Keventers: A Century of Creamy Delights and Innovations



In 1925, Keventers made a promise to deliver dairy treats of unparalleled quality, and over a century later, they continued to fulfil that promise. With a rich history spanning generations, Keventers has become synonymous with indulgent milkshakes, innovative flavours, and a commitment to excellence. Let's delve into the story of this iconic brand and the team behind its enduring success.

A Journey Through Time

Keventers' journey began with a simple promise: to provide its customers with the creamiest dairy delights. Over the decades, this promise has remained unwavering, capturing the hearts of loyal patrons who fondly recall their childhood memories of indulging in Keventers' treats. Today, Keventers continues to be a beacon of nostalgia for families, with grandparents passing down their love for Keventers to their grandchildren. The brand's enduring legacy is a testament to its commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication to quality.

Meet the Visionaries

Behind Keventers' success are the visionary founders who have propelled the brand to new heights. Agastya Dalmia, Aman Arora, and Sohrab Sitaram bring a wealth of experience and passion to the table, ensuring that Keventers remains at the forefront of innovation and excellence. Their leadership has been instrumental in steering the brand through various challenges and opportunities, cementing Keventers' position as a leader in the dairy industry.

Global Expansion

While Keventers originated in India, its delectable offerings have transcended borders, captivating taste buds around the world. From Nepal to Kenya and now the UAE, Keventers' irresistible treats have found a home in diverse cultures, spreading joy and delight wherever they go. This global expansion speaks volumes about the universal appeal of Keventers' products and its ability to adapt to different markets while staying true to its core values.

Innovative Products

At the heart of Keventers' success lies its commitment to quality and innovation. From creamy milkshakes to indulgent ice cream sundaes, Keventers offers a wide range of products to cater to every palate. With a focus on using top-quality ingredients and constantly evolving flavour profiles, Keventers continues to delight customers with its legendary taste. The brand's dedication to innovation is evident in its ever-expanding menu of flavours and offerings, which includes vegan ice creams, value shakes, and seasonal specials.

Constant Innovation

Keventers' dedication to innovation is evident in its ever-expanding menu of flavours and offerings. From vegan ice creams to value shakes, Keventers is constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity to provide customers with new and exciting experiences. 

The launch of the Keventers Karnival and the introduction of new milkshake flavours such as Ferrero Rocher and Belgian Chocolate are just some examples of Keventers' commitment to shaking things up. This relentless pursuit of excellence ensures that Keventers remains a leader in the dairy industry, setting trends and delighting customers with its innovative offerings.


As Keventers celebrates a century of creamy delights and innovations, it remains as relevant and beloved as ever. With a rich heritage and a commitment to excellence, Keventers continues to enchant customers around the world with its timeless flavours and pioneering spirit. Whether you're indulging in a classic milkshake or sampling a new flavour creation, Keventers invites you to join in the celebration of a century of deliciousness. With its unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Keventers looks forward to delighting generations to come with its creamy treats and iconic flavours.

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