In honor of World Earth Day, how does 360 Life restore nature and influence people to live in a sustainable manner?

Namitha Chiluveru Director, 360 Life Enlightened Living
Namitha ChiluveruDirector, 360 Life Enlightened Living

Namitha Chiluveru

Director, 360 Life Enlightened Living

Nature has been a fundamental pillar that provides shelter, food, and medicine for humanity since our first civilization. But industrialization and the revolution of technologies in modern times have dominated the landscape and changed how people interact with nature.

However, post experiencing the recent pandemic, it is important to concentrate on building cities and spaces that integrate nature into daily life.

We support the idea of sustainable architecture because it reduces the negative effects on the environment and works to improve residents' health, comfort, and quality of life. All the goals of sustainable living can be achieved by integrating the right technologies into the structure.

Therefore, we design our projects to meet the desires of our customers while taking the time and resources needed into consideration from the initial stages of the project, integrating the framework in the most natural way possible, and planning by making the space and materials used reusable.

According to the IPCC Report 2023, humans are responsible for all global heating over the past 200 years leading to a current temperature rise which has led to more frequent and hazardous weather events that have caused increasing destruction to people and the planet.

It outlines that by sharing best practices, technology, effective policy measures, and mobilizing sufficient finance, any community can decrease or prevent the usage of carbon-intensive consumption methods.

360life has understood the concern and has adopted the idea of sustainable architecture as a way of bandaging environmental damage. In order to maintain the current state of the earth, our architects and interior designers have been working towards greener means of production.

We strive to implement sustainable strategies in all our projects as we believe that a building is not just a vessel of its own, it is an integrated part of an ecosystem. We feel responsible for our planet, therefore most of our projects thrive on sustainable living.

A few fundamental factors must be taken into account when designing environmentally conscious buildings, which include orientation, shading, and sunlight produced by existing elements, natural ventilation, the use of biomass, ambient assisted living (also known as domotics), and renewable energy systems.

All these components are created and incorporated with materials. These are specifically studied to interact with the environment and its characteristics.

Conventionally, our upcoming vertical forest project is a true example of sustainable architecture that is nestled in the heart of Hitec City, Hyderabad.

It is a novel idea that encapsulates 288 aesthetically pleasing flats with 60% open sylvan and vegetated area that exceptionally improves the air quality.

With that, we have followed a structure and application process that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient through a building cycle - from planning to designing, construction, and maintenance.

In our projects, our architects ensure that we employ active or passive features as a means of reduction and conservation.

The ideal method to manage daylighting and natural ventilation is to utilize passive strategies, such as taking the climate and sun orientation into account when choosing a site and being mindful about where and how to operate windows.

These strategies greatly reduce the building's energy needs. Thermal mass methods can be utilized to capture solar energy during certain climates. In such circumstances, the building's thick walls collect heat from the sun during the day and release it at night.

Whereas, we collaborate with mechanical and electrical engineers in order to set up high-efficiency plumbing, HVAC, and other systems that are created to have minimal negative environmental effects.

Since solar energy is a fantastic choice for a building, we also include renewable energy systems that capture it. To encourage sustainable living, these systems are frequently utilized in conjunction with passive design techniques.

Native landscaping greatly reduces irrigation needs, this also is used as part of a passive energy strategy, we have included 1000+ trees in one of our upcoming projects.

Our design includes balconies that are surrounded by various plants that offer pleasant aromas, fruits, and vegetables. During the hottest time of the day, these plants will shade the rooms while reducing the solar heat gain inside the building.

Our projects also include a genuinely scientific approach where water purification is adopted to enable water that is filled with life. Water is treated with natural ingredients to get energized alkaline water.

Respecting your life in detail. We work on the concept of building biology. The knowledge of which is widely and rapidly spreading but very sadly the practical use of it remains scarce. 360Life homes reflect a sharp focus on it.

Our designs spell a multitude of wholesome benefits including effective resistance to pollutants, allergens, dust, and harmful micro-organisms, the negation of electromagnetic and radio frequency radiation, abundant natural lighting and purified air, the balance of thermal insulation and heat retention, optimized room acoustics, etc.

Additionally, we think that sustainability in living encompasses more than just lowering energy consumption and waste. It is a fundamental and intrinsic collection of aspects relevant to human life on our planet. Hence it cannot be divided into several subcategories.

Environment-friendly choices regarding architecture are not the only personal strategies that can be used. A sustainable ecosystem must reflect how the people who inhabit them reside, for instance, by decreasing waste and energy utility not just in their own society but in the entire city.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Namitha Chiluveru</p><p>Director, 360 Life Enlightened Living</p></div>
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