Islands For Sale

Islands For Sale

Your Guide to Island Ownership

Islands For Sale

Your Guide to Island Ownership

Looking for an escape from the daily routine? Ever dreamt of owning your own island paradise? Well, it's not just a fantasy anymore. Numerous private islands for sale are available, but before you dive in, there are crucial factors to carefully consider. From financial considerations and regulatory aspects to potential transportation challenges and cultural disparities, there's a lot to think about. And let's not forget about privacy and the potential for natural disasters. So, if you're serious about island ownership, take a moment to weigh these considerations and make a well-informed choice.

Below mentioned is the list of islands for sale

1. Pumpkin Key

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Pumpkin Key

Pumpkin Key, a stunning 26-acre private island in Card Sound Bay, Florida Keys, offers the perfect blend of seclusion and convenience. Just a short helicopter ride from Miami's South Beach and minutes by boat to Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, it provides privacy without isolation. With existing infrastructure, including a main residence, caretaker's cottages, and a marina, plus the potential for further development, this island presents a unique opportunity for luxury living. Enjoy panoramic views, world-class fishing, and access to Ocean Reef Club's amenities. Don't miss out on this rare chance to own a piece of paradise.

Price: $75 million

2. Haines Cay

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Haines Cay

Haines Cay, a rare island for sale opportunity located in The Berry Islands of The Bahamas, offers 265 acres of pristine beauty. Just 120 miles from Miami, it presents endless possibilities for development as a premier Caribbean destination. With its stunning beach, diverse landscape, and close proximity to Great Harbour Cay, it benefits from existing amenities and infrastructure. Haines Cay comes with valuable assets on Great Harbour Cay, including a golf course site, marina, and beachfront hotel site. 

Price: $37,900,000 USD

3. Rangyai Island

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Rangyai Island

Rangyai Island, located just east of Phuket in Thailand, is the largest island currently for sale in the region. Boasting 110 acres of land, it offers ample development potential. With essential amenities like fresh water and electricity, along with its proximity to Phuket International Airport and nearby town, the island is well-connected. Surrounded by stunning white sand beaches and lush tropical forests, Rangyai Island enjoys breathtaking views and lucrative income potential. 

Price: $160,000,000 USD

4. Shore Island

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Shore Island

Shore Island, situated in the scenic Shannon Estuary near Galway Bay, spans 30 acres and offers easy access at all tide stages, just 3 miles from Shannon Airport. Known for its salmon fishing, the island features a modest elevation of about 100 feet and a small pier for landing. Currently used for cattle grazing, it presents an ideal location for a new home, with existing remnants of an old homestead and access to water from a well and mainland pipe. Therefore, Shore Island offers a rare chance to create a dream retreat in the heart of Ireland's stunning River Shannon region.

Price: USD 978,030

5. Quiros Island

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Quiros Island

Discover Quiros Island, a stunning 3.5-acre oasis in Panama's Pearl Islands archipelago. With fertile soil atop dark volcanic rock, the island is lush with coconut palms, native trees, and fruit trees like mango and avocado. Enjoy rocky shores, sandy beaches at low tide, and excellent anchorage. Hence, Quiros Island offers the perfect opportunity to create your dream island getaway, just 1km from Isla Del Rey Island and 14km from Fernando Eleta Airport.

Price: $590,000

In conclusion, the dream of owning your own private island is closer to reality than ever before, with a variety of options available for purchase.

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