Shreya Lamba

Nourishing Kids and Empowering Moms with The Mumum Co.
Shreya Lamba

Shreya Lamba

In the realm of entrepreneurship, innovation often begins with identifying a problem and nurturing an idea into a solution. Shreya Lamba, the co-founder of The Mumum Co., embodies this spirit of creativity and problem-solving. Alongside her partner, Farah Nathani, Shreya embarked on a mission to revolutionise children's snacking in India, a journey that would change the lives of both kids and mothers.

The Mumum Co.: A Tale of Two Moms

The story of The Mumum Co. revolves around the vision of two determined mothers, Shreya and Farah. The catalyst for their entrepreneurial journey was the realisation that children frequently indulge in small meals throughout the day, requiring a variety of snacks. However, they discovered a significant gap in the market—healthy, ready-to-eat, preservative-free snacks for kids were virtually non-existent in India.

A Vision Unites

In 2016, fate brought Farah and Shreya together. Shreya, already the co-founder of The Mommy Network, shared Farah's vision of creating healthier snacking alternatives for children. Their shared passion for the cause united them on an entrepreneurial journey aimed at transforming the snacking landscape in India.

Together, they set out to develop a range of daily and weekly snack boxes that would not only be nutritious but also a source of delight for children. This dynamic duo was on a mission to build a brand that stood firmly on the "Mum's Promise": No Preservatives, No Added Sugar, No Artificial Flavors, No Added Colors, No Gluten, and No Maida—simply, no junk!

Conquering Challenges

Taking on established FMCG giants is no easy feat. Building a scalable food brand in India's manufacturing landscape presented its share of challenges. Standardised contract manufacturing facilities were readily available, but expertise for innovative and novel products like those envisioned by The Mumum Co. was limited. Farah and Shreya decided to make a difference by launching unique products, forging ahead with automated processes to ensure consistent quality, and working tirelessly to deliver high-quality products to children nationwide.

A Taste of Success

The Mumum Co. now boasts three product lines that are a testament to Farah and Shreya's unwavering commitment to health and innovation. Cool Crunchies offer multi-grain puffs made from ingredients like Ragi, Jowar, and Corn, blended with real fruit and vegetable powders. Mighty Melties, described as a "smoothie in a bag," contain 100% real fruit that is freeze-dried to preserve its nutrients—much like astronaut food. The Punchy Protein Puffs, the latest addition to the product portfolio, are crafted from Indian super grains, including Amaranth (Rajgira) and Jowar.

These innovative snacks are designed to offer maximum natural nourishment in every bite, equivalent to a whole serving for a child. The Mumum Co. partnered with pediatrician and food scientists to ensure that each snack pack meets the highest quality and nutritional standards.

The Road Ahead

Launched just two years ago, The Mumum Co. has already made its mark in over 200 stores across Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, and Pune. It is available in renowned retail chains like Nature's Basket, Foodhall, and Modern Bazaar and through online platforms such as Amazon, Big Basket, FirstCry, Scootsy, BabyChakra, and its own website.

The Mumum Co. is expanding its reach across tier 1 and tier 2 cities in India, serving more pin codes through online channels. The brand also aims to expand its range of products to offer a broader selection of snacking flavours and textures, fulfilling the daily and weekly snacking needs of children.

Shreya Lamba and Farah Nathani have not only created a successful business but have also empowered mothers and children by offering a healthier and tastier alternative in the snacking landscape. Their story is an inspiring example of how vision, innovation, and commitment can lead to positive change in the lives of many.


Shreya Lamba's journey with The Mumum Co. underscores the power of collaboration and determination. Her entrepreneurial spirit, combined with Farah's vision, has given rise to a brand that has redefined the concept of children's snacks. The Mumum Co. is a testament to the idea that entrepreneurial success can be achieved while making a positive impact on society, particularly for mothers and their children.

As The Mumum Co. continues to grow and make healthy snacking more accessible to children across India, Shreya Lamba and Farah Nathani serve as inspiring role models for aspiring entrepreneurs and mothers who wish to balance their careers and motherhood, proving that creative solutions can bring about a brighter, healthier future for all.

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