Profitable Business in India with Low Investment and High Profit

Profitable Business in India with Low Investment and High Profit

Nowadays people are looking for the start a small business and with the low investment and high profit. Every entrepreneur wants in business is a small investment business idea and high profits. Many people aspire to have a business of their own with low investment and good returns. However, filtering a business idea is not that easy. There are several small business ideas with low investment, however, every business may or may not be profitable. Here we are providing list of some business that you can
start as an entrepreneur with the low investment and get the high profit.

Organic farming

If you possess knowledge about farming and have a piece of land, you can start organic farming on it. Grow organic fruits, vegetables and cereals and see their demand. Since everyone has become health conscious now, this could turn into good small profitable business idea.

Technical Freelancer

If you have some of the geek qualities in your blood and the knowledge of any programming language you can easily get hired by just posting your resume and work experience (optional) to any website that hires freelancers. The investment will be minimum and sometimes even nothing.

Meditation Center

Everyone has a busy schedule, hectic life, and a lot of work stress nobody can live a healthy life. Your Yoga and meditation center will help people to fight with all these never-ending problems. The investment will just be a good place and some workers. You can also hire a trainer if you don't have
knowledge of Yoga and meditation.

Customized gift store

Therefore the customized gift store serve customer by offering customized gifts as per their requirement like printed t-shirts, mugs, customized photo album, articles and goodies etc. It can be worked online too. This is one of the creative small business ideas.


Blogging is one business that can give us a high profit. Our investment only in the form of the ability in writing a blog, an Internet connection, and a laptop or PC. It's very simple but it can deliver high profits. If the blog you create ranks first on Google, then the blogger can be paid by Google. This is really beneficial and easy to start. Additionally, blogging is being done by many people and they are earning filthy money without investment.

Event Organizer

If you are starting a business then it is necessary that most important skills for this business are your personality and event management skills. So it is like wedding planning, it requires a large amount of hard work to acquire the first clients in an event management business and the scale is dependent on the value that is added to the initial set of clients, as word-of-mouth is a huge source of publicity in both the businesses.

On the other hand, event management can grow faster as it caters to a larger audience, whereas wedding planning deals with a niche vertical. From birthday parties to client meetings in corporate companies are all handled by professional event managers.

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