Top 10 Healthy Habits of Successful People

Top 10 Healthy Habits of Successful People

Ever wondered what Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett thought and how do they work. What goes on behind the scenes of the billionaires' lives? What are the top 10 healthy habits of successful people every aspiring entrepreneur should know? Well, we cannot get into their minds, but we can see and analyse what they do, their actions which reflect their thinking.

Their success, lifestyle, cars, possesions are of course cause for jealousy and all wanna be successful people have to understand what the non-glamourous parts of being a rich, successful and content person, which is the ultimate goal for life. Yes, it isn't bed of roses, it is hard work and some may not like this cliché, but it is true, there is no shortcut to hard work, not even smart work.

Well, before we digress to the debate of hard work vs smart work. Lets us just get into the top healthy habits of successful people:

Waking Up Early:

Yes, sleepless nights are a part of successful people's life. But, waking up early is also a part you cannot afford to avoid, literally and metaphorically. Waking up early is a magic trick that adds additional hours to your schedule. Whether you use it for exercise or work enhancement. Essentially, the first habit, from the top healthy habits of successful people, offers you the best gift of control. You can control how you spend the very initial hours of your day and offers you a sense of confidence.


I can relate, to those, who have read the academic books for years and now, even the fanciest books, don't excite them. For non-readers who want to grow, their knowledge and skills, books are great options and now we have modern solutions for these modern problems. Audio Books and Podcasts. The CEO Magazine has many such options laid out for you in our blogs like "BEST INDIAN BUSINESS PODCASTS 2020", "SMALL BUSINESS PODCAST, 'EXPRESS' YOUR BRAND'S VOICE", and "What Books do CEOs Read? A CEO Reading List". You can with anything. Successful people are always learning and upping their game. This is indeed included in top healthy habits of successful people list. From "rags to riches stories" "top marketing hacks, each book will offer you patience, knowledge and insight into how successful people have worked.

Focused Thinking:

You cannot be in the top most influential people lists in the world's famous magazines and have a stable life. It is meant to have challenges. And being successful does not mean any problem, just the perspective to view the problems as challenges that you will solve. So, focused thinking is a time you devote to think in isolation focused on your career, health, personal relationships, etc. It is an investment of sorts on healthy being.


Virat Kohli, the Indian Cricket Team Captain and his team are perfect examples of how fitness, as a priority, can drastically change your life. This investment will tone your body and career. A big percentage of the successful and rich people carve out 30 minutes of the time doing aerobic exercise like jogging, biking or walking each day. The top healthy habits of successful people are indeed focused on saving unwanted expenses later in life.

The Company:

When it comes to health, mental health cannot be ignored. So, who is your company matters as well? Whom you communicate with, is very important. You are as successful as people you communicate with. Change your company you will release that your thinking will change. You can change from complainers to focused individuals. Most successful people spend their time with other positive, motivated individuals. Take any self0made millionaire, their story is, of course, theirs but who was beside them at the right point of time, was the game-changer. So, volunteer to meet people who can be that for you. Avoid spending your energy on toxic, negative people.

Controlled Watch:

Time-waters is a term, most successful people do not relate with. They are people who like to be in control and hence do what it takes to achieve success. It is also the most essential thing you have to do to keep your mental health in check. The controlled watch is a term to ensure that you reflect on what you do when you are on your mobile phone. The growing problem for every age group today, mobiles seem to have attractive designs, endless content, and essentially everything else to keep you engaged on loop before your body surrenders and dozes off. So, rather than letting companies use your time as a product, you use your time as an important resource and invest it wisely. The practice of this top healthy habits of successful people will get you there.


Every successful person works with the vision of achieving goals, Be it small personal goals like exercising or long term goals of achieving billion dollars of revenues or expanding worldwide. Now, you ask yourself, whether you have this habit or not. Practice continuous learning and time management for the same.

The Actions:

We cannot talk about the "Top Healthy habits of Successful People", not talk about mention that they say that they achieved everything by just imagining. Sitting with hand crossed is never the path successful people take, they always work towards it with all they have got. There is no other way to go about it.


A value that you cannot overlook, honesty, be it with people or themselves. The reality Principle in everything they do, allows them to be comprehensively objective with them and the world around them.

Pursue Their Own Goals:

You mental health cannot be improved if you engage yourself in negative self-talk and compare yourself with others. Each story has its course, no investment, no relationship, no opportunity will come to you as it did you the person you are comparing yourself with. But, you have to make sure you seize every opportunity you get, invest in relationships you have and climb the ladder to achieve your dreams and goals and pursue them.

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