5 Most Popular Gamers in India – E-sport in India

5 Most Popular Gamers in India – E-sport in India

5 Most Popular Gamers in India – E-sport in India

5 Most Popular Gamers in India – E-sport in India

With the increasing interest in an e-sport, more and more popular gamers are emerging. There are many events for gamers who are promoting the gaming culture, the bigger price comes with awesome matches and these matches bring awesome players. India is filled with talented gamers and they need a great amount of reorganization and respect. Following is the list of most popular gamers in India

  1. Ankit Panth (V3nom) – Counter-Strike GO

Ankit is a humble and hardworking man; he is living his dream of becoming a pro gamer. He comes from a middle-class family so he never had much help from his family. He is not only a gamer but also a DJ and a fitness influencer as well.

Like in every middle-class family, he was also misunderstood for being in a bad influence as he used to play video games all day. Ankit feels good to prove everyone wrong.

  1. Saransh Jain- FIFA

Saransh was just a normal school going kid from Pune and he never thought of being a pro gamer but one day there was a local tournament for FIFA and he participated in that just for fun and he won with a dominant performance. This made him realize that there can be a career in professional gaming. This made him the popular gamer in Pune.

He is now aiming to become the best in the whole of Asia.

  1. Aditya Singh Nathawat (Spammy)- Fortnite

Aditya started playing counter-strikes with his friends in a gaming cafe this has led him to his journey of being a pro gamer.  He has a desire to be the best in whatever game he plays to be it warcraft or Fortnite. He is now a plays Fortnite professionally and his dream is to grow his youtube channel and win the Fortnite World Cup.

  1. Vastal Uniyal (NGHTMRE2K)- Overwatch

Vastal started playing games when he was only 12 years of age. He used to play counter-strikes with his friends by skipping cricket coaching. With his newly developed passion for gaming, he went deeply into how to game operates and soon formed a strong bond with gaming. He always wanted to become a popular gamer and his dream do come into reality when he won the NVIDIA Geforce cup. This has skyrockets his confidence and now he plays for Global esports and he wants to put all of his efforts to be the best.

  1. Simar Sethi (Psy)- Counter-Strike: GO

Moving to Mumbai was the best thing ever happened to Simar, his friends were so excited for the game counter-strike: GO and he also got excited and got indulged as well. One day his friend bought him a copy of counter-strike and he got hooked to it.

From that day, he is now one of the most popular gamers and elite in India. He has to go through some difficult phase when he injured his hand with Repetitive strain injury (RSI) but this doesn't stop his dream of becoming the best in the given game.

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