Slots ludo: What is their point?

Slots ludo
Slots ludo

Slots ludo: What is their point?

Every modern person wants to receive additional income. At the same time, the amount of free time often does not allow looking for additional work. An alternative is betting in a casino, which everyone can pay attention to.

For gambling, it will be enough to use the services of a platform trusted by a vast audience of Indians.

Such an institution is the Parimatch casino, which can provide excellent service, as well as many other benefits for its players. The latter only need to go through a short registration procedure to be able to place real money bets. Play Ludo online at Parimatch and get solid dividends, for the withdrawal of which you can use:

  • electronic wallets;

  • bank cards;

  • bank transfers.

The casino operates under a valid license. All machines in the catalog are created by well-known developers. If gamblers have any additional questions, they can be asked to the support service at any convenient time.

Features of the Ludo machine

Like any other popular slot machine, Ludo offers to bet in a paid or free mode. In the first case, the player must have a deposit, which must contain an amount sufficient for the bet. In the second, you can start the machine even without registration.

The game starts when all players have made a bet. The minimum bet is 50 coins. Before starting the gameplay, you can also make certain settings in the game to adjust it to your style of gambling.

The game is designed for 2-4 players. The winner receives the stakes of other gamblers. What does it take to win at Ludo? To do this, players just need to move their figures from one end of the playing field to the opposite.

After the start of the game, gamblers cannot leave it without losing their bet. You have to move 4 pawns at once, which are initially on the starting cell.

There are 68 cells in the game, four of which are marked with circles. This suggests that any game pieces can be placed on them. Each player also has 7 squares in front of the goal square (the larger triangular square in the center of the board) where only the player's pawns can move. These boxes are the same color as the player's pawns.

How to play Ludo slot?

One of the pieces at the beginning of the game is moved to the starting field, while the rest are in-home positions. Players can only move the next pawn if the dice rolled the number five. The player must move the pawn out of the house each time unless they have all already left the starting position.

With a double five dropped on the dice, the player can simultaneously move two pawns that remain in the home position. When identical images appear on the dice, players can make a move again.

If two pawns are on the same box, then this leads to the formation of a barrier. Barriers prevent the passage of other pawns, so any of them can be captured.

The game is distinguished by the variability of situations and strategies that can be used to achieve your goal. To overcome the barrier, you must throw a double.

This is followed by capturing the pawn of another player by moving his pawn to a box where someone else's piece is already located. The only exception is the safe box, where the capture rule is not in effect. Having carefully studied the rules of the game, gamblers will have a great opportunity to hit the jackpot, as well as have a good time.

Slots ludo
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Slots ludo
Slots ludo
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