"If you think that the internet has changed your life, think again. The Internet of Things is about to change it all over again!" Brendan O'Brien

Each time one comes across this term of 'Internet of Things', it raises a number of perplexing reactions, vague guesses and radical.

How many of us have ever tried to figure out the existence of new things, nothing appears magically, but more often than not are a result of meandering steps in the process of a butterfly effect. Certain events take place as planned and certain reroute and reach to a dimension of a new and larger perspective, opening doors to a technological breakthrough.

'Internet of things' is one such breakthrough, so what is IoT, how does it impact you or where did it all start from, without diving into the deeply complicated threads of it, let's understand the basics simply first.

So let's say for starters, even while you are reading this post, you are connected with the internet through your tablet, phone or desktop and this is a luxury that didn't exist till a few years ago. Well, this exactly is what the 'Internet of things' means, connecting all possible devices to the internet.

It all started in the 1980s and 1990s when the idea of adding intelligence and sensors to everyday objects came on the table; in fact, some arguments take it even earlier. Earlier though the progress rate was so slow for several projects because the technology still hadn't advanced enough.

The idea for beginning this IoT partly also came from the technology dependent on radio frequencies which connected several devices, bit gradually the notion changed and IP networking took over which presently allows devices to exchange information. One of the first examples of IoT developing in the early 80s was by the company Coca Cola in Carnegie Melon University where they had installed a refrigerated appliance that was connected to the internet and was operated by the local programmers.

The developments kept taking place over the years but a breakthrough came in 2000 when the IoT industry hit its first substantial milestone with LG introduced the world's first refrigerator connected to the internet, the Internet Digital DIOS. A number of developments further took place over the year and it was only amazing how swiftly the transformations were happening. Later in 2008 came another big break when IPSO Alliance formed a partnership among industry partners to promote connectivity for devices.

When you look at the absolute scenario, it is a happy realisation that strikes encouraging the fact that the world is only changing for better and more comfort. But you'll be surprised to know that 'Internet of Things' was not always the apple of the eye in the realm of electronics, it was only n the recent years that it witnessed this modern incorporation. In fact today the vertical has crossed a plethora of barriers and intercourse itself into our daily loves immensely. From our televisions, to our security systems, everything is interconnected. The rapid change since 2000 has been only a marvel to look at.

The capabilities of the network expansion have amplified; we live in an innovative era where the building of a new standard or encompassing the data analytics tools has pushed the need for internet connectivity to the top.

But the evolution didn't stop there, in 2013; IoT became all the more dominant and obvious because of its evolution using multiple technologies at once and otherwise. the complete automation of buildings and homes, the ideas of smart city, wireless networks, GPS, control systems and more, all these things further cement the growing concept of IoT. The time doesn't seem too far in the future when all the things that humans can do would be possible with modern technologies and IoT, we already have achieved the status of Robots that efficiently have mirrored us immensely.

'Internet of Things' is transforming the world at a rapid pace and shows the picture of a promising tomorrow with a number of creative bends incorporated to it. The chances are high that soon we would be living in a space where you may not have to move an inch to know whose' ringing your bell, and if you want to open the door or not, you may even be able to talk to them sitting from wherever you are at that moment. Everything will be connected to your Smartphone, even the front doors of your house. Also, how great would it be to wake up to a nice cup of your favourite beverage, because your alarm clock is connected to your beverage machine and signals it when it's time for you to wake up or owning a watch that tracks your work efficiency and gives you a report each evening, such a fancy life. These small-big amenities and comforts aren't too far, IoT it effectively going to make lives simpler and convenient.

Effortlessness and comfort are the key elements that IoT has managed to successfully provide and is only moving ahead for more. All it needs is access to all your devices and interconnect them efficiently to make your life less of a hassle. This age of technologically driven generation seems exciting, promising and full of new mind-blowing innovations built with creative ideas and expertise.

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