their costs and choose the one that best meets your needs.

5. Check Payment & Shipping Options

You can also buy spare components from independent merchants online.

Once the necessary components have been added to your cart, always check the accepted payment options and select the one that seems the most comfortable to you. You can see the shipping costs (if any) and delivery window. By doing so, you may organize your schedule more effectively and schedule a convenient time with your technician to get the items fitted.


Your car needs servicing on schedule, and you should only use genuine replacement components. Genuine aftermarket components are trustworthy and deliver optimal performance, reducing the likelihood of auto malfunctions.

As these inexpensive substitutes result in greater wear and tear, don't last long, and sometimes even cause additional problems, using counterfeit spare parts to save a little money is not a good idea. It ultimately costs you more in the long run because you may have to pay astronomical repair costs. 

Maintain regular maintenance using genuine components to prevent problems.

By keeping in mind all of these suggestions, you'll be prepared to buy authentic, high-quality spare parts for your vehicle and show it the care it needs so that it can reward you with some genuinely remarkable drives and exceptional dependability.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Top 5 Tips To Buy Genuine Car Parts</p></div>
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