Going to the movies is so much more than just the movie one will be watching as the experience is the prime focus. From watching a romantic movie with a partner to watching a movie with the family, the experience is what matters, the most and although movies are a form of entertainment for everyone, the experience changes from one cinema theatre to another. In this article, we are going to talk about the Luxurious Theatres, with experience entertainment.

Focused on the affluent audience, well, there are theatres across the world which focuses on delivering services at the theatre with attention to detail and overall experience beyond just the theatre screen which is something that their business model's foundation is placed on.

Now, if I may ask, how much did you spend when you went to the movies last time. Well, the fact that presently every experience to the movies costs a high amount of money, most of which is not for the tickets but for the popcorn and drinks you buy at the theatre.

While the self-service option is availed by many people at these theatres when it comes to luxurious theatres, the experience is on the next level. Imagine being snuggled into a cinema recliner with buttery popcorn in your lap and a sound system so effective that you can feel like it's channeled directly into your temporal lobe. With the new, coolest, most luxurious theatres in the world that we have listed for you today which should be on your must-visit list:

An Iconic Cinema, Academy Awards Location for 3 Years

The TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles, originally and still commonly known as Grauman's Chinese Theatre, is regarded as one of the most famous movie theatres on the planet. Opened in 1927, this theatre has been an iconic part of Hollywood history and been a home to many premieres.

It hosts countless major premieres every year, along with some birthday parties, corporate junkets. It is also a location for three Academy Awards ceremonies and has even appeared in a fair few movies itself. The grand interior is exactly what you'd expect from Hollywood's crown jewel which is intensely colorful and extravagant to the extreme.

Wondering what's the cost to watch a movie here? Well, a jaw-dropping, recognizable venue, however, doesn't come cheap with the standard price of a movie ticket here being 16 dollars and it can amplify to 20 dollars if you are watching a major release in 3-D or IMAX.

The Ultimate Movie Experience

The nationwide chain of theatres located in New York offers the "ultimate theatre experience,". And its New York branches certainly represent a decent attempt at being the costliest. The premium plus seat allows one to have privacy along with the individual pod-like double seats in each screen, a blanket, and pillow, and full table service with a range of drinks, snacks, or even a meal available to you before or during the movie. What more can one ask for in the "ultimate" experience?

$32 is the cost of this experience and that is just for ticket and the food and drink costs a fair bit on top that you should be ready for.

A Bath At The Movies

The perfect blend of love for off-the-wall "event" screenings and high cost of living; means it's one of the most expensive places to see a movie in the world. Hot Tub Cinema is, well, exactly what it sounds like. A screen and a dozen hot tubs make the name of the cinema come to reality as the

It's expensive and it costs over $45. However, it's cheaper if you pay for a private tub and split it between six. Which is a better option because who would want to watch a movie with strangers in a bathtub?

India's Leading PVR Cinemas' Most Premium

A brand that originated as Priya Cinema in South Delhi, which was bought by Ajay Bijli's father in 1978. PVR Cinemas Theatre Director's Cut allows one to enter another world and experienced before in a cinema hall.

With dedicated concierge service guarantees a smooth experience for booking tickets, priority bookings, corporate bookings, private screening; hosting events and special occasions, and more. It also offers gourmet in-auditorium food & beverage experience.

With its four auditoria, a restaurant, a cafe, a bar, a patisserie, lounge, and a bookshop devoted to movies; one can get the premium experience at a worth Indian Rs 800-Rs 1,000.

Bottom Line

Presently, there are various reasons one may avoid visiting a theatre with streaming services; rising ticket prices, these places are offering something unique. Visit these places and get the premium exclusive experiences you are searching for. Across the world, there are still many theatres that are giving the opportunity to the audience; who love movies with a unique twist which makes them luxurious as well. After all who does not want a premium and exclusive experience, the new luxury in the present era.

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