Review of Joker’s Jewels Slot

Review of Joker’s Jewels Slot
Review of Joker’s Jewels Slot

Review of Joker’s Jewels Slot

Review of Joker’s Jewels Slot

If there is one thing we can say for certain about the modern online slot industry, it is that there is seemingly no limit to what the developers such as NetEnt, Microgaming and the rest can think possible these days.

Seriously, it is true: when you look at the extent to some online slots' bonus features and graphics at the moment it can be seriously bewildering – some games even look like they should be played on a console, not a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.

By and large this is sensational news for us slot gambling aficionados, as it makes it very difficult to tire of the online slot world, especially when there are new games coming out pretty much every week.

However, with all this being said, there are also a lot of slot gamblers who miss the older and simpler days. Sometimes modern online slots can simply be a bit much, and that's why the classic online slot world has experienced such a boom in recent years. 

Pretty much every developer now has their own series of classic slots to cater for those of us who have grown tired of modern online slot universe, and they all do terrifically well. Take Pragmatic Play's highly regarded slot Jokers Jewels, one that managed to merge the worlds of classic and modern online slots with a particularly deft touch.

And anyway, should that even be that surprising? Especially when you consider how successful Pragmatic Play have been in recent years.

The Maltese based online slot developer have received multiple awards over the last few years, with things such as EGR's Software Rising Star in 2017 and Innovation in Slot Provision in 2018. You can therefore expect a game like Joker's Jewels to be top quality if it comes from Pragmatic Play, shall we find out? 

Review of Joker’s Jewels Slot
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About Joker's Jewels and its overall aesthetic 

Joker's Jewels forms part of Pragmatic Play's classic slots back-catalogue, and as a result this online slot takes particular inspiration from the world of old school vintage slot machines, using many of the symbols and motifs present in these now-dated gambling games.

That is not to say that Joker's Jewels looks dated, however, as Pragmatic Play have done a wonderful job of giving this classic slot game a modern kind of sheen. Aesthetically speaking everything is made to echo the classic Las Vegas slots hall appearance, with rich colours and an opulent theme permeating throughout the game throughout. 

As for the symbols one can encounter whilst playing Joker's Jewels, these are all made to fit perfectly with the theme, and you can also see that Pragmatic Play have put a lot of effort into the creation of every single one, a refreshing thing to see in the current online slot market where some developers don't seem to be putting enough emphasis on the strength of their symbols.

But anyway, during Joker's Jewels players can expect to see things like 3 glittering jewels; a mysterious pearl, a glimmering diamond, and a shiny ruby – all symbols that come under the low paying category.

Next up are a pair of pom-pom garnished boot cuts, 3 colourful juggling clubs and a lute, finally followed by the highest paying icon that is the joker's face.

As you may have noticed, Pragmatic Play have completely done away with any playing card icons, a refreshing touch that makes Joker's Jewels that little bit more immersive to play. 

About Joker's Jewels and its overall game mechanics 

In terms of how Joker's Jewels plays it is also fairly similar to a lot of the other classic slots on the market, and if it were not so than it wouldn't be a very good classic slot, so we will let this lack of uniqueness here slide.

The action plays out on the standard 5 reel system that is employed in the vast majority of other online slot games, so it shouldn't be too difficult for even the largest of novices to know how to play.

One thing that some online slot gamblers will be a little upset about is the relatively low number of pay lines. Joker's Jewels only has 5 of these which is quite a small number in today's online slot climate, however you have to remember that this is a classic style online slot, so at least it fits the theme.

And anyway, a reduced number of pay lines isn't exactly the worst thing, for one it makes it a lot easier to keep on top of what is going on whilst you spin the reels. 

Review of Joker’s Jewels Slot
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Gamblers will be happy to know that Joker's Jewels' RTP – or Return To Player – comes in at a highly respectable 96.5%, meaning that there is more than enough of a chance that you will walk away from a session on it with heavier pockets.

Pragmatic Play have also included an auto play feature here, meaning that online slot gamblers can spin those reels without even pressing a button! In a nice touch the Maltese developer have also given a number of controls in relation to this, meaning that you will never be left in the awkward position of leaving a game on auto play and losing lots of money. 

About Joker's Jewels and its bonus features 

This being a classic style online slot, Joker's Jewels doesn't really have that many bonus features to speak about, at least in regard to the type of offerings we are used to seeing across the online slot market. 

About Pragmatic Play and other slots by them 

Pragmatic Play are relative newcomers to the online slot industry, having only been established about half a decade ago. However, despite their tender age the Maltese based company have firmly established themselves as quality online slot developers, with a wealth of successful titles firmly under their belt. Just take a look at some of these: 

Review of Joker’s Jewels Slot
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  • Lucky New Year

  • Dwarven Gold Deluxe

  • Treasure House

  • The Dog House 

Joker's Jewels: The Verdict 

If it is a classic style online slot that you are after you cannot really go wrong with Joker's Jewels, as it is a meticulously crafted vintage online slot. The lack of any bonus features will annoy some gamblers, but for us it is just part of the fun!

Review of Joker’s Jewels Slot
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Review of Joker’s Jewels Slot
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Review of Joker’s Jewels Slot
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