The Role of Analytics in Shaping Modern Indian Cricket

The Role of Analytics in Shaping Modern Indian Cricket

Cricket is one of the top sports where technology has played a larger role in deciding outcomes. This is quite different from the world of football or other sports where technology has been making a presence felt only in recent years. The use of technology has led to the collection of valuable data, which is now starting to shape the world of cricket. The use of analytics and data can be seen even on the top cricket betting sites, where predictions and suggestions are more accurate than before.

Data analytics is playing a vital role when it comes to the selection of players. Unlike a few decades ago when national team matches were the key consumer of player data, many franchises have cropped up in recent years thanks to leagues like the Indian Premier League, Big Bash League, and Caribbean Premier League. Such franchises work on improving their squad by bringing in players who best suit their requirements. Rather than a blind approach towards player acquisition, data is being used by these franchises to compare several players and pick the right one at a fair valuation.

Player Selection

It is no longer sufficient to analyse a player through basic stats like wickets, strike rate, runs, and more. If a bowler is being analysed for his effectiveness, the economy rate will be pitched up alongside his teammates. This will help provide more information about the effectiveness of the player rather than just looking at individual stats. If a specific player has an average economy of 7 while his teammates have an average economy of 8, he is a great choice. Vice versa, a franchise can easily identify a weak link within the player in a similar situation.

Analysis of Performance

Apart from bringing in more suitable players, data analytics can also have a significant impact in providing the right tools for the current players to improve further. The right type of data analysis can help focus on the strengths and weaknesses of a player. If a player is going through an extended run of poor form, coaches can use the analytics to bring about a difference to their game. For example, if a batsman has been struggling for form in recent matches, the data analytics can say more about the bat angle, impact of the batting order, timing of the shot, and more.

Analysis of the Opposition

Apart from focusing on their strengths and weaknesses, teams do an in-depth study of the opposition to prepare for matches. This study involves looking at the strengths, weaknesses, and strategies of an opposition. This helps in coming up with plans which are tailor-made for a specific match. These plans have a huge impact on the outcome of the game and data is vital in understanding the opposition in great detail. The analysis is also likely to involve data about the upcoming pitch and weather conditions as well.

Prevention of Injuries

Data analytics is increasingly being used by teams to make sure that their players do not end up on the treatment table. The analytics can help identify several aspects like workload and signs of fatigue. A player who has been overworked is more likely to suffer from injuries and this is especially true in the case of a fast bowler. Data analytics can help prevent situations where a player is used beyond the optimum limit.

There is little denying that data analytics is a key part of the modern game. The decisions and strategies taken by a team using this data have led to the game involving positively. There are fewer injuries and games are more competitive than ever before.

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