How can good health boost your business?

World Health Day - Hulladek
How can good health boost your business?
How can good health boost your business?

Hulladek Recycling is a waste management company that collects and recycles electronic, electrical, and plastic waste. The Indian subcontinent, thanks to its ever-rising population, is consistently generating more and more waste every passing day.

Collection and treatment of this waste in an unorganized and improper manner leads to health hazards not only for the people dealing with the waste material but also for all living beings present in its surroundings.

Disposal of e-waste in India is usually assisted by local kabadiwalas who extract precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum through acid baths and chemical leaching.

The remaining invaluable material is burnt in open fires giving rise to dense black smoke inhaled by the locality residents. The waste also ends up in water bodies and open fields, ultimately entering the food chain in the form of microplastics.

In systemized recycling, on the other hand, waste is incinerated in closed chambers, and filtered white smoke is released through controlled channels.

Most of the plastic and metal extracted from e-waste makes it back into the economy in raw materials for new products that do not require virgin plastic and pure metal.

How can good health boost your business?

We have only recently received some relief from the pandemic, and we mustn't let our guards down yet. A healthy body and a happy mind are two non-negotiables for my team.

We encourage employees to take regular breaks between work to ensure they do not face burnout. We set up eye checkups and general health checkups every once in a while to ensure the employees can get any assistance they might need.

As they say, a healthy body is a productive one, and I’d like my team to be at their physical and mental best.

Why is good health more critical for any entrepreneur?

In this day and age of rigorous competition, one shortcoming can cause significant setbacks. We are constantly surrounded by news, data, and negative information that plays a role in deciding our mood and, in effect, our work.

I try to keep nagging notifications at bay while working and tend to them only in between tasks. It is also crucial for me to maintain a positive outlook toward the future of the business to inculcate the same feeling in my team.

And many answers to the questions related to health in work and business.

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