The Advantages of Being a Woman in Business

The Advantages of Being a Woman in Business

The Advantages of Being a Woman in Business

Despite being outnumbered by their male counterparts, female founders are stepping into a world of unparalleled opportunity in entrepreneurship. Women-owned businesses have been experiencing rapid growth, outpacing their male-owned counterparts, and are primed for even greater success ahead.

This surge in success can be attributed to the unique attributes and advantages that female founders bring to the table. Despite facing historical barriers and systemic challenges, women entrepreneurs and professionals are breaking through glass ceilings, rewriting the narrative, and redefining success. While the journey may be arduous, there are undeniable perks and advantages to being a woman in business that contribute to their resilience and success.

Unique Perspective

Female founders undeniably bring a distinctive viewpoint to the entrepreneurial landscape, particularly in marketing products or services tailored to women. Their unique experiences often lead to the creation of innovative offerings that may have been overlooked in male-dominated industries.

This unique outlook extends beyond product development to encompass the overall management and ethos of the business. There is a growing recognition of the need to infuse organisations with more joy and purpose. Merely pursuing profitability is no longer sufficient; leaders must consider how their actions can positively impact the world for present and future generations.

Female founders bring more than just business acumen to the table; they offer a holistic approach that prioritises both profit and purpose, setting a new standard for success in the entrepreneurial sphere.

Women are Better at Collaborating and Networking

Research consistently highlights women's superior collaborative abilities, which significantly impact their business outcomes. Instead of prioritising competition, female founders tend to emphasise collaboration to achieve mutually beneficial results. This innate strength is often associated with traits traditionally considered feminine.

Women excel at building meaningful connections and nurturing relationships. Through networking events, mentorship programs, and professional associations, women leverage their extensive networks to exchange ideas, seek guidance, and forge partnerships. These connections provide invaluable support, mentorship, and opportunities for growth, empowering women to thrive in their careers and businesses.

Empathy and Emotional Intelligence

Empathy and emotional intelligence are increasingly recognised as essential leadership traits. Women tend to excel in these areas, fostering inclusive and supportive work environments where employees feel valued and empowered. By prioritising empathy, women leaders cultivate loyal teams, boost morale, and foster a culture of collaboration and trust, driving organisational success.

The underlying principle is straightforward: female founders are eager to support one another. The aim is to establish strong connections between female founders and employees, fostering a vibrant community dedicated to mutual assistance and growth.

More Available Funding

Despite the underrepresentation of women in venture capital investments, there has been notable progress in providing more funding resources to female founders. The emergence of women from various adjacent sectors joining the VC industry with extensive operational experience signals a growing trend. These women are increasingly playing a pivotal role in providing fellow female founders with additional access to funding and guidance, contributing to their success.

The key to expanding female founders' access to capital lies in increasing the number of knowledgeable female investors who can support their peers. Mentorship and peer-led resources are crucial in facilitating women's involvement in this space, thereby amplifying funding opportunities for female entrepreneurs.

While obstacles and disparities persist in funding for female founders, significant improvements have been made, offering many women a better start than they would have had in the past.

Efficient Multitasking and Time Management Abilities

In the bustling life of a founder, managing numerous tasks is par for the course, especially for small teams. Fortunately, research supports the notion that women excel in multitasking, maintaining composure and organisation while juggling various responsibilities.

Balancing professional responsibilities with personal commitments is a hallmark of many women in business. Women's adeptness at multitasking and effective time management enables them to juggle diverse roles and responsibilities seamlessly. Their ability to prioritise tasks, delegate effectively, and stay organised enhances efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

Studies highlight women's adeptness in multitasking, showing they experience less slowdown when handling multiple tasks simultaneously and are skilled at devising effective strategies in such scenarios. While avoiding multitasking generally leads to better performance, the inherent ability to stay organised amid multiple responsibilities remains a valuable strength in today's fast-paced business environment.


The advantages of being a woman in business are manifold and undeniable. Despite historical barriers, female founders are spearheading unprecedented growth, rewriting norms, and reshaping the entrepreneurial landscape. Their unique perspective, collaborative nature, empathy, increased access to funding, and exceptional multitasking abilities position them as formidable leaders in today's dynamic business world. As they continue to break barriers and redefine success, the future holds even greater promise for women in business, driving innovation, diversity, and inclusive prosperity for all.

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