Top 5 Shoe Brands in India that You Should Definitely Buy

Top 5 Shoe Brands in India that You Should Definitely Buy
Top 5 Shoe Brands in India that You Should Definitely Buy

Looking for the best shoe brands in India? Well, you have landed in the right place.

Top 5 Shoe Brands in India that You Should Definitely Buy

With the emerging fashion trends in the last few years, footwear has become a matter of concern for people, especially for youth. Today, footwear plays a major role in overall appearance.

The increasing use and variety of footwear are leading to an upsurge in demand indicating higher growth prospects for the footwear industry. The Indian footwear market is expected to grow at a double-digit and by 2022; the total market is expected to be around Rs. 72,000 crores with a CAGR of 11%. 

Whether you are fashion-conscious or not, it is always important that your footwear is as per your outfit and occasion. Apart from the design and overall look, you also need to make sure that they are comfortable to wear.

To help you find your right shoes, we have shortlisted here top 5 shoe brands in India.

Top 5 Shoe Brands in India that You Should Definitely Buy
The Role of Branding in being a Bestseller


Reebok is one of the top 5 shoe brands in India. It was established in the year 1895 in

 England. This is a renowned brand in the sporting world and contemporary history. Since 2005, it has been part of even superior product Adidas. It unites several options, provides strength and grip that is vital for taking a weight, provides more liberty to get around, and even runs a short distance, and provides a fashionable look.

All the products by Reebok give a flexible, soft, and breathable and prey muck like sock wearing skill. There is sufficient strength for a deep workout that is pretty great. The brand offers shoes in multiple categories like Men's Girls, Women's Sports, Boys' and Classics.


Started with the vision to provide athletes with better shoes, Adidas is another popular name among the top 5 shoe brands in India. Adidas Ag is a multinational corporation. It was founded and headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany, that designs and manufactures shoes, smoothly sports, clothing and accessories.

Adidas generally offers comfortable sports shoes and sneakers. These shoes are an ideal option for running, adventure, trekking, and outdoor activities. Adidas was established by Adolf Dassler.

On a global level, the sports apparel market is mainly dominated by two major brands. One is Nike and the other is Adidas. What is unique about Adidas shoes is that they are all-rounder shoes. You can use them as running shoes and also formal shoes.

Top 5 Shoe Brands in India that You Should Definitely Buy
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Known for its unique and fashionable design and superior quality product range, Nike offers the best athletic shoes and other varieties of lightweight and durable shoes. The company was founded in January 1964, as Blue Ribbon Sports, by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. It officially became Nike, Inc. in May 1971.

Nike, Inc. is an American multinational corporation that is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing and global marketing and sales of footwear, equipment, apparel, accessories and services. Popular for its distinctive design and a huge range of casual shoes Nike never settles down with quality and comfort and never gives a second thought on putting an expensive price tag also.

Presently, Nike is the 6th most popular clothing and footwear brand across the world and counted among the top 5 shoe brands in India. 


One of the best shoes and apparel brands, Puma was started in the year 1948 when Rudolf Dassler and his brother Adolf Dassler agreed to spite. It sells its merchandise through online stores and retail outlets in India. It is a German multinational company that designs and manufacturer's athletic and casual footwear, apparel and accessories.

Puma can be a one-stop solution when you are looking for all-in-one which you want to wear on your informal party outfit and do not think twice to hit them hard in the gym, or just want a perfect party wear shoes.

Because of its affordable range and quality, Puma has gained great market reputation and growth.

Top 5 Shoe Brands in India that You Should Definitely Buy
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Woodland had been a popular name in the outdoor shoe industry. It was established in Quebec, Canada and it entered the Indian market in 1992. Woodland brings an extensive line of footwear, performance apparel, and outdoor gear; undoubtedly, it is in the leading position when you are looking for the top 5 shoe brands in India.

There is a category in Casual shoes, where nothing is better than Woodland shoe; it is Work shoe OR Boots. Along with its wide range of Normal Boots, Outdoor lovers have at least one pair of Woodland Hiking Boots in their Hiking Kit.

When it comes to durability, Woodland shoes are a one-time investment for you.

These are the top 5 shoe brands in India. Which is your favorite brand? Have we missed any important brand names? Let us know in the comment section below.

Top 5 Shoe Brands in India that You Should Definitely Buy
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Top 5 Shoe Brands in India that You Should Definitely Buy
Top 5 Shoe Brands in India that You Should Definitely Buy
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